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Legal Fiction NAME - what is it?

PostPosted: Mon Feb 23, 2009 2:17 pm
by Veronica
I thought I my just add a post about this to prevent confusion.

WE ARE IN THE PROCESS OF ESTABLISHING that a Human Being is 'commonly called' (i.e. doesn't have a NAME) and should be referred to as per 'Veronica: of the Chapman family' (for example). Multiple Given Names are hyphenated together.

OK, we all know that, so what is a LEGAL FICTION NAME?

Actually MOST other forms of addressing us, however we could 'forgive' (say) 'Veronica Chapman' , because of the close proximity to the way we might sign something.

Although, please note, your signature can be any SHAPE you wish to make it. All that has to happen is that you need to be able to duplicate it at will, such that a Handwriting Expert can distinguish it. They do that by fairly sophisticated methods these days, including assessing 'pressure points', etc. They are very accurate. It is an exact science to them. They can tell if you wrote it or not. (The only thing is ... they cost 'money')

I often sign letters just 'Veronica'. I once knew someone (can't remember his name), but he signed everything as "O" ... using his own pressure points & 'flair'.

If you 'initial' something (e.g. a mistake on a cheque) you would generally only use your initials anyway. The point is that it is in your own unique handwriting. And that's all that matters.

So ... how do you tell a LEGAL FICTION NAME?

Well, we all know that being addressed in CAPITALS, or partly in CAPITALS, is a legal fiction NAME.

But what about, for example, 'Ms. Veronica Chapman'?

Is that a legal fiction NAME?

Yes, it is. because it contains my LEGAL FICTION STATUS, 'Ms.'.

Anything that addresses you as 'Mr.', 'Mister', 'Mrs.', 'Miss', 'Ms.', etc is a LEGAL FICTION NAME.

Simply because this is not addressing a REAL entity.

Why not?

Well, point to a 'Mister'! (Listen: You could point to a DE-MISTER, being cloth to wipe down the windscreen of a car, or a can of aerosol ... but you can't point to an ITEM which is 'a mister'. If you could it would certainly not be a Human Being)

'Marriage' (which entails subsequently being addressed as Mrs., in the case of a woman) is a LEGAL FICTION.

What is not a legal fiction? Well ... ever heard of a Common Law partnership? Actually a 'partnership' (OMG another SHIP!!!) is a fiction, because you can't point to an item called 'a partnership', and more than you can point to a 'mister'.

Strictly speaking all you can say is: "I'm IN partnership with X: of the Y family. S/He is my mate".

It is only A CONVENIENCE to call it 'a partnership'. A quick method of referring to the situation, such that everyone is familiar with what it means.

Are we just being 'picky'? Well, it is the difference between demanding our rightful FREEDOM, or admitting to, allowing, being subjected to, and living in SLAVERY ... what do you think?


PostPosted: Tue Feb 24, 2009 12:11 am
by Veronica
I said, above that we could 'tolerate' the format 'Veronica Chapman'.

I did NOT mean that, if they use that format, we should pay the charge, demand, etc.

No sireee! (Lawks-a-mercy, mistr'udson!)

What is necessary, in this case, is to establish the jurisdiction they are using.

So we would write back a first letter (registered/time-lined) asking them whether they intended to address legal fiction Veronica Chapman (under Statute Law), or Human Being Veronica: of the Chapman family (under Common Law).

If they state the former, then off goes the normal latter.

If they state the latter, then we ask them which, precise, Common Law gives them the Right to relieve us of our property (i.e. Trespass upon us), without the benefit of a verdict of a court of Common Law/Trial by Jury.

Re: Legal Fiction NAME - what is it?

PostPosted: Tue Feb 24, 2009 2:41 pm
by Highspirit
I like it. Thank you for the education, it has made it quite clear to me now as I have reviewed some official paperwork that does just that. Makes reference to me by my first and last name in a common law format.

Thank you for the clarity and explanation :-)

Re: Legal Fiction NAME - what is it?

PostPosted: Tue Feb 24, 2009 5:33 pm
by Veronica
Sure. We can tie them up on knots.

