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Re: I suppose I should announce this ...

PostPosted: Thu Mar 05, 2009 10:10 pm
by Free
Agreed Jonboy. As a result of what we're doing now, a portfolio of letters will create itself for future use. You're welcome to send your's daily if you like. As would all of us. That choice remains in our hands. Also new arrivals to this principle can be given a copy of all the letters at any time.


Re: I suppose I should announce this ...

PostPosted: Thu Mar 05, 2009 10:23 pm
by Veronica
Aaaah ... now I have a problem.

Without fully quoting your post, Free (which would be silly because it's on the previous Page ... starting "Veronica Thank you") it seems to be that your approach to everything is basically the opposite to mine.

You seem to be saying that our 'entry into Europe' is either a done deal, or is about to be a done deal.

Now ... I fully agree with what you say about that so-called 'deal' ... in terms of 'formality'.

But, you see, I'm not very big on 'formality'. In fact I'm nowhere at all on 'formality'.

What I mean by that is that I, personally, don't give one tiny shit about any so-called 'agreements' any legal fiction called THE GOVERNMENT or HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN make. Because they don't make these so-called agreements in my name, as commonly called. They might consider they make them in my NAME, but not on behalf of Veronica: of the Chapman family, commonly called.

THE LAW can give rise to a fiction, but a fiction cannot give rise to ANY LAW. (If that were not the case, then THE GOVERNMENT could, BY LAW, indefinitely promulgate its own lifetime. Precisely what the EU is TRYING to do. But it will only manage that IF WE LET IT ... if we ACCEPT it. WE, being the operative word. That's YOU. That's ME. That's WE)

So ... to be perfectly honest and frank about it, I don't care what they do, because I won't accept it.

This makes it hard for me to write a 'letter of discontent'. For the simple reason that I'm perfectly content. Perfectly content with Common Law, and the way I can use it to protect me.

Now, you might say: "But, Veronica, what happens if they take Common Law away from you? What will you do then?"

Well, the simple answer to that is: "They can't".

They can't, because Common Law is in my head. They can chop off my head, but that won't help them very much, will it? Because it is also in thousands of other people's heads.

To my mind, the best thing would be to implant Common Law into the maximum number of heads. That, to me, is our salvation. And, to be perfectly honest, I don't think we have any other salvation possible. (Well, not realistically, by now).

Common Law = Common Sense.

Common Sense = Common Law.

How can they possibly take Common Sense away from us? They've tried, endlessly. For years and years (my 65-year lifespan at least).

They have fluoridated us. They have Chemtrailed us. They have lied to us constantly through the Media. They have pushed adverts down our throats. They have created false-flag atrocities to try to win us round. They have 'sold' things as 'conveniences'. They have been sooooo grateful for our 'opinions' in surveys. They have pushed us around. They have menaced us with Policymen & Bailiffs. They have demonised us. They have equated us to "enemy combatants". They have said they "will come down on us like a ton of bricks if we do anything likely to help so-called 'terrorism'"

In short. They've tried their fucking pants off ... AND NOT SUCCEEDED. Not with all of us. And there are sufficient numbers of us left to turn the game around.

What chance, do you think, they will have taking our Common Sense from us? Geez ... we will even laugh our heads off when they try their Project Blue Beam!!!!!

ALL OF THIS REALISATION has come about since the turn of the Century. (Yes, the odd soul, such as Eustace Mullins, had been batting on about it for years, but I'm talking MILLIONS .... NOW). That's all happened in LESS THAN ONE DECADE, Baby!!!

The whole deceptive 'game' has taken HUNDREDS OF YEARS in the making ... all to be pulled apart by a few bright individuals, within less than 10 years, who simply stood their ground on Common Sense.

Why should I be discontented?

(Pause for breath).

To be perfectly frank, bearing in mind what you wrote, Free, you would be better writing a 'letter of discontent' than would I.

In my opinion, it's your beef, but I think I would better simply supporting you by taking part in the mass mailing - because that's not my primary thrust.

My primary thrust is to explain FREEDOM. Not how it can be taken away ... but how we all possess it inherently, and how to utilise it..

I could write a letter about that.

I sort of did.

Here (tidied up a bit).

Re: I suppose I should announce this ...

PostPosted: Thu Mar 05, 2009 11:11 pm
by Free
hehehehehe you know what Veronica as I was laying down the words to my last post here i was thinking the same!

I agree. I'll write it.

I'll write it because it is my purpose. Like you, i know that what we see today has been in the making since the beginnings, and the beginnings before our beginnings. Yes, it takes just a few bright beams of light to break through and disperse darkness. Cause and effect will bring the changes needed to lift us all to where we need to be in this life. The cause, which has taken years and years to create by those who seek to control, will meet its match in the equal and opposite effect, though the effect will be take far less time to make its impact than the cause did.

I believe there are three phases to global freedom for all. Firstly the immediate ceasure of the current world position. Then, a transitional period of settlement back into the true life of common law. Thereafter, when we ALL have time to think, our spiritual awareness will deepen and the greater knowledge which awaits us will come to us.

So, in the interests of the people who are not aware of what is to come politically, it will be my honour to write the letter of objection, and indeed any other objectionable letters I feel are necessary.

It will also be my honour to distribute any letters you write that you feel would also benifit greatly from mass distribution. Your words are powerful and inspirational. Above all else they are the TRUTH and I have no objection to terrorising 'them' with that!


Re: I suppose I should announce this ...

PostPosted: Fri Mar 06, 2009 12:16 am
by Veronica
Sounds an excellent idea. I'm going to call it Free's Very Cunning Master Plan ... or FVCMP for short.

If you think you need any additional input (about specifics), then PM me.

I think it's good that these things come from others, anyway. The larger the range of ideas and implementations, the better, IMHO.

Distribute my words? OK ... I'll think about putting some stuff together tomorrow.