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Major Development in the US

PostPosted: Sun Jan 31, 2010 9:30 am
by Farmer
During this weekend I received two emails that I want to pass on to others. This will not be relevant to most here directly because it is US based, but it will have an impact long-term.

In the US, around the end of the civil war, the corporate institutions were created that made copies of the constitutions, states and their courts, federal government and its courts, taking people out of the original domains into the new ones, a process that concluded in 1933 with the confiscation of everyone’s gold so forcing the still remaining sovereign people to unknowingly give up their sovereign status.

The original institutions are still there but unpopulated. They require two things to activate them again, a population and real money, meaning gold or silver as stipulated in the US constitution.

When I first joined this forum I made a post about a group of people that did this in the state of North Carolina:

This was very successful and showed that it was lawful and could be done. But most importantly, it showed that the officers of the corporate state of North Carolina had no choice but to cooperate with the Governor and institutions of the original state.

It appears now that this process is going to be taken nationwide. This will allow the population in the US to decide which states they wish to reside in. Once they have become a citizen of the original state, they can no longer be touched by the officers of the corporate state because that would be treason on their part.

This is a unique situation that can only be found in the US, but will have consequences worldwide as it unfolds.

Email 1

To my friends, fellow patriots and lovers of freedom worldwide,

Some time ago I promised a final remedy to enslavement at the hands of corporations posing as legitimate government. Well, the time has finally arrived. This is the most important email I have ever written and it represents an end, once and for all, at the source, to the swat teams, arrests, foreclosures, garnishments, seizures, tax prosecutions and hardships which result from failing to pray to corporate institutions or exhibit evidence of subject-class citizenship.

This Sunday night at 8 PM on TAKE NO PRISONERS (Republic Broadcasting Network), I will be joined by the leaders of the freedom movement for the high honor of bringing you – without commercial interruption - an end to economic warfare and political terror by March 31, 2010. In two months, we can, and will, be free, with your assistance.

The Restore America Plan is not a patriot scheme. IT WAS PROPOSED TO US BY THE MILITARY MORE THAN A YEAR AGO. Having developed the necessary tools, we are now ready to execute the plan beginning Sunday night.

If you truly desire to restore the posterity and end your problems once and for all, I invite you to tune in Sunday Night, and more importantly, to contact every one on your freedom email list. Sunday night we begin the methodical process of reinhabiting the original de jure institutions (which never ceased to exist) of the free American republics quickly, quietly, efficiently and peacefully, and without the need for re-educating the unconscious public or loud proclamations that are sure to evoke resistance and violence.

Very simply, the Restore America Plan will reverse the wicked deeds of 1933 and 1865 BEHIND THE SCENES, with the same cleverness the bankers used to remove money, law and dignity, and without disturbing the peace. We, the sovereign People, will be in charge as the ONE AND ONLY LAWFUL AUTHORITY ON THE LAND. Not just in name, but in reality.

Even if the plan had not been proposed by the military, the very nature of re-inhabiting the lawful de jure institutions of government is itself the victory we have all been seeking. Actors throughout the United States Federal Corporation understand they must ultimately defer to the de jure authority on the land when properly assembled and credentialed in sufficient number.

And so does the military –which is why they made the offer. The responsibility is enormous – and so are the risks if we fail. THE MILITARY HAS CHARGED US WITH THE HIGH RESPONSIBILITY OF ENDING THE SPIRAL TO WORLD WAR III being orchestrated by the Rulers of Evil. Never have men borne such responsibility. We are the last best hope for mankind. Essentially, we have been asked to provide the military with an alternative to a corporate CEO as their commander, and to re-inhabit all the de jure institutions that have been pre-empted from governance.

And…we…will. Folks, it is time to step-up to the plate. It is time to be part of the solution instead of the list of perpetual victims. Your future and the future of your children are in YOUR hands. A line has been drawn in the sand. If we fail to come together and accept responsibility, there will be no one else to blame. There will be no more excuses. The future IS ours to create. Either we seize the brass ring or slink away into obscurity.

