Utility Bills - Definitely no contract?

Utility Bills - Definitely no contract?

Postby AmandaJane » Mon Jan 18, 2016 3:54 pm

Hi! I am new to this forum :wink:

I’ve just been reading Veronica’s post on the demand from her Water Company as thinking of trying this method myself - viewtopic.php?f=49&t=4

What happened is that myself and my other half were renting a property and paying all our bills like good little sheeple. However our water bill became horrendous and in the end they were charging us around £500 per quarter. Tried sorting it out to no avail as they kept saying there must be a water leak from the property that we couldn’t find, and with no help from them.

In the end we had to move out anyway as the landlord was selling the property, and we thought sod it not paying them anymore.

Fast forward a year and a bit, and the water company has now tracked us down to our new address. They have sent a letter and now a Demand Notice wanting to extort £450 from us, giving us 7 days to respond, which has now passed, threatening to send debt collectors and court action.

I understand that there is no contract with these companies, and also they are communicating with the legal fiction, not the human being. What I would like to know is…. The fact that prior to us leaving that property, we had contacted them in order to agree to pay for their services regularly – so is that in itself making a contract with them? And even though we have done this, can we now say they have no right to make any demands on us because there is no contract, and because they are trying to contract with a legal fiction persons?

If anyone can offer some advice on this I would be most grateful, thank you! :grin:
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Re: Utility Bills - Definitely no contract?

Postby Dreadlock » Mon Jan 18, 2016 9:53 pm


Read my posts. Start with the bottom link and work your way up.

Simple answer. You HAVE contracted, albeit not directly with the utility company.
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Re: Utility Bills - Definitely no contract?

Postby LionsShare » Thu Jan 02, 2020 7:27 pm

After reading what is written here, it is true to say the utility companies will write to you that there is NO contract or agreement, taking at face value I assume it to be true (because it serves a purpose - A4V), I had that from local water company. What I do over utility bills, endorsing them with certain wording (no one has ever told me the wording is wrong) & sending my own statement of truth of what I beleive to be correct has not been challenged.

All i have experienced every time I get a new bill is the amount of alledged debt going up with no proof from accounting that a debt is actually owed, in fact from 1 subject access request, I did get evidence of an outstanding amount of £0. After asking a proffessional accountant, they stated nothing was owed due to that column being £0.
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