All we have to do is to draw upon the (now very common) idea of a Username, pointing out that it is nothing more than an obvious fiction.

(Convenient, but a fiction nevertheless).

And then say: "The NAME or label you are choosing to attach to me is a fiction. A legalistic one, but a fiction nevertheless. It is nothing more than a Username in common usage throughout the Internet. I choose not to participate in this fiction, which is tantamount to unlawfully participating in a fraud. The LAW (Common Law) demands that Human Beings do not hide behind a fiction, and that they respond and act in accordance with what they are commonly called. Address me appropriately and I will respond appropriately. Attempts to enrol my acquiescence into the perpetration of a deceptive fraud will fail. The next thing I know you will be demanding I use a Password aka an Identity Card which cannot, of course, contain my essence, being that of my Living Soul."

Re: Legal Fiction NAME - what is it?

PostPosted: Wed May 27, 2009 7:52 am
by Catnap
I have found this really helpful Veronica thank you :grin:

Re: Legal Fiction NAME - what is it?

PostPosted: Wed May 27, 2009 11:16 am
by Veronica
Catnap wrote:I have found this really helpful Veronica thank you :grin:

Sure written up in detail

Re: Legal Fiction NAME - what is it?

PostPosted: Mon Dec 07, 2009 5:01 am
by zenpassedthetest
I have to admit that I havent studied the necessary topics as I should have done due in the main to my chronic abysmal chronic health(cue the violins!), so I am now starting in earnest. Also we are starting a study group here in south Liverpool(if you live in or near and would like to join then please send me a pm)even though we number just three people! So I would like to say thank you to Veronica for posting this vital information :clap: !


Re: Legal Fiction NAME - what is it?

PostPosted: Fri Feb 12, 2010 2:23 am
by eureka
Veronica is perfectly right about the legal fiction name they address you by in their paperwork and the ALL CAPS name on the summons (invitation) to court that you may receive. Trouble is though being perfectly right may not be enough to stop a judge shafting you in court. And if you are hauled into court and when the "Judge" calls your name or your legal fiction name and you respond in aural testimony that you are an agent for that name and that you are commonly called so and so of the so and so family......judges can say that your name sounds the same as the name on the paperwork and then proceed against you on the basis that you have surrendered to him jurisdiction by agreement (in his eyes) of YOUR NAME ( that it corresponds or nearly corresponds with what he has on his paperwork). Is it not better, when the judge calls out your name or your legal fiction name to first say:
Are you addressing me... This has been said to be a powerful statement which can at least cause them to hesitate...
When and if the judge says something, just go up to him and show him some form of ID eg your government issued passport or Drivers Licence. If the judge says: "Is that you?", you can then say that it is not, but if he thinks it is you, that he should lock it up and throw away the key.
If the judge asks you for your name: You might say: "If I tell you that information, will you use it against me or will we have a contract?
If he says yes...ask him for full disclosure, terms, wet ink signature etc and since he can't seem to provide any of this you wish to terminate this business meeting and waive the benefits etc
If he says no...tell him you don't wish to contract with him and you waive the benefits of consideration and you no longer wish to participate in this business meeting.
If he insists on wanting your name...tell him you don't recollect, you forget,.........or..that you are a sovereign human being and that your name is the name you chose for yourself at your confirmation: eg John ( My own confirmation name).........
If he demands you look at the passport to see your just look between the lines and say you do not see anything but would point out that the ID belongs to the government and that he could send it back to them...that what your're commonly known as is your confirmation this was the name you freely chose for yourself in the Kingdom of God and that you stand in the kingdom of God...and give the judge his uphold your rights..Under God so help me God, that is your oath. Now we have a binding contract.
And you own this contract...if the Judge violates his oath, call your servant...and tell him to arrest this man for impersonating a judge...( a judge vacates his office for failing to adhere to his oath of office to uphold the rights of the this case, failing to uphold your you gave him his saying :"that is your oath".

Hope this is useful...And I would appreciate any comments from Veronica about conceding to the judge your name (albeit the name you are commonly known as) in aural testimony and does she not see that this could concede jurisdiction to him because of similiarity of name on his paperwork....