That is what we are bringing you Sunday night on TAKE NO PRISONERS at 8 PM Eastern time. No less than a moment of epochal importance in the world history. That is why the network so graciously dropped commercial messages. All of the details and materials have been planned, worked-out and implemented from first presentation to enforcement. We are ready to close the deal. I hope you will join me and my very special guests for this live commercial-free broadcast.

TAKE NO PRISONERS is carried live every Sunday night at 8 PM EST on FM stations around the nation, on Shoutcast (using the free Shoutcast application on iPhones and other handhelds), and live on the internet at:

Wishing you a blessed day and tomorrow.

Sam Kennedy

Email 2

To my friends, fellow patriots and lovers of freedom worldwide,

Let me take a moment to answer some of your questions prior to tomorrow (Sunday) night’s broadcast of TAKE NO PRISONERS. Emails have been pouring in from around the world anxiously awaiting the broadcast.

Tomorrow night’s program is an epochal event in the history of mankind. I will not be alone. I will be joined by the greatest and most courageous of America's heroes.

In short order—with your help—we WILL be re-inhabiting the de jure (that means original) lawful institutions of government that have been pre-empted by de facto (that means replacement) corporations posing as legitimate government. And we will do it peacefully, quietly, quickly and non-violently using a methodical strategy based upon an offer from high-ranking members of the armed forces who seek an alternative to World War III. In fact, many inside the corporate government are dying for us to intervene. We are it folks, the last best hope for mankind.

And we will respond accordingly. The success of the Restore America Plan is already ensured. It is self-authenticating. It is not about providing you with information so you can continue to struggle along on your own. It is not about attending seminars to learn more information (with apologies to all those who have already started to condemn our intentions). The Restore America Plan is an action strategy being put into play next week which will culminate in the re-inhabitation within two months (March 31).

In coming forth publicly, we are seeking leaders who wish to step forward and be part of the restoration. The time to step-up to the plate has arrived. If you decide to sit back, you will be waiving the right to make further excuses or blame others. Understand, just as the changes in 1933 behind the scenes affected all of your lives in drastic ways, our behind the scenes restoration will also effect your lives in drastic ways, by eliminating foreclosure, tax prosecutions, highway molestations, and all the other evils of corporate governance, and by restoring the framework for spiritual morality. If you can’t visualize such things, then you need not even pay attention. Just continue to go about your lives. For the overwhelming mass of sleeping Americans lulled into unconsciousness by decades of cultural amnesia, there will be as little recognition of the changes in 2010 as there was in 1933.

Only people who have taken the time to educate their palates sufficient to discern the remarkable changes in law behind the scenes will have the pleasure of experiencing the restoration in a palpable way. All the rest will experience the benefits, but without conscious awareness. Those who are truly discriminating will understand that we have restored the posterity, and we have done so with forgiveness, charity and love in our hearts.

But make no mistake about it. When we re-inhabit the original, lawful, proper, de jure non-corporate, non-territorial, land-based institutions, WE become the one true only lawful authority for the United States of America.

Just as it’s always been.

But this time, we’ll be acting the part. And accepting the enormous responsibility.

With your help.

Are you game???

That’s tomorrow night, Sunday, live at 8 PM Eastern time on FM stations around the nation, on Shoutcast (using the free Shoutcast application on iPhones and other handhelds), and live on the internet at:

Wishing you a blessed day and tomorrow.

Sam Kennedy

P.S. Here are some other answers to issues that were raised in so many emails:

1. The broadcast is live at 8 PM Eastern time. This translates to:

- 7 PM Central time
- 6 PM Mountain time
- 5 PM Pacific time

for all those who are unable to figure out the time zones.

2. The best way to listen is to go to the Republic Broadcasting Network using your Internet browser, then select the link “Listen Live” which should activate iTunes or similar audio programs. If you are a new listener, make sure to try this in advance to ensure you do not have a problem at broadcast time.

3. TAKE NO PRISONERS is real radio, with a producer and managers and transmission facilities. You can listen to the program on various FM stations around the country, but the internet feed is simplest.. You do not listen through the phone.

