preparedness for economic slump and other reasons

preparedness for economic slump and other reasons

Postby enegiss » Tue May 01, 2012 10:56 pm

Our membership is constantly growing as more and more people realise what a fragile world we live in and seek out like minded souls and information. Our community consist of both men and women from all walks of life, from those in their late teens to those in retirement.

To read comments as to why some of our members choose to prep, then click here...
We welcome, with open arms, (almost**) everyone. From those with an interest in Wilderness Survival, Bushcraft, Primitive Skills Practitioners; to those with an interest in Self Sufficiency and Preparedness (Preppers).

The general perception of a survivalist is a "Rambo" type individual roaming the wilderness awaiting invasion. We are most certainly not that type of group and whilst our membership is free to all, John Rambo** need not apply.

P2S are predominately a UK community and whilst our offer of friendship extends around the globe our outlook is very UK biased.

We are well aware of the usual Survival and Prepper culture that is found on the internet with forums, bulletin boards, social groups and Youtube channels. Many, even those who purport to be "UK" orientated, are not. Their mindset is too closely entwined with the mainstream US scene. This is not a slur on the US, far from it. But the UK is not the US. For example, a generic 72 hour bug out bag is not a priority. An immediate Evacuation Pack (Evac Pack) is and does not consist of the usual bag of camping equipment! You are not expected to run to the hills when things go wrong. You are much more likley to grab an overnight bag and visit a friend or member of your family.

We do not look down on those that live in major cities, nor do we use our community as a means to rant about immigration, religous beliefs, laws and the rights and wrongs of gun ownership.

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Re: preparedness for economic slump and other reasons

Postby Freeman Stephen » Wed May 02, 2012 12:28 am

Nice find
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