How to write a contract

Re: How to write a contract

Postby huntingross » Mon Jul 27, 2009 4:47 pm

Hi Sophia....I haven't taken on the credit cards yet, but that is about to change....they have started a course of action.

I will, amongst other things, ask them what is it (the statement) if it is not a BoE, because it is the only basis for payment.
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Re: How to write a contract

Postby GhostyGoo™ » Sat Aug 22, 2009 1:27 am

BaldBeardyDude wrote:
huntingross wrote:What a totally neat and simple solution to a problem....thanks for the pics to explain

I'll make this sticky.

German efficiency no doubt - alles in ordnung...... :yes: If ever a nation was predisposed to do admin.....

Bloody good method, eh?

LMAO :giggle:

I recommend every household has a copy of this book regardless of whether or not you intend to write a contract. It is very very important in terms of Freeman concept that we ALL have a ley person's understanding of British contract Law.

For under £10 and easily fit in your inside pocket you can trump any counter sale that refuses to give you a refund on the basis of, for instance, not retaining your receipt.......and such popular myths of the consumer world exposed!
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Re: How to write a contract

Postby zenpassedthetest » Mon Dec 07, 2009 5:14 am

this is very interesting stuff, and thanks for posting the information. I don't want to appear dumb( :cry: ) but a few weeks ago my wife bought a pair of shoes, but when we returned home my wife tried the shoes again and found them too difficult to walk in! We returned to the shoe shop the next day to seek a refund, but were refused and told only a voucher to the value of the shoes would be given. My wife argued saying that wasn't on, the shop owner said "everyone" knows about no refunds but there where no signs behind the counter backing him up. Annoyed we left! So I will be buying a copy of the book mentioned!

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