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echelon doesnt exist

Postby Freeman Stephen » Thu Jun 13, 2013 4:24 pm

Im posting this message from the town of Smugness in the Egocentric district of Self Indulgent I Told You So.

I feel like a big lorry load of delicious ice cream has been dropped from the sky burying all those who once used to think in terms of "thats a conspiracy theory I should just dismiss without investigation".

I am now expected to eat through that delicious ice cream to reach people who are already convinced they already knew the government were spying on them and seem quite content to eat all that ice cream all by themselves now.

One thing that bothers me though is this: why didnt the mainstream media just dismiss snowden as a nutty conspiracy theorist who tried to get back at his employer after an aggrieving incident. Why didnt they just dismiss him as a nutter.

It seems like now they REALLY want people to know they are monitored 24/7. The MSM is still playing down the extent of the eavesdropping concentrating on just internet snipping by big companies but I think there will now be a slow release of the full extent over time.

I think their motivation is to have people afraid of doing anything the government might not like and while we have a task in countering the development of this attitude, I feel that right now we need to capitalize on the "I told you so" factor to drive home the message that we are not the nutty speculators we have been portrayed to be but a thin and often marginalised fifth column who have always had the common interests of the people at heart while politicians and the,establishment have attempted to brand us as conspiracy nutters for speaking the truth in order to further exploit those that only we have been trying to protect.

Those who just werent sure about the truth of government surveillance need to stop looking up to liars for leadership and start learning from those the liars have been branding in the most heinious ways.
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