The Court of BAAL

The Court of BAAL

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interesting view of the court system,
[Administrating-Your-Public-Servants] [Administrating:6829] THE TEMPLES OF BAAL

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From: Ed McKearney
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Subject: [Administrating:6829] THE TEMPLES OF BAAL

You probably have seen this. I dug it out of a binder. Not sure now reliable this info is.


Comprehending the beast with which you are dealing:
The Court is the synagogue.
The Temple of Baal, enforcing Babylonian Talmudic Law. The gate (or bar) is the veil. {one enters to give sacrifice} The bench is the alter. The Black Robed Devil (the judge, administrative magistrate) is the high priest. {vicarius dei} The Attorney [from Latin, attorn = to twist or turn] is the mediator. {vicarius filii dei} The attorney's job is to move one into Roman 'Civil Law' Jurisdiction and then quickly into Codeand Rule Pleadings (Babylonian Law); remember he is a devil, too. Common Law is moot, since these are not Article Three courts.

The bailiffs, clerks, andstenographers are the high priest servants. [They are there to accept and make record of the sacrifice.] If one enters the veil, one is there (and is expected) to give sacrifices. The fine is the wave offering; given to escape the threat of punishment. The court cost is theheave (tribute or gift) offering. If you enter voluntarily, then just give your sacrifices and be a good little slave and stopwasting the Court's time. If you hire an attorney then you have volunteered, as sheople leadto slaughter and you will get what you deserve. How can one plea, if they "do not understand the nature and cause of the charges"? And if one is coerced to enter a plea, then that plea would have to be "Non assumpsit, Withoutprejudice" or “Non assumpsit under duress”, "...a plea by which Defendant avers that "he didnot undertake" or promise as alleged by the plaintiff" with "no rights...waived". - Black's Law6th Ed. A better plea is "Plea in Bar"; however, one must know proper procedure well andhow to set it up, to make this one really stick. If one enters plea of NOT GUILTY, one just might as well Plea Nolo Contrendere and get itover with; because one will loose anyway, since Not Guilty is a negative and it is impossibleto prove a negative. The proper Plea would be a Plea of Innocence, which is a positive Plea,something which can be proven. However, Devils seldom allow Plea of Innocence.Remember, too, that these are courts of controversy. Learn ways and methods of avoidingcontroversy. These courts can, only, proceed in controversy.


"The privilege against self-incrimination is neither accorded to the passive resistant, nor theperson who is ignorant of his rights, nor to one indifferent thereto. It is a fighting clause. Its benefits can be retained only by sustained combat. It can not be retained by attorney orsolicitor. It is valid only when insisted upon by a belligerent claimant in person." "The one who is persuaded by honeyed words or moral suasion to testify or producedocuments rather than make a last ditch stand, simply loses the protection. Once he testifies to part, he has waived his right and must on cross examination or otherwise, testifyas to the whole transaction. He must refuse to answer or produce, and test the matter incontempt proceedings, or by habeas corpus. -- United States v. Johnson, 76 F. Supp. 538, 540(District Court, M.D. PA. 1947)

Once one hires an Attornor, and tell (testifies to) theAttornor (the enemy's spy, an Officer of the Court) what has happened, the Attornor isrequired by law to share (Discovery) ALL evidence, which he obtains from his Client, withthe Prosecutor. "You have the right to remain silent, everything that you say (to any of thesedevils), CAN and WILL be used against YOU." Miranda v Arizona, 384 US 436(1966). Youwould be wise to remain silent! "Open mouth, insert foot!" It is all a game, you are a pawn;and it has been prearranged for you to be the looser. Here is another good one, learn toanswer a question with question. The master asks the question and the slave or servant answers.

Remember what is quoted in paragraph above? If one answers a question, then never give them the answer they need or desire to gain jurisdiction to proceed. A good example: What is your name? My mother calls me 'son'; orWhat is not correct try again! Learn to relax and have fun with these devils. Remember it is only a game; however, the joke is intended to be on you and at your expense. Learn to turn it around.

If for some strange reason, one appears at Bar, then one must OBJECT to false statementsmade by Attorners at Bar and take EXCEPTION to false statements made by the Black RobedDevil. Failure to do so, is the waiver of your right. One NEVER 'objects' to a statement by theJudge; take exception.

Never APPEAR 'Pro se', 'Pro per' or 'Pro' anything, not even 'Inpropria persona'. Never allow the Black Robed Devil to proclaim that you are there 'Pro se','Pro per' or 'Pro' anything. Always, ALWAYS, take EXCEPTION. One does not OBJECT to theJudge's utterances, one takes EXCEPTION. One OBJECTS to the Prosecutor's utterances. TheSupreme Court in all of its ultimate wisdom made this ruling about those who APPEAR 'PROSE': "If there is any truth to the old proverb that '[o]ne who is his own lawyer has a fool for aclient,' the Court by its opinion today now bestows a constitutional right on one to make a fool of himself." -- Faretta v California, 45 L Ed 2d 562, 592 (1975); also, found at last pageof 422 US 806 and 95 S Ct 2525.

To become a good belligerent claimant one needs to learn the "Faretta Defense". The court nor the state does not have the right or the need to know ones, family, work,military, educational or religious background. All that is needed is that one is able to read,write and speak America's English. Stop, volunteering information. The more informationone volunteers the more these devil have to use against their victim. If one, out of necessity, must be present, then that presence, not appearance (things unseen are thatwhich appear), should be 'sui juris' by one's own Right or 'suæ potestate esse', the lord ormaster of the soil (self rule). The latter require knowledge of law to successfully use. To appear 'Pro Se' or 'Pro' anything is to accept a temporary appoint to the BAR, an acronym{British AristocRATic Regency or British Accreditation Registry}.

Attorney's are Esquires.Esquires are apprentice Knights or Squires, who are practicing to become Squires and youpay for their practice. The Florida Bar as an example has 70,000 members; however, lessthan 2,800 members are Certified as Competent by the BAR. Do you really wish to be one of their guinea pigs? It should, also, be noted that the United States Supreme Court in ALL of its ultimate wisdom gave full immunity against both civil and criminal prosecution forperjury to Judges, Attorneys, Court Reporters, Stenographers, Law Enforcement Officers and Expert Witnesses, who testify for the STATE.

They all have received an indulgence(permission or license) to BEAR FALSE WITNESS again YOU on behalf the State. Witnesses,such as Shrinks and Psychos, Sorcerers, receive a handsome amount of filthy lucre from toCourt to lie against you, usually $500 to $5000 for their services. Read it and weep, Briscoev LaHue, 460 US 325; 75 L Ed 2d 96, 103 S Ct 1108. Do you really want to play cards at theirtable? Expert witness means someone with a sheep's skin, who agrees with the party payingfor their services. Welcome to the Fascist States of the United States, a British Crown Slave State or Plantation The Black Robed Devil (false accuser) is GOD (false deity, demon)[vicarius dei = substitute for deity;

The Defense Attornor is the vicarius filii dei = substitutefor the son of deity] All other officers are lesser deities. Therefore, stop using the term God.PERIOD. What part of the word stop <STOP> do you not comprehend. God = Gaud (oldEnglish) = Gâd (Hebrew, SH #1408 and 1409) = the deity of good luck, good fortune, ortroops; a deity of Babylon (The Masonic Luciferian Idol, which stand in New York Harbor).You ask any Black Robed Devil for your God-given rights and he will give them to you,maybe even 5 to 10 in one of their iron bar hotels or dungeons. Get the point! One is hung by their own tongue. They do not speak English. ALL Officers of the Court are Directors, Collectors or Representatives of the IRS.Federal Civil Rules, Rule 81(f).{The Supreme Court has arbitrarily remove this section,definition for “Officers of the Court”, from public view. They in their altiment wisdomdecided that the public did not have the need to know. } Devil (SG #1228) = false accuser. idols = demons (SG #1140) =idols, false deities. The term GOD is not synonymous or interchangeable with the term deity, since GOD is thename of a false deity, a demon. Never does the term GOD mean or apply to Creator,
Welcome to Babylon!

if you wish to create a favourable History, then you have to start now.
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Re: The Court of BAAL

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Its all in the words isnt it. Nice post :yes:
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