Commonly-held Myths

Commonly-held Myths

Postby Veronica » Wed Mar 11, 2009 2:17 pm

Since I am (apparently) in the totally-not-for-profit business of exploding myths and illusions, I suppose I might as well expose a few more.

Investors in people

What this means is that they really care about their staff.


What it actually means is that they really care about ‘money’, and are quite happy to use and abuse their staff, in the process of clawing in as much as possible.

Companies on this scheme get a Government subsidy for applying training to their staff. That’s why they have a ‘Training Department’ continually dreaming up the most outlandish, weird and wacky ‘training schemes’, which all employees must endure … I mean ‘go on’. And that’s one of the reasons why you have to sign a form to say you’ve had the useless training. They need those signatures to collect their Government-handout dosh.

Permanently ‘tattooed’ on the back of most single-decker buses will be an advert for Drivers. Do you really think, after all this time, they would be short of Drivers if they treated their staff reasonably? In the old ‘London Transport’ days (before privatisation) there were no adverts like these.

No. No. They get a Government subsidy for training Drivers! They LOVE it when a Driver gets fed up with the way they are treated (like me), and there is a constant treadmill of Drivers-in-training.

The Jobcentre has 45,000 jobs available

There is a Statutory requirement that any unfilled vacancy must be advertised for a minimum of a week, and of a specific (minimal size), and a Local paper - OR THE JOBCENTRE - will do.

They KNOW who they are going to promote into that vacancy. Applying for the job is a complete waste of time. That’s why they don’t even reply to your letters. They don’t want to waste their time, any more than yours.

That’s the state of the 45,000 job centre jobs. They are NON-JOBs, simply fulfilling ‘Statutory requirements’.

What farce the whole illusion is!

ISO 9000 Company

To be on this scheme the company must fullY document all of its procedures, for example, precisely how they manufacture and test their products or services.

Sound brilliant, doesn’t it?

And, upon random inspection, the ISO 9000 Team can turn up and check that the documented procedures are being followed.

Sounds even brillianter, doesn’t it?

Cobblers. What it means, in practice, is that if the company’s ‘procedures’ created crap products, then they will continue to produce crap for evermore. That’s what it means.
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