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Postby Freeman Stephen » Tue Jul 28, 2020 2:54 pm

cassandra wrote:Any chance of a definition of SPIRITUAL? :puzz:
How about a definition of SOUL as well? :thinks:
What does SACRED mean? :shh:
I don't expect much of a response to this. So far The Great Experiment has revealed that there are a number of unconscious, PC people here as well as the purely self-serving visitors who drop in for freebies. :puke:

I think these things mean different things to different people, including to people who have never had any supernatural experiences who would argue black is white because of Verse 4 of Chapter 6 of the 14th book of the My Bible is Better than your Bible. What good is a book if it serves as a legend for a map you cant see?


Sacred: Synonomous with "Secret" but I disagree that any of this stuff should be secret but theres no question about the confidentiality of the information involved in the sacred realm since it makes my public hairs stand on end to realise how "not very intimate at all" all my fleshy private parts compared to the goings on in the sacred realm.

Spirit: A fluid like substance which has no physical form comprised of the souls of the living or the emanence of such souls.

Soul: A spiritual atom comprising of one life capable of being affected by the spiritual plane and also of affecting it. Souls can be carnate (having physical bodies) or incarnate (without a physical body). Carnate souls can affect other carnate souls by purely materialistic endeavour. For example, a carnate soul can threaten the food supply of another carnate soul or it can provide a food supply to another carnate soul. The carnate soul so affected is only materialy affected directed but indirectly, the flesh being weak, their souls non-material aspects will be affected by such deeds. It is possible for both carnate and incarnate souls to affect other carnate and incarnate souls purely by non-materialistic endeaveours - for example prayer - the mental faculty - or other forms of meditative techniques which emit other forms of energy into the spiritual plane - "giving off sexual signals" - these things are detectable and whether or not they are being detected by a particular soul, the soul is still affected by the emission.

These are my definitions. I come from the view that we are not physical bodies with souls, but souls with physical bodies. As for what happens when our physical body dies, well that was proven by ... erm ... well everyone believes that ... erm ... well its said by high high authoritive people that .... erm .... I dont know what happens when we die but I hope its not just ...pfft! and thats it.

I've come across those bouncing ball like things that Terrence McKenna was talking about (and I didint even have to take shrooms to see one. It just kind of hovered down onto my desk like a very very faint hologram. I think they are like bird shepards and live in the trees keeping all the birds safe.

Ive also come across shadow people which are alleged to be tall shadows that we can sometimes see from the corners of our eyes ecxcept when we look around at what just moved there, its not there anymore. Ive had one just stay there and look back at me. It seemed frightened that I should be scared away by it and even seemed to take my fear into consideration when trying to communicate. They arent "human souls" like the auras that emanate from ordinary people but very very old "humans" who have passed away long ago to the extent that ordinary human life was just their playground when they were only little pre-centenarian life forms. Either that or they are highly advanced lifeforms and we must look as stupid as chickens to them. Its also possible to tune into the vibrations of ordinary people which is like standing two metres away from them and trying to hear the sound of the blood coursing through their veins. This seems like an impossible task to someone who cant hear the sound of their dubstep hiphop over the heavy metal guitar riffs from the stereo of the neighbouring house. In a place of calm meditation we can hear things that make our sense of hearing seem awesome. On closer analasys, some of those things we hear amongst the sound of distant roads and bustle in our camping trips into the far flung wilderness are not actually audible things at all but aurical in nature.

The aurical sense is something which seems to have been forgotten by many in recent generations, so much so that those who have discerned they have an aurical sense can be frightening prospect when it is realised by those who knew nothing about such senses - telepathy!

Telepathy is not only the ability to surmise someones emotional state like Dianna Troy from startrek having to relate to Captain Picard that the angry sounding guy on the viewscreen is "angry". Sometimes people are good at hiding their emotional state and this can still be detected by a true empath. These "other peoples emotions" are always flowing through us whether we are capable of detecting them or not. Strong emotions emitted by one soul can act upon the souls of the unsuspecting, perhaps even emitted by those who do not realise their emotions emit anything at all.

