Anyone read The Redemption Manual?

Anyone read The Redemption Manual?

Postby Zain » Mon May 18, 2009 4:27 pm

Has anyone been through this before & if so is it recommended reading? I know it pertains to the Corporation of USA and deals with UCC but nevertheless aspects may be applicable to the UK. Just wondering if it's a worthwhile time investment?

The Redemption Manual
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Re: Anyone read The Redemption Manual?

Postby Veronica » Mon May 18, 2009 5:33 pm

Well, let's put it this way.

You see something in a shop for £50, and you want it.

And you know you can use your STRAWMAN, via Commercial Redemption, to obtain the £50 to pay for it.

So you redeem your £50, and go into the shop to buy the item.

OK so far?

Now, the shopkeeper is also a Human Being, and has a STRAWMAN of his own. He could redeem the £50 for himself as easily as you could. In fact he could redeem £5,000,000 if he was so minded.

Now ... do you see a problem with that scenario?

How about: The whole thing is a complete waste of time?

How about: Commercial Redemption is ULTIMATELY self-defeating?

But that's GOOD. It won't make you, or anyone else, rich (ultimately), but it will shine a Laser Light on the absurdity of 'money' & 'Commercial Redemption' associated with 'money'.

That's Commercial Redemption.

However, in the process, you'll have to deal in Statutes. And Legalese. And Legalese has been discussed endlessly on this Board. It is a fictional world, just like money & associated Commercial Redemption.

If you want to delve ... delve. If you want to chase your own tail ... chase it.

Personally I'd rather stay in the Land of Reality. Common Law.

But I recognise the benefits of Commercial Redemption as one very good way to eradicate the ludicrous Monetary System
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