4. We seek people of courage, good intentions and forgiving hearts. If your passion is sniping in Yahoo groups, whining about your problems, envying others, sending uncivil emails, or negativity, you need not tune-in. This is probably not for you.

Re: Major Development in the US

PostPosted: Sun Jan 31, 2010 10:00 am
by huntingross
Lets hope they pull it off.....

Re: Major Development in the US

PostPosted: Sun Jan 31, 2010 11:23 am
by MikeThomas
Good luck to 'em all! :yes:

Re: Major Development in the US

PostPosted: Sun Jan 31, 2010 4:03 pm
by Farmer
This is not straight forward. In the original states, the laws have not been changed so still apply. So stealing a horse means you get hung. Abortion is a crime. Many states had laws regarding adultery. There will be many things that the under 21 won't be able to do without their parents permission. There may even be laws regarding slavery and the mixing of whites and blacks.

Of course, these problems came about because everything stayed in hibernation and will no doubt be sorted out in time. Personally I think its a good thing that the under 21's won't have a vote. We don't need children voting, its one of the reasons the Irish vote was pro Lisbon Treaty.

Re: Major Development in the US

PostPosted: Sun Jan 31, 2010 5:23 pm
by musashi
If this is true, then the workd should be celebrating the demise of U.S. corpoate madness and we shall most certainly be living in interesting times.
Let it be true!

Details of the reseating on Team Law

PostPosted: Mon Feb 01, 2010 12:06 am
by OneManAndHisDog
Not only North Carolina, but many of the original jurisdiction States are being reseated. They've been working on this for many years - see TEAM LAW and their OPEN FORUMS.

See here for the map, though not updated...

The United States is a foreign body with respect to a State, as each of the States is a Country, and the United States isn't a part of a State, but something foreign to it...
o "The United States Government is a Foreign Corporation With Respect to a State", Volume 20: Corpus Juris Sec. § 1785.

...though be careful not to confuse the United States Government with the Body known as the United States of America that was created in Trust for the People in 1787 (the original jurisdiction United States of America that protects the already-existing unalienable rights of the People at common law).

The United States Government is only part of the Trust known as the United States of America, and is incorporated therein in the District [of Columbia] which was provided for (provisioned) in the Constitution for the United States of America (the original Trust Document / Constituting Document / Charter)...

The original document: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 - The title is taken from the end of the very first sentence on paper.

More on the Constitution as a Trust Document at common law, and the difference between "the People" (real flesh & blood human beings that already existing and had the United States of America created in Trust to protect their unalienable rights at common law) and the role and office known as "citizen of the United States" (created in the 14th Amendment, 1868, that is subject to the jurisdiction thereof - i.e. the Constitution, Bills and statutory Acts)...
o People or Citizen - Which One Are You?
o The Constitution is a Trust Indenture - Reprint from an answer Governor Madsen (an O.J.* governor) provided to Jay Rutledge
o Contracts, Trusts and the Corporation Sole

* O.J. Original Jurisdiction is "each one of the People" that are sovereign (and not the "citizen" which is merely a created fiction with duties thereunder that is played by someone)...

Chisholm v.. Georgia wrote:
"In the United States , Sovereignty resides in the people, who act through the organs established by the Constitution."

Chisholm v.. Georgia, 2 D all 419, 471; Penhallow v. D oane's Administrators, 3 D all 54, 93; McCullock v. Maryland, 4 Wheat 316, 404, 405; Yick Yo v. Hopkins, 118 U.S. 356, 370.

...literally "in the People", where the People being a collection of real flesh & blood human being, so "in" the People means each "one of the People" is a sovereign. Which is also clear from the first sentence of the Constitution as the People are the Creators of the Body in Trust, for the benefit of themselves and their Posterity (descendants).

As stated earlier, the United States is a foreign body with respect to the state. This is also evidenced in case law...

