bedroom tax song itunes

bedroom tax song itunes

Postby rebelwithoutaclue » Mon Jun 03, 2013 8:02 am

BRAND NEW - new studio version of the song, and using brand new pics from Saturday's demo, to help promote this Thursday's i-tunes release of the fundraising single. THIS WHOLE VENTURE, WHICH COULD RAISE THOUSANDS FOR THE CAMPAIGN WILL ONLY SUCCEED WITH YOUR ACTIVE SUPPORT, That means posting an re-posting this link , tweeting, putting links on websites or recommending it to people who run websites, people have influence where ever they may be, journalists. indy media, MPs, Trade Union officials, Heads of Housing Associations, people with access to big email listings etc , etc Get to it!! Fuller details on Thursday's launch coming shortly, but don't wait for these, get going now. This is how things go viral - by collective and co-ordinated online activity within a concentrated time frame,
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