A Range of Law Dictionaries

Re: A Range of Law Dictionaries

Postby Farmer » Thu Jul 02, 2009 9:08 pm

kevin wrote:I dont understand how you could possibly use several different dictionaries? if they happen to have different definitions in them where does that leave you? talking a different language! if they are all the same why do you need several?

you could write up your documents and they say..oh we're not using that dictionary today, that's just crazy

The same reason you have different versions of the Bible and the meaning of words being changed in statutes I would guess; to confuse. If becoming a lawyer is so simple, why does it take so many years?
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Re: A Range of Law Dictionaries

Postby samsmith » Mon Aug 17, 2009 4:34 pm

Hello macswin,

I have to say I’m pleased to see you defend you point of view, as it’s one that I tend to share with you on many of the points you make.

I think it fair to say, that the manner in which issues get solved is not always smooth and as we would like them to be. Your methods of dealing with some of the problems that the freeman movement has is similar to mine, in that you look to deal with the legal issues and the framework that surrounds them. In some ways this is in complete opposition to another way that others are coming at the problem. This site is perhaps geared up to that other way at it’s very root, but in my opinion, has evolved to allow your, mine and others that are coming at it from, what I would consider to be an opposing point of view to this initial foundation of the site to not only have room to be expressed but also be used in conjunction with it’s original conception.

This is by no means an easy feat to achieve, but it is happening.

As I have been offered and accepted the role of one of the moderators here, with the full comprehension of my understanding and where I am coming from with it, it tends to say something about the deeper lever of acceptance that is practiced here.

I tend to put forward the same amount of passion as a brick, which is once again the opposite to many of the founders of the “freeman concepts” which run at the foundation of this site, and the Tpuc one for that matter. It strikes me that it is that passion that is harnessed to look in places and undertake ideas that are evolving continuously that I could not comprehend from the way I tend to undertake challenges. This has put me and some of the other moderators at odds with each other on various occasions, but the fact we are all still here tends to show that differences of opinion can be, and are tolerated and made use of for the main objects of the shared desires of this site.

V has a particular desire as to how this site will evolve and regularly checks that it is going that way by asking for and getting feed back from the mods. We do not always agree with each other on all issues on some of the detail, but the basic evolution is being maintained and progressed, this will by it’s very nature allow for the advancement of many of the causes to become apparent in the long term and for the benefit of the majority of the people that continue to use the site.

It’s a bit ironic, but one of the basic laws of the sea is that a ship can only have one captain, and the captain is in full control of said ship and takes full responsibilities for ensuring that she reaches her destination as they see fit. We the crew and the passengers trust them to complete the course as best they can and according to their skills as master/mistress of the ship and in them we trust even if we disagree with some of the minor matters. Either that or we don’t take the ship for the journey.

Personally speaking I think it’s a good ship to be on and this captain will steer around the shallows and rocks well enough to complete the journey.

I hope you continue to post here and as you can see the thread is still here and being replied to, I assume because it is a good argument that is being put forward and differences of opinion can be and are both tolerated and welcome when they are constructive as yours are in this thread.

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