Anger is a beautiful thing.

Anger is a beautiful thing.

Postby musashi » Sun Mar 04, 2018 2:37 pm

Anger is a beautiful thing.

I am an angry man quite a lot of the time. I can think of numerous others who are angry much of the time, not all of them men, and many of them may be found on websites such as this one. They have good reason to be angry, they say. I agree. I cherish my anger as I cherish my food when I eat it and I give it time and space in my life as I give time and space to my dinner.

Without anger nothing changes. Without anger, that which is undesirable, which is unacceptable to right thinking reasonable men and women, will persist and thrive and dominate. Without anger, political decisions based on treason or corporate profits to benefit the few go unchallenged and the many suffer. Similarly with many other regrettable things in life.

Without anger, we are merely bovine; milk herds apathetically moving from pasture to milking parlour without resistance.

Anger drives the paedophile hunters. Anger drives the freeman. Anger drives the protesters and petition collectors and so many more of our actions and activities. Anger drove the EU referendum results and anger drives those who were defeated in it and would overturn it. Anger gave us Magna Carta and common law rights.

Anger is a beautiful thing because it is a part of us. One synonym for anger is dissatisfaction, and it was dissatisfaction which drove our desire for a better life, a safer, more secure and comfortable life and led us from a cold, damp cave to a warm two up two down with central heating and pain killers and warm clothes.

I can find 49 synonyms for anger in a certain thesaurus. The number of words, or ways, to express a thing is indicative of its importance in our lives. That which is unimportant or less important has fewer synonyms, and in the case of anger there are a mere 20 antonyms. The classic example of this, of course, is how many words Eskimos have for snow – an important factor in their existence. We have comparatively fewer in ours whereas we have quite a few for money. They don't. The fact that we have 49 synonyms for anger, according to that particular thesaurus, and only 20 antonyms tends to suggest that anger is a more important thing in our lives than calmness. Hmm.

Anger, like love and peace and all the other aspects of our nature, should be embraced. There's nothing wrong with anger, despite what those who would remove it from us say – those who desire for all of us the bovine existence of apathetic non resistance and a flat-lined brain with a single emotion. Anger drives us, motivates us, and is an essential part of our psyche. The trick is to use it and not have it use us.

When someone says 'don't be angry' they're actually saying 'Don't be motivated - accept the shit.'
I say 'Be angry – let it motivate you and drive you to remove the shit.'
Pseudo-philosophers say ' Anger is a form of madness'.
I say 'Fuck off, grasshopper!'

My anger is a beautiful thing and I embrace it so please don't try to remove it. It removes itself when the cause for it is removed.

It's still fucked, isn't it?
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