Report on Irene Maus Gravenhorst fraud and theft Capilano

Report on Irene Maus Gravenhorst fraud and theft Capilano

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Report on Irene Maus Gravenhorst, fraud and theft of the Capilano/Kiapilanoq name

Affidavit of Fabrizio Michael Nicholas Pilato

I, Fabrizio Michael Nicholas Pilato hereby affirm that all the following is the complete and entire truth based either upon first-hand knowledge, or upon first-hand experiences, and so, I say the following not only to protect myself, but to protect any other individuals involved with Irene Maus Gravenhorst:

That I was unknowingly, although indirectly, involved in an illegitimate attempt to what appeared to resemble the laundering of funds through a South African charity operation known as Prosperita Group Inc (PGI) and by one Belinda Einegmann, a woman introduced to us by Irene Gravenhorst in February 2009. Belinda had claimed she would be able to provide the government of the Sovereign Squamish Nation with necessary “banking services”, software, and diplomatic recognition.

That I have volunteered my time for approximately 1.5 years to Siyam Te Kiapilanoq aka Fred Gerald Johnston, who according to his genealogy (Schedule 1), is the hereditary leader of the Sovereign Squamish Nation. Kiapilanoq declared the sovereign status of his pursuant to International law, including but not limited to, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, whereby Siyam Te Kiapilanoq had proclaimed his people's right to self-government, just as with his people's ancestors. Validation of this is available from the B.C. Ministry of Environment. “The supreme sia'm of the (Squawmish) tribe was known by the title TE Kiapila'noq”. (Schedule 2)

I was introduced to Irene through an email in June of 2007. We spoke on several occasions and she explained her legal experience of 20 years and how her Trademark Copyright claims to the family name were the most powerful tools to protect one’s self in all types of commerce. We then met in person and I began to take an interest in her work. I received a speeding ticket and wished to dispute it, under Irene's direction and templates of “legal framework” that she had developed, I sent a notice to the RCMP regarding a violation of my rights, of my trademark copyright family name, which I never had at the time, but Irene assured me that it was ok to go ahead with and just submit a notice to the newspapers at a later date. After one response from the RCMP officer, which stated I should follow the procedures on the reverse side of the ticket, I was advised by Irene to “seek clarification” and “conditionally accept the offer upon proof of claim”. I never heard back for over a year, Irene said they will just throw out the case. Later at the time my license renewal was due I had to pay the fine.

Irene and I spoke more and became friends. She called me her “business manager”, although it now appears that she simply used me for my skills to develop her PowerPoint presentation, logos, cleaning up her computer and backing up data. I was working on logos for a company she created called “Universal Sovereign Bank Group” (Schedule 3) in November of 2007. I also offered support with respects to her website and domain name registrations.

Irene had set out to “monetize” her contracts through the Universal Sovereign Bank Group entity she had created. I did not understand this and it is still not clear to me, as my knowledge of such things is extremely limited, but she claimed she had created “user accounts” and placed commercial liens on various business entities for using her Trademark Copyright family name. Her figures were outrageous and I questioned them, Irene explained that, “There are no limits on the human spirit.” Regardless of the Earth's resources being finite and definitely limited.

That in August 2007, Irene had a meeting with John Ruiz Dempsey in Vancouver, which I attended, she handed off a commercial lien contract to him for the purpose of “monetizing it”. This location is where I also first met Kiapilanoq and a notary named Pat Holley several weeks prior. Irene told Kiapilanoq she could get him his land back, or his “alloidial.” Kiapilanoq was very interested and to me, seemed like someone with great respect and pride and was set on helping his original people. Although I was still confused with Irene's work, if someone like Kiapilanoq would go to her for help, it appeared she must be doing the right thing.

That in September 2007, I met with Kiapilanoq and Red Jacket regularly and assisted them in achieving their sovereignty, but mainly through helping Irene with graphics design and technical computer support.