U.S. v. Cruikshank wrote:"We have in our political system a Government of the United States and a government of each of the several states. Each is distinct from the other and each has citizens of its own..." [U.S. v. Cruikshank, 92 U.S. 542, 23 L.Ed. 588]

Baldwin v. Franks wrote:"In the Constitution of the United States the word "citizen" is generally, if not always, used in a political sense to designate one who has the rights and privileges of a citizen of a state or of the United States. It is also used in the first section of the Fourteenth Amendment." [Baldwin v. Franks, 120 U.S. 678, 30 L.ed 766, 7 S.Ct. 656, 763]

McDonel v. The State wrote:"...he was not a citizen of the United States, he was a citizen and voter of the State,..." "One may be a citizen of a State and yet not a citizen of the United States." [McDonel v. The State, 90 Ind. 320 (1883)]

Colgate v. Harvey wrote:"The governments of the United States and of each state of the several states are distinct from one another. The rights of a citizen under one may be quite different from those which he has under the other." [Colgate v. Harvey, 296 U.S. 404; 56 S.Ct. 252 (1935)]

Gardina v. Board of Registrars of Jefferson County wrote:"There are, then, under our republican form of government, two classes of citizens, one of the United States and one of he state." [Gardina v. Board of Registrars of Jefferson County, 160 Ala. 155; 48 So. 788 (1909)]

More on the "citizen"...

More here on the difference between a citizen of a state of the United States of America, and a "citizen of the United States"...
o On the difference between a citizen of the state and a citizen of the United States

All "citizens" are subjects as it is a created role and office of a Body, regardless of if it is a "citizen of California", "citizen of the United States", "citizen of the United Kingdom", "citizen of New Zealand", where the Body is California, United States, United Kingdom and New Zealand respectively, each with their own statutory Acts under which the one who plays the role of that "citizen" stands, thereby taking on fiduciary duty and is bound by that.

Anyone may play more than one role as long as the Laws of that role allow it.

Knowing this, it is clear that a "sovereign citizen" is an oxymoron and an impossibility, as that is like saying a "sovereign subject". One can EITHER be a "sovereign" OR a "subject". It is only when you stand as "one of the People" that you are saying you are a sovereign.

Only each one of the People have unalienable rights at common law and access to courts of records without prejudice to bring suits / actions at common law to protect their unalienable rights. The "citizen", being a created role and a subject, has no such inherent rights and only has the granted Civil Liberties and Privilege that the Body in which it is resident grants to it by legislation to fulfill its duty therein.

An overview of the history of the United States is given in the following three articles and timelines...
o Critical History
o History
o Historical Outline

It was in the District of Columbia in 1871 that a new Body was incorporated...
o The District of Columbia Act of 1871 - What did it do?

On the nature of Society and Government...
o Fundamentals of Trusts
o Re: SEC listings - governments don't appear to be corporations
o Regarding Trusts and fiduciary duties in society

A couple of threads on the Open Forum...
o Vacating the Government
o Confirm or deny Complete seating of OJ Government

For their continuing efforts in reseating the O.J. (Original Jurisdiction) government, see the Team Law's Open Forum System...

( Fundamentals of the common law etc. (1-5) )

Re: Details of the reseating on Team Law

PostPosted: Mon Feb 01, 2010 9:17 am
by Farmer
OneManAndHisDog wrote:See here for the map, though not updated...

Excellent post. I didn't know it had already spread this far.

This could be the reason why the elites are in such a rush. The US is the key to all this.

Re: Major Development in the US

PostPosted: Mon Feb 01, 2010 9:32 am
by Farmer
A recording of the show can be downloaded from:

Hour 1

Hour 2

Re: Major Development in the US

PostPosted: Mon Feb 01, 2010 11:29 pm
by huntingross
Well worth a listen.....makes you want to be there at the front.