Telepathy reaches into the ability to "hear voices" - oh all those people rounded up in mental institutions for "hearing voices" have a tale to tell which is simply not being told. Those "voices" are the thoughts of other people. Their banks account details, the memories of Electra and Oedipus in their childhood and the embarrassing secrets of Narcissus about the time he stuck a dildo up his arse while pulling his plonker. Its all very embarrassing and yet this is not the limits of the confidential information which seems to just float around in the clouds above the place where its all a mystery as if it was nobodies business at all. Despite the massive security leak this must be at whitehall and fort knox and all those vaults with solid walls that the spirit just floats through, the world seems to just keep turning as if those with ears to hear behaved like ladies and gentlemen and this private secret intimate and highly embarrassing world was a world that didnt even exist.

Time will come to pass when the mumu land reveals itself for those who have not yet come to sheol (hades) where everyone is headed. Then chapter 5 verse 3 of the Book of Bookworm will make some sense other than a historical account of some tribe somewhere. If it hasnt arrived yet, seek it and you will find it and when the words "though I walk through the shadow of death I shall fear no evil" begin to have resonant qualities for you, you're not the first, you're not the last, you will survive your welcome to this otherworldly world now that you have had your chance to see how unworldly the worldly world is. What kind of world do you want the otherworldly world to be? Charon, the ferryman of legend, will take you to the world you seem to fit into. Do you like destroying things? He will take you there. Do you like creating things? He will take you there.

Cerberus is a dog that you can meet at the place of the skull they call Golgotha. It is between the temples in a place which having read this may not be such a mystery after all. Cerberus has access to the many worlds, only one of which is the ability to hear the inner talk of others.

At present medical science considers there is a disease called macular degeneration. This is not disease at all. When the human being matures to a certain degree, not only are the capable of feeling the emotions and hearing the auricals of mindtalk which emit from others, they gain an occular sense (which is not to be confused with the optical sense). This occular sense allows them to see into the visual aspects of the minds of others which can include a picture of the actual world the physical soul is in at any present moment. Remote viewers use this sense.

The mind, from my understanding is not a physical brain. The brain is merely a piece of meat that is said to host the mind. I bought a braising steak from Tesco (this is a flattened cow brain) and it didnt appear like it had any consciousness whatsoever. So I chopped it into little cubes and made it into stew. Now a mind is something else. People like to talk about thoughts bouncing around inside them. The truth is, thoughts dont bounce around inside people, nor do emotions. These are things which emit from people and emit into people. Its hard to know who's who when you realise you have been connected to an ancient kingdom that must make the earthly kings despair that their kingdoms are so new and so limited in that there is only kingship over all things which are under heaven as for kingship over the mighty kings realm ... well hades dog has been eating those kind of people since the dawn of time and theres no way to reach the oceanis if youre a camel who cant fit through a needle. Leave your ill-gotten gains at the river of fire and ash (phlogiston) and travel to the next river where they will try to make you forget you were ever in place beyond dreams and nightmares but seemingly within your dreams and nightmares. Theres no kings here except almighty god creator of all thats seen an unseen.

Pay no heed to the gods of the terrestrial plane, they are no greater than you who have entered the city of light where you know you can hide nothing. Pay not heed to the gods of the celestial plane, they are only as great as you are, since you too have had your welcoming from the company of heaven. The one god is the extra-celestial god which is the god beyond even the celestial plane which was once only a mystery. "Gloria, in excelsius deo." as the Romans said ditching their pagan "gods" who were only human beings after all, in favour of that which was a god beyond even those gods. All this "paying no heed" aside, you can make some good friends and some terrible enemies in the sacred place so mind how you go. Try not to make enemies and be initially forgiving since two blind people who bump into one another in the dark could come to blows over what was initially just an accident. "You stole my brain!" - "No! You stole my brain!" - "No! Its my brain!" - you havent lost your mind, your in the process of gaining more minds than you can handle at present. As time comes to pass this will be just weird stuff that happenned you cant really explain to people who havent been down the Acheron yet.

So hows that for a definition of spirit, soul and sacred?
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Re: Happy New Year

Postby enegiss » Thu Oct 01, 2020 8:03 am

Best read i have had in ages
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Re: Happy New Year

Postby MiG_Foxbat » Sat Oct 31, 2020 8:57 pm

That was a rather long read, but worth every single second! I like your interpretation of telepathy, and think it does make a lot of sense.
And, well... I sort of needed to read something like that. I've spent the last 3 days planning an investment simulation in this Berlin commercial real estate, and talking about what's the soul makes my mind feel like a dry sponge finally plunged into warm water.
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