That in October 2007, Irene planned a trip to Ottawa so she could take over the Bank of Canada. She stated something to the effect that “I have power of attorney over the Bank of Canada, I will just walk in and deposit my cheques and make my own account.” I laughed and explained she won't even get through the front door. When we arrived the security guards did not let us past the lobby. Irene had no appointment and no one wished to see her. Irene was furious and then went to various local RCMP detachments to attempt to press charges against the Bank of Canada, to launch an investigation against them and to demand their services. She explained that she “paid” them by sending them a Bill of Exchange and they had to help her evict the Bank of Canada. I did not understand what she was talking about and Red Jacket and Kiapilanoq seemed confused also. I went along to document it on video to see how far she could actually get. After this trip I took some time off to think if this was the right path to be taking.

That in March 2008, I was appointed by Kiapilanoq and Irene, to the position of “Communications and Technology Director” of the Universal Sovereign Squamish Bank Credit Group. I was now working closer with Kiapilanoq and Red Jacket. Irene offered the idea of a sovereign, tax free banking system as a way to launch their government. In this position, I did an extensive amount of research on international law, standards, treaties and the people's history to the purpose of maintaining complete legality of Kiapilanoq's position. I also used my skills as a computer technician and graphics designer to design several websites, corporate seals, stamps, logos and provide software support. At Irene's request and because she did not have a credit card, I acquired check printing software and blank cheque stationary for her. She used this software to produce her Bills of Exchange. I did this with the understanding she gave me that, said Bank was legally registered with the SSNG and fully recognized by the United Nations. My understanding was based upon legitimate looking documents she presented and her verbal confirmation. Otherwise, my involvement was only to the purpose of managing their government's communications hardware and computer systems, as the “IT Guy”.

That I was again appointed by Kiapilanoq and Irene, to the position “Communications and Technology Director” to a new entity Irene had created called the “USSBCG” (Universal Sovereign Squamish Bank Credit Group) where Irene also called me the “Vice President”. I was involved only in a supportive capacity in graphics design and research. Irene provided all the legal text and I created what she called “beautiful work” from what I had been handed.

That by the beginning of January 2009 my involvement became limited and I was officially terminated in writing by “DIRECTOR'S RESOLUTIONS” in April of 2009. I told Irene I would be stepping down from USSBC because I did not have an economics background and I strongly believed that only the true hereditary leaders should hold a position within their monetary system. Further, Irene had created a document entitled “NOTICE OF SPECIAL MEETING DIRECTORS' RESOLUTIONS” (Schedule 4), wherein the above named individuals, including myself, were “terminated”. Only Kiapilanoq, Irene and Red Jacket remained and the financial entity was renamed to SSCG, “Sovereign Squamish Credit Group”. Later Irene claimed she had made a phone call to Nick Burbidge, Senior Director, Compliance Division, Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions Canada and where Irene reported to us that Mr. Burbidge told her to the effect that, “if you remove the word “Bank” from your financial institutions name, we wont have any problems and you can go ahead”, and that “Canada owns the trademark on the word “bank” so, that is why you are having problems with your cheques, change the name and then they will all clear”. I later researched this further and found no trademarks on the word “bank”.

That I continued work with the SSNG offering research and technology services, I purchased and setup a telephone voicemail system, designed one website, many logos, forms, wrote content for the website and printed official documents for Irene. Irene had promised “future compensation” once her documents were monetized. I said that “I did not care about that, do not worry about it, when things happen they will happen and I can receive a normal salary like everyone else”. I was not in this for any type of monetary gain, my interest was with Kiapilanoq and helping him return the land to his original people, as he claimed.

That on April 17, 2009 Kiapilanoq, Red Jacket, Irene and I attended a meeting with Lighthouse Realty. Present on behalf of Lighthouse Realty were Ross McDonald (Manager of Lighthouse), Sue Marples and Chad Wozniak (Agents). We discussed two properties that Irene had an interest in purchasing. The first property was a mansion with a helicopter landing pad and infinity pool for herself and Kiapilanoq. The wood beam mansion was justified to accommodate delegates from other nations. The second property was a 40 room mansion that would be used for “education and training” with full facilities conferencing, video and tv production facilities. Ross McDonald reviewed the documentation and the “Bills of Exchange” that Irene and Kiapilanoq presented as payment for the two properties. Ross explained that his experience is in taxes and he had some understanding of Bills of Exchange, how they worked, and that he knew of someone that eliminated debt with a Bill of Exchange. He stated that these were legitimate documents and felt comfortable enough to deposit them in the TD Canada Trust account for clearance. He said that the worst that could happen is that they simply do not accept them, so he would try and Irene would have to wait 60 days. This gave Irene great hope and she actually felt that Kiapilanoq's true original people could get taken care of once these first funds cleared.

That in May 2009, I allowed Irene and Kiapilanoq to stay in my home after they were evicted from theirs in Hatzic, B.C. by a woman named Anne, who Kiapilanoq said, was stealing his documents. During this time, I began to learn more about Irene and Kiapilanoq's relationship, their character and for what they stood. Irene stated on several occasions that she and Kiapilanoq were not seriously involved. On another occasion, after a telephone call, Irene seemed sad and when I asked her what the matter was she said, “My daughter thinks I am crazy.”

That I ran into financial difficulty and had to draw from my line of credit at RBC to purchase a replacement car and pay for rent and other expenses. I was in a tight spot and based on her telling me her documents were valid, I asked Irene if she could give me a loan and Bill of Exchange, similar to those that Lighthouse Realty accepted so that I could take care of some bills and help my business which had been suffering since the economic crisis. She agreed and I filled out a loan application for $180,000. I received four bills of exchange for $45,000 and went to deposit them into separate accounts since I was informed that different banks would handle them and clear them differently and take longer in order to get access to funds as soon as possible. I sent one BOE to Scotia Bank, one to TD Bank and the other to an online investment company where I would try to invest the money in order to repay the loan. It had not yet been 60 days for the original deposit Irene had made to Lighthouse Realty and no refusal was received. Soon after my deposit, TD informed me within 5 business days that they could not handle this type of deposit as the routing information did not work and advised me that they will return it in the mail. I was confused as to why then Irene never received an update from the Lighthouse Realty deposits. Scotia Bank sent me a letter and claimed the deposit as being “fraud” and closed my account, they said they would issue me a draft with the remainder of my funds. They also blacklisted any debit or credit card with my name from any machine within their ATM network. The fourth check was never deposited since I received this negative information from the other banks and I did not feel comfortable using them until they were 100% acceptable.

That we were all told by Irene that these BOEs were not clearing because the lawyers she had been in contact with on the conveyance of properties said “we need a website” before they can clear them. Miriam who came to visit Kapilanoq and was told about the need for a website offered to help. She was then appointed to Director of Public Relations to facilitate other Tribes and Nations to begin making the connections between them. Near the end of May, with the small team of Miriam, Luke, Janna, Mackenzie and I we began to work night and day on the website content with most of the work being done by Miriam and I.

That we received amazing news from Belinda Einegmann in one of her telephone calls, the San people were going to recognize the SSNG and we were to meet with the President of South Africa, as well as the “economical advisor” to the Namibian Government. The Khoisan were going to take us on a “journey to some of our national heritage sites and secret caves”, they were also to share with us some of their “ancient secrets, medicine and field skills.” This made it even more exciting, and Mackenzie who originally did not feel comfortable going on the trip, changed his mind. I thought it would be an amazing opportunity for me to learn field skills, as I am very interested in rescue and survival, and to photograph the entire event. We made a deal that we would stay longer if we could and take a safari adventure. Belinda said she would pay for everything, even our flights, and we were going to leave immediately, as Irene and her were going to do some “banking business” to arrange for the SSCG bank to be recognized officially and to create an account with the South African government's central bank. The arrangement between the two governments, the Sovereign Squamish Nation Government and the South African Government was going to be made official and announced to the Canadian High Commissioner. We were told by Belinda in another call that a bank account for the SSNG would be created at the Central Bank of South Africa and they would accept Irene's Universal Trading Private Credit (UTPC) currency.

After several days we got new information from Belinda that it was not the President of South Africa, but an ambassador who had a seat at the South African government. The story was slowly changing and we began to get suspicious, but still had confidence.

On May 28, 2009 we got the call with new information. Belinda said she spent 2 days with Winston Gibson Esberd doing other business, she happened to have 3 packages of information about the Sovereign Squamish Nation Government, she told him a friend of hers was having a problem getting her nation recognized. In recorded communication, Belinda said the following: “Winston would be inaugurated as the Ambassador to take over international trade and coordination and that he is the new ambassador to the San people. That the San people, are actually recognized by South Africa. South Africa has recognized the San people, their language is the 13th official black language in South Africa, they have their own land, they have self sovereignty but they do use the South African banking system, which they say look, it is fine, we get our things done. Can you get me into this little circle of yours? He said no problem.” She continued to say that the San people are “are internationally recognized and are going to help you get all of that, and trade relations and diplomatic relationships and Winston is going to help you get that together.”

We did not know what happened to the other information that was told previously, but again Irene was jumping for joy and was yelling, “I love you Belinda” across the room.

We first received the invitation digitally and it was addressed from the “National Khoisan First Indigenous Royal House South Africa” (Schedule 6).

That on June 4, 2009 Red Jacket, Kiapilanoq, Irene, Miriam and I had a huge argument about Irene's name being written at the top of the first draft for the letter of recognition from the Khoisan. Irene said “I have taken the Capilano name” as her defense to being at the top of the list. I explained that this recognition letter should be addressed to the Sovereign Squamish Nation, not an individual and certainly not someone that is not of original Squamish descent. Red Jacket snapped during one moment, he said something to the effect that “You better fuckin’ watch it, they will come and shoot you down.” regarding Irene using using the Capilano name.

That on June 5, 2009, project plans were made specifically at Irene and Belinda's request in order to fund the various functions of the SSNG. I was aware that certain BOEs were created and I was not told they were going to be cashed. I was told the South African government would possibly accept them for future deposit.

That on June 6, 2009 Mackenzie, Miriam and I had lunch in town as we waited for the official government stamp. Later Miriam and myself witnessed Kiapilanoq signing documents and was getting tired, after which Irene came out of the bedroom sometime later with papers and an envelope, she was worried about how she would transport them over the border. I reminded Irene that international law clearly states that mail cannot be opened without a court order. She sealed them in the envelopes and proudly said that no one could open them because they were protected under International Postal laws. Mackenzie and Luke saw the enclosed sealed envelopes and I explained to them what they were. The official government stamp was used to cancel the postage on the envelopes, then date stamp it and sealed the opening with a Sovereign Squamish Nation flag label.

We were to meet at a ceremony on June 10 with the Khoisan people in South Africa, 2009 so we had to rush and get tickets. Belinda said she could not wire the funds in time so someone on our end would have to pay for it. The official invite came from the head Chief, Stanley Peterson, it also had a list of other Kings and Chiefs we were to meet. Miriam, wanting to meet the Khoisan, said she would be more than happy to put up the funds until we arrive which came from her mothers inheritance. She purchased 6 air tickets for the invitees at $15,009.60 and Irene and Kiapilanoq assured her that every penny will be returned to her once we arrive in South Africa.

We kept in contact with Belinda using Skype to find out more details on the event and how everything would be conducted. We asked questions about the repayment to Miriam, and she mentioned things about debit cards and deposits from the SSNG into her account, which would then be given to Irene to access funds. This raised some concerns and Miriam and I began to question things. Belinda mentioned that it had to be done this way or it could look like “money laundering”. This raised even more concerns and I assured Miriam that Irene would not be involved in something like this and that we were told the bank account was between the two governments and everything would be perfectly ok. Miriam said “you better be sure about this, I want you to do some research and find everything out that you can”. I agreed and printed out as much documentation as I could find on South African Money Laundering, their Banking Laws and other related material for debriefing on the plane.

That in the last days before departing to South Africa I was asked to work on project plans for the future development of the Squamish people (Schedule 5). Each project plan created was handed to Irene and Kiapilanoq for review and amendment based on business plans and proposals that were submitted to their Bank. On one occasion when handed a project plan Irene said to me, “I don’t need to read it”, I felt uncomfortable with this comment and then replied to the effect that, “All projects must be approved and read and I would not assume anything otherwise.”

Irene did not have a Canadian Passport, as did Mackenzie, whose was expired. They used a Document of Identity in Lieu of Passport on behalf of the SSNG (Schedule 7, Schedule 8), Irene and Kiapilanoq read it, approved it, signed it then had it notarized.

That on June 7, 2009, at the Vancouver airport Irene separated from the rest of the group and approached the Lufthansa desk for check in. After much discussion the airport manager of Lufthanasa at YVR said the documentation was perfectly fine for travel within Canada, however not for international travel. I then reported to Lufthansa that they were in violation of International Treaty law, including but not limited to, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. He responded by saying these laws are “Internationally recognized, but not practiced”. Lufthanasa concluded by denying travel based on the lack of an original invitation. The printed copy was only available at that time Irene and Mackenzie were unable part with us. They were instructed by Lufthansa to get official documentation sent to the South African Consulate in Ottawa from the office of the South African Government in South Africa, then to fax it to them directly. Then they would be sure this identification would be accepted upon arrival of the final destination.

That I contacted Belinda on Skype from the airport, she said “I will DHL the original documentation the next day”, this was to ensure that Irene and Mackenzie could arrive one day later than the others who had departed with Canadian Passports.

That on the aircraft from YVR to FRA, I read “Money Laundering in South Africa”, Louis De Koker; Centre for the Study of Economic Crime; RAU University, Johannesburg, South Africa. 1 September 2002. And also the 14th East African Central Banking Course 1st to 19th July 2002, Summary of the presentation on Money Laundering and Counter Measures (The East African Experience) Delivered by: Mr. H. Kessy Deputy Director Banks Supervision Bank of Tanzania.

That I came across information in the “Money laundering in South Africa by Louis de Koker” document that defined term money laundering as: the process of changing the identity of illegally obtained money so that it appears to have originated from legitimate sources. The process of changing the identity of illegal money to legitimate legal currency is intended to conceal the true ownership and origin of the money, to control the money and to change the form of that money.

That this did not sound exactly like what Belinda had discussed. I did not believe the money was obtained illegally due to Kiapilanoq being of the original family with first claim to the land. The only possible way it did sound similar to me was that a loan was issued to Belinda from Irene, once cleared in Belinda's account it would to be sent back to Irene through debit/credit cards as she described in an earlier telephone conversation. I was concerned and showed these findings to Miriam, we agreed that we should notify Irene that perhaps Belinda may be making a mistake and to be cautious about how to handle any deposits through the South African Central Bank. I also read in the paper, section 69 of the FICA “allows persons not to report a transaction directly to the FIC but to comply with the internal rules of their business that may allow them to report the section 29-transactions internally to a person or unit who will consider the information and will lodge a report with the FIC if it is warranted.” I did not have section 29 available, but I knew we must report this to the President of SSCG, Irene regardless.

That when we arrived in Frankfurt, Germany, Miriam and I went out to discuss the situation, then made the call back to Irene on June 9, 2009 at 2:55PM CET from a telephone/internet cafe at the number +49 692566915 (Schedule 9). We explained the situation to Irene, that I was asked by Miriam to research everything about the little we did know and that we found information that may be of concern to her regarding Belinda's process in handling the funds.

That I warned Irene that the process could be considered money laundering according to the laws of South Africa and she could face life imprisonment.

That I suggested to Irene to make certain that any financial instruments to be used for the projects must be made payable to the Sovereign Squamish Nation Government and not any individuals who manage the projects.

That any deposits from the Sovereign Squamish Nation Government and accepted by the South African Government must be in its own name, its own account, managed accordingly. Not through Belinda's company and then returned to Irene in their own private names. After reporting this information to her Irene exploded. She began to yell and claim that she was “insulted” that we would even accuse her of something like this.

That I explained to Irene we were not accusing her of anything, we simply wanted to bring information to her attention so she could take the proper precautions when dealing with Belinda. She said she new Belinda and “Belinda wouldn't do that.” Miriam and I were very confused to her reaction, we thought she would have been grateful for bringing this to her attention. Instead she said “How dare you accuse me of laundering money.” I asked her how well she knew Belinda, and she said “very well”. I knew she had never met Belinda face to face, but she did not care to discuss it any further. I hung up very confused.

That on June 9, 2009 at 8:30AM SAST we arrived in Johannesburg. Belinda was to pick us up from the airport but did not arrive. We waited 3 hours then made our way to the Raddison Blu hotel in Capetown. When we arrived we were told all reservations were cancelled with the exception of Irene's. We had no understanding as to why. Miriam checked us in to the hotel. Ronnie West and Maryanne Perry withheld their financial support from Miriam and allowed her to pay for everything aside from a few snacks and a small amount of fuel at gas station stops regardless of them having several hundreds in travellers cheques and credit cards. I told Miriam I did not have any money but could use my emergency Credit Card if we needed and pay it off later on. Ronnie said that he will “make sure Kapilanoq pays her back” and would reimburse Miriam when we returned to Canada. When we returned Ronnie cracked jokes to Miriam's face over dinner stating something to the effect of “If you travel, take Miriam with you, she will pay for everything.” I felt very dishonored that a hereditary leader could treat someone this way, especially someone who took care of him in a foreign country under the circumstances we were under. Miriam went on to pay for all hotels, food and travel costs in excess of $23,000 and virtually zeroing out her bank accounts.

Ronnie, Maryanne, Kiapilanoq and Irene have made no attempt to pay Miriam back for anything.

I logged on to Skype in the hotel room and made a call to Belinda. We connected and asked her where she was and if she everything was ok, she said “I am sitting in jail for something I never did” and “I cant talk right now, I will contact you later.”

That I began to phone all contacts we knew that were connected to Belinda or the invitation. We first tried calling Kiapilanoq, he picked up on our first attempt at around 3AM PST his time, then hung up after he heard it was us and did not answer the phone again. We kept ringing him many times and later on the next day when we connected, he explained that he had left the house.

That I then checked my email and found a message from Irene (Schedule 10) stating that we had “manifested” Belinda being imprisoned, stopped Irene from entering South Africa, and “dishonored” Red Jacket, all while traveling in the airplane to South Africa. The time Irene sent this email was at 5:27AM PST (2:27PM CET). This is exactly 28 minutes prior to the telephone call logs in EST to the call we made to Irene from Frankfurt Germany warning her about money laundering (Schedule 9). During this call Irene did not mention a word to us about Belinda being in jail, nor did she tell Miriam that she will not be able to travel to South Africa since Belinda would not be sending the original papers to the South African Consulate in Ottawa. By telling Miriam that her chances of coming were non-existant, she could have saved Miriam over $4,000 in air tickets if Miriam was only been given the opportunity to phone Lufthansa to cancel them. At that point, we would have taken the next flight out of Frankfurt to return home if we informed that Belinda was in prison. Yet Irene withheld all of this information from us.

That as events developed, Miriam and I tried to make sense of them. Trying to understand why Irene would send us this email terminating us for trying to help her and later finding out she knew Belinda was in jail before we even called to warn her and then not revealing this vital information to us on the telephone. It seems that Irene had no intention of paying back Miriam and drew up a falsehood in order to divert attention from reimbursement. It was not until later that Red Jacket told us Irene terminated us because we had “doctored her checks.” According to the record of Red Jacket, Miriam had cheques in the sum of $47 million in her name, yet Irene and Kiapilanoq handled all the monetary instruments, signed and sealed them in the envelopes a day prior to us even leaving Canada.

That Miriam contacted the Canadian Consulate on our behalf to warn them of our situation.

That on June 10, 2009 we met with Winston Gibson Esberd, a man claiming to consult for the Namibian government with the Department of Trade and Industry and the Development Bank of Namibia, his attorney Leon S. Francis of the Law Society of Northern Provinces, and Mina Moona Brandt, the “coordinator” for the Kings of the Khoisan people. We asked permission to record the conversation since we were unsure of South Africa's privacy laws, they agreed and then we asked what happened to Belinda. We were told that Belinda was introduced to Winston through another South African gentleman named Danei Bezuidenhout, Deputy Sandton-Sheriff. Winston explained that Belinda and Danei wanted to have access to some banking institutions to do some investment programs in Namibia. He introduced them to the Development Bank of Namibia and was later introduced to Irene through Belinda.

That on June 11, 2009 I received an email from the homeowners that “Irene & Capilano just took off tonight with all their stuff. This is not normal. We had no warning until this morning.”

After many confusing days in South Africa with the help of the Canadian Consulate we determined that the invitation from the Khoisan people may be legitimate. The consulate contacted the Khoisan on our behalf and they then traveled at great expense to themselves by pooling the last of their money for the journey and then arrived at our hotel to speak with us. The following days we were taken to many Leaders of the Khoisan people.

That the work I did for the Sovereign Squamish Nation Government, the Universal Sovereign Squamish Bank Credit Group, or the Sovereign Squamish Credit Group, was under Irene or Kiapilanoq's direction, authorization and request. That I believed I was operating within the framework of International law, including but not limited to, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples for an organization that Irene claimed on repeat instantances was accepted by the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and Special Rapporteur Louis Arbour. Later I discovered that Irene believes the United Nations accepted the SSNG simply by not responding to her paper work. She even stated to Anthony J. Pasquariello, Mohawk Attorney ( that they were “confirmed and accepted” by the United Nations (Schedule 11 and Schedule 12) on February 12, 2008.

That I do not know if Irene was participating in any type of illegal activity, however, her reaction to me as being “insulted” by my warning to her made it clear that she had a hidden agenda.

That Irene withheld the fact that she knew Belinda was in prison for bank fraud when I telephoned her from Frankfurt. That she ignored my warning to her about the potential implications of these methods I believed were similar to money laundering. That she lied about meeting the President of South Africa. That she lied that we were going to Namibia. That she lied that she was going to be meeting with bankers from the South African Central Bank. That she lied that she was going to remiburse Miriam for all travel costs.

That Irene uses the Bills of Exchange Act and Trademark and Copyright laws created by other government entities yet claims to be a sovereign individual.

That the Trademark Act states in section 9 (1) No person shall adopt in connection with a business, as a trade-mark or otherwise, any mark consisting of, or so nearly resembling as to be likely to be mistaken for, (k) any matter that may falsely suggest a connection with any living individual. Which is another contridiction to Irene's claims.

I hereby affirm that all of the foregoing is true and correct. I also hereby affirm that I am competent to make this Affidavit. I hereby affix my own autograph confirming all my affirmations made throughout this entire document with explicit reservation of all my unalienable rights and my specific right not to be bound by any “contract” or “obligation” which I have not entered into knowingly, voluntarily, intentionally and without misrepresentation, duress, or coercion.

Sworn before me in Encino, California in the County of Los Angeles on this 13th day of July, 2009.


Fabrizio Michael Nicholas Pilato


Notary Public

NOTICE: This affidavit and schedules may contain copyrighted or trademarked material, the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright and trademark owner. I am making such material available in my effort to educate those involved with Irene Maus Gravenhorst. I believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted or trademarked material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit for research and educational purposes. Names of certain invidivuals in this document has been blacked out for their privacy and protection.

Affidavit of Fabrizio Michael Nicholas Pilato
Report on Irene Maus Gravenhorst, fraud and theft of the Capilano/Kiapilanoq name

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