Re: Major Development in the US

PostPosted: Tue Feb 02, 2010 6:10 pm
by Farmer
I have received another email after Sundays broadcast:

To my fellow patriots,

America has spoken! Hundreds of you volunteered to join the De jure Grand Juries before Sunday night’s broadcast of TAKE NO PRISONERS was finished. Men and women just like yourself, who love freedom and wish to embrace the posterity for their children and grandchildren took not a moment to decide that this was the time to reinhabit the original de jure institutions of their forefathers. The message is that you are not alone. Thousands of you already realize that YOUR fate is finally in YOUR hands, and that it is NO LONGER NECESSARY to beg others for your blessings, to grovel before false prophets, to plead with corporate actors for scraps from the table, to delay your life any longer due to hollow promises, to crawl like snakes on your belly for the privileges of the bar association legal franchise. All of that, the shameful era of corporate worship, is to be concluded, peacefully, quietly, honorably, by men and women of good faith just like yourself, BY YOUR OWN DECLARATION, within the next couple of months. We welcome each and every one of you to the freedom buffet.

A few important points to read carefully:

1. Those of you who have ALREADY JOINED ASSEMBLIES ARE VERY WELCOME to take the covenant of office for the Guardians of the Free Republics and the De jure Grand Juries. In this way, you can enjoy direct participation in restoring sovereign control over the institutions of YOUR government without the sort of public pronouncements and local provocations that incite resistance and violence.

2. THOSE WHO CAN MUSTER AN ENTIRE BAND OF AT LEAST 25 PEOPLE ready to go for this cause, please send an email to: with the following message in the subject line:

HAVE ENTIRE ASSEMBLY – Name of your republic

3. Other than the above, IF YOU HAVE ALREADY SENT AN EMAIL TO volunteering to join or coordinate, or requesting more information, please do NOT SEND ANOTHER. We are hard at work processing all of the requests and organizing them republic by republic. Please sit tight, confident in knowing that you will not be forgotten. We are on the job.

You see folks, once you understand that the REMEDY IS GLOBAL ACROSS THE NATION and does NOT REQUIRE THE BLESSINGS OF THE ACTORS, and does NOT require each man and women to continue fighting their battles as islands in the wind, you should understand that the only thing that matters at this time is that we assemble a certain minimum number of courageous people according to our plan and bring forth the remedy behind the scenes.

4. IF YOU CONTACTED ME, PERSONALLY, AT my own email address ( instead of at, then PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL to: so your request is sure to wind up properly processed. Please mark the subject line as the case may be:

WISH TO JOIN – Name of your republic

WISH TO COORDINATE - Name of your republic, or

HAVE ENTIRE ASSEMBLY – Name of your republic

5. IF YOU HAVE NOT CONTACTED US BUT WISH TO JOIN THE GRAND JURIES, please send an email as in step 2 above.

6. SHOULD YOU VOLUNTEER? Your life does not hinge on whether or not you volunteer at this particular time. The remedy will be available for ALL members of the sovereign People since it is THE DE FACTO INSTITUTIONS THAT WILL BE ADJUSTING GLOBALLY, rather than the sovereign People. May I suggest you begin to adjust your mindset to once again being masters of your own domains.

7. INSPECTING THE DOCUMENTS. The final complete Declaration document will be available ONLY through the state and/or regional coordinators for inspection so that the integrity of our strategy is preserved. Many of the details of The Restore America Plan will remain classified to preserve the strategy. But permit me to refer you to last Sunday night’s broadcast (January 31, 2010) for an extensive overview of the Plan. Apparently our disclosures, and your knowledge of my guests, were sufficient to convince hundreds of you to consider signing-up. As you might expect, members of the de jure grand juries must take a traditional grand juror's pledge of secrecy to protect the public. And as you may know from the broadcast, we are NOT planning public proclamations, nor do we covet the limelight.

Permit me to clarify some of that information. Initially, the de facto insurance bonds of certain public officials will be attached rendering the respective offices subject to re-absorption into their de jure counterparts. Actors will have three days to comply or be removed as they will no longer have the pretense of authority in the face of de jure governance. Using a progression of specific writs, our first priority is to terminate foreclosure actions, collection procedures, tax prosecutions and prosecutions without an injured party on the state and national levels. Simultaneously, sovereign identification will be designed by the public institutions responsible for such items. Police databases will be adjusted. Certain trappings of government will be modified to reflect the return of lawful government as notice to the public. Subtle notice for sure, just like in 1933. I hope you agree that is a worthy start to the reconstruction.

