Apparently there are some people out there ...

Re: Apparently there are some people out there ...

Postby r4pture » Tue Dec 08, 2009 3:33 am

wow ,my heads spinning
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Re: Apparently there are some people out there ...

Postby drew » Thu Dec 10, 2009 7:14 pm

i agree AD we need to get together with (licencsed people)(your lawyer friends eg) and take this evidence to every police station in the land and make them act/enforce the peoples/mans policy/our common law.but peacefully..
i heard everything in 4 corners is invisible/not there/not addmissable,like the box's when filling out forms,i wonder if this is the same in a court,you got the courterea,the dock,the public walkway,the box's as mentioned in above pm's.
i wonder what would happen if you asked them what their ship was called and how much could you buy it for or stake your claim in a share of its profits now that you have returned from lost at sea(we all died in1666 great fire of london,the cestie qui act(think i spelled that right) declared us lost to the sea's, cestie qui means "whom is that"or "who is that there"kinda thing) so in court you could say "bless the lord for i have returned to my birth country from my journey of the seas,i now stake my claim to who i am" me :of the family:of county/town"and i stake my rights and damages lost from me while i have been away to the seas,including all common and inherant property and land and the commerce dealt for me by my trustee(england)
if you get the drift (drift thats funny)
you could even say you had to swim back so require more compensation
just an idea!
peace from drew
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