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Re: What a bunch of brainless idiots!!!

PostPosted: Fri May 01, 2009 10:39 am
by MikeThomas
This 'Swine Flu' epidemic thats in all the MSM is possible another distraction from whats really going on. If you remember when Diana died that was the week Tony B liar repealed the Treson Act was it not ?

It's another case of 'what they are not saying'.

Re: What a bunch of brainless idiots!!!

PostPosted: Fri May 01, 2009 10:48 am
by Veronica
Swine Flu is a hoax.

(Exactly as I said here, when I first heard about it)

A good test is this: If it's pushed by Alex Jones/Prison Planet ...and it's something SERIOUS ... then it's hoax. Alex Jones & the Watsons make it up as they go along. That's how you become an "Instant Truth Hero", like David Ray Griffin, Kyle Hence, Jim Hoffman, Steven Jones ... and all the others. You just make it up. 80% 'info' ... 20% made up.

They are like Tony Benn & Noam Chomsky .... 'damage limitation' ... Gatekeepers.

Re: What a bunch of brainless idiots!!!

PostPosted: Fri May 01, 2009 11:00 am
by BaldBeardyDude
Again, we need to apply the maxim qui bono - who benefits.

Simply follow the money to the pockets of those responsible - Rumsfeld, Gore et al. Obvious, if one has a brain. Unfortunately, sheeple are not known for thier mental accuity are they?

Add in the panic factor and we have a ready-made excuse for more 'control' as the planned and media fed panic escalates and spreads faster than any virus could.

Nice find, V - as usual, you are right on the button, m8 :mrgreen:

Peace and love,


Re: What a bunch of brainless idiots!!!

PostPosted: Fri May 01, 2009 11:39 am
by Highspirit
WOW Excellent info V. I have to say that I am learning a great deal from you and how you approach some of these issues and incidents. I have been cautious of vaccines now for some time and they are most definately responsible for causing death and dibillitating illnessess. I feel sorry for all these poor young female victims that are being vaccinated with the anti-cervical cancer drug. Poor things will be barren in a few years time or their off-spring will be. Too late then though isnt it, they will just say, oopps sorry, OK Next!!!

They are truly fu**in evil and what saddens me more is so many of the sheeple actually believe they are being helped as they queue for their poison. :-(

Re: What a bunch of brainless idiots!!!

PostPosted: Fri May 01, 2009 11:54 am
by BaldBeardyDude
Funny you should say that HS, check on vaccines - the CFR and Rockerfeller deliberately steralised 000's in third world countries in the past and will continue to do so.

What with the mercury, dodgy cells and the immuno aggravating qualities of these instruments of mass death, we need to do our research. They cause untold misery, m8.

try these links:

They're just for starters!

Peace and love,


Re: What a bunch of brainless idiots!!!

PostPosted: Fri May 01, 2009 12:37 pm
by Highspirit
Thanks Baldy I will have a look, I enjoy research into these matters just like you :-)

By the way, you mention Mercury, have you seen the You Tube video entilted 'Smoking Tooth'? You know mate, it's all starting to come out now;

Got any Fillings?

Re: What a bunch of brainless idiots!!!

PostPosted: Fri May 01, 2009 12:51 pm
by BaldBeardyDude
Got any fillings? - ha! I had my big teeth come through in the seventies - my dentist did more drilling than Barry Bucknall! :rotfl: I have more mercury in my gob than I care to think about. As I am a scummy dolie, it is impossible to fund the process of ridding myself of them, for the time being.

Still, although I feel it a little late for me,my daughter is getting the benefit of my research. I only started after she had her jabs (Bastards), but she is on her teaspoon of CS every morning and will be on the MMS program, once we are down to maintenance doses.

Our food has changed already, but will get even better, once my garden starts in full swing. :mrgreen:

Peace and love,


Re: What a bunch of brainless idiots!!!

PostPosted: Fri May 01, 2009 2:23 pm
by Highspirit
Nice one Baldy, I am doing exactly the same with Silver and MMS. And I am lucky to live here in Cyprus where it is like it used to be in the UK for food. The potatoes are all still covered in soil when you buy them and everything it appears is organic. However, I also know it wont last now they have joined the EU so an investment in a home farm is on the books.

Re: What a bunch of brainless idiots!!!

PostPosted: Fri May 01, 2009 2:59 pm
by BaldBeardyDude
Don't have any spare rooms do ya? :rotfl: :rotfl:

Peace and love,


Re: What a bunch of brainless idiots!!!

PostPosted: Fri May 01, 2009 3:44 pm
by Veronica

See a picture of my friend Cynthia O'Neill when she was younger. (She phoned me this morning, as it happens. The Royal College of Nursing are just going through the motions of banning her because she heckled the Minister of Health at their Congress in 2007. Her Great Aunt Annie O'Neill was a Founding member of the RCN) (*)

Why did I supply that link? Oh:

“…acute toxicity from prescription medicines (Adverse Drug Reactions) stand now as the fourth leading cause of death in the EU, claiming 120,000 lives each year, a figure which could probably be doubled or even tripled if we include the longer term, or chronic, toxic effect of drugs.”

(These are 'benefits of our Society'... according the geebee & Co.)

Click "Vaccines" ... and check "Vaccine Ingredients" (only recommended for those with a strong stomach)

You know, it's a pity Hooplescat doesn't ever bother to do any research ... isn't it? Instead of just telling us how wonderful the Policymen are. And how their own children are put through this mechanism. Mind you ... it's no wonder Sheeple are like they are, really.

It just all comes down to the same conclusion: People are actually very hard to kill, unless you are completely overt about it (gun/bomb, etc). They are very resistant to 'subtle' methods. (it's this bloody Immune System we are all born with, you see. Bloody nuisance that. Makes it so much harder. No wonder they go for the Mind Control. So much easier)

(* I went to support her at the Disciplinary they held. This year they won't pay her Bursary to attend Congress.

I wrote them this letter:

Ms Sandra James,
Chair of the Council,
Royal College of Nursing,
20 Cavendish Square,
London W1G 0RN.

Monday 20th April, 2009

Dear Sandra,

I received your e-mail recently telling me that the situation in respect of Cynthia O'Neill was none of my business. I have also received a copy of the letter you sent to her, dismissing her application for a bursary this year.

First and foremost you have no right to tell me this is none of my business for two reasons:

1) I attended the meeting which was an informal disciplinary, and that makes it my business whether you like it or not. I am a lawful witness to what went on, and what was said.

2) I am also a member of the public, and a concerned one at that. I may, at some point, have to place my life in the hands of the nurses you claim to represent.

In your letter to Cynthia you claimed to have "made notes" which make the claim that Cynthia "agreed not to attend any Congress again". That indicates nothing more than highly constructive and highly imaginative note-taking. And that is provable by the fact that I sent you an e-mail, at the time (repeated intact recently), which says no such thing. I do not recall you disagreeing with my notes at the time. That was the time to disagree, not to imaginatively re-construct your notes some months later. You had the time to object. You did not. Therefore my account stands (certainly in law, at any rate). You did not post your account to me, in order to give me the opportunity to question your note-taking at the time. Again, that places you in default.

As a witness to the proceedings (albeit favourable to Cynthia, of course) I find the attitude of the RCN utterly deplorable and thoroughly dishonourable in this matter. Simply because there is no honourable excuse for not giving this lady a platform to say what she has to say, and to let all of your members make up their own minds. (Any more than there is honourable excuse for not providing myself, Cynthia, and Debbie, with a copy of your note-taking)

The attitude you apparently take is that either Cynthia is considered to be a leper, or that your membership is so mindless it has no ability to make up its own mind. And that you have the right to make up its mind for it.

I would be very interested to receive Proof of Claim of your right to make up the nurses minds for them, however I can assure you I won't be holding my breath in anticipation of receiving said proof.

It looks to me as though Common Purpose have done a wonderful job on you all. Such that you are running scared of the words that emanate from the mouth of one little old lady. Heaven help you (and your entire membership, and the British public), if that's the case.

Little wonder the Country is in such as mess.

Yours sincerely without frivolity,

Veronica: of the Chapman family
Without Prejudice.

CC: Mrs. Cynthia O'Neill
Nurses Movement for Responsibility in Medicine
Dr. Peter Carter (RCN)
Ms. Jane Clarke (RCN)
Patrick Rattigan, ND