In the second phase, the D.C. courts will be reabsorbed into the Article III institutions. And so on. The specific methodology must remain classified for strategic purposes.

Some of these events will occur DIRECTLY THROUGH PUBLIC ACTORS, and others will occur through military liaison. If you study military history and publications, you probably understand that the military’s duty to obey proper civilian authority is an intrinsic part of their consciousness. The United States Army and Navy Manual of Military Government and Civil Affairs outlines military authority to recover domestic territory from enemy occupation, restore civilian government, retain proper civilian laws, high-ranking political officials from office, supervise civilian courts, protect money, promote banking and release political prisoners. So the military’s offer was not just happenstance. They understand we have been under occupation since 1861, and in a perpetual state of corporate national emergency since 1933 by declaration of every single CEO of the United States Federal Corporation since then, permitting those CEOs the luxury of unbridled powers outside normal constitutional limiations (Senate Report 93-549).

8. SELF-ACTUALIZING REMEDY. Notwithstanding, the military is NOT necessary for your remedy. You do not need yet another champion you cannot control. Do NOT shift your hopes and desires to yet again another Caesar. The power rests with YOU, with all of the collective members of the sovereign People who make a simple collective decision to preserve their divine energy from corporate trespass by assembling within the very eloquent and elegant unanimous Declaration of the sovereign People of 2010. The very act of regulating the Guardians of the Free Republics in all fifty republics and re-inhabiting the de jure grand juries comprises the remedy. Not just in theory. The one tactical element understood better than all others by the corporate bureaucrats is fear. They have used it recklessly to subjugate the People on behalf of the banking cartels. When confronted with men and women who occupy the authentic lawful institutions of government IN FACT, their conscious fear of liability, in and of itself, is like the artillery reigning down on the Iraqi Republican Guard. These are, after all, attorneys-at-law, men schooled in legal process, the fabric of which is woven from limited liability. The liability of those who would impede lawful governance is no less than insurrection and treason – across the land. The story of Regan Dwayne which I shared with you on Sunday’s broadcast is one of many such examples.

So in essence, YOU are the remedy. And the long patriot tradition of seeking remedy in the promises and glorious speeches of others, in the handouts from bureaucrats, in the demonic corporate statutes, in the discretion of corporate actors who would just as soon grind you to dust than face the Law, can come to an end. The remedy is in the choices YOU make over the next few weeks. Isn’t it time to retrieve our dignity?

The Guardian Elders are but four men who have made a decision to facilitate the end of economic warfare against the sovereign People by bringing you a wake up call. What else could we do as our brothers and sisters continue to suffer such hardship at the hands of a corporation posing as a legitimate government. Our name signifies nothing other than our willingness to bear the brunt of the task, but we do not hold ourselves out as prophets or promisors of dreams, glory or wealth beyond imagination. We do not wish to be glorified or idolized or distract you from the realization that the remedy lies within you. It is up to YOU to come together and reclaim your birth right in the presence of the Lord.

9. LINKS TO BROADCAST. Here are some links to download both hours of a recording of tonight’s broadcast provided by a listener. As time is of the essence, I hope you will give it a listen as soon as possible:

Hour 1:

Hour 2:

We will continue our discussion of The Restore America Plan next Sunday night on TAKE NO PRISONERS at 8 PM Eastern time, 7 PM Central time, 6 PM Mountain time and 5 PM Pacific time. You can listen on the Internet at:

As you may know, the massive audience Sunday night brought the network down. I am assured that is being remedied as we speak. Please note that the call-in phone number listed at the Republic Broadcasting Network website is NOT NOT NOT for listening to the program, but for callers to ask questions and participate. The best way to listen is on the internet either at the RBN website or through Shoutcast. The Shoutcast app on iPhones and Blackberry’s is another way to listen live. Just search for Republic Broadcasting Network through the app.

On behalf of the Guardian Elders, we thank you for reading, and ask if you would kindly circulate this email far and wide if you are of a mind.

God bless,

Sam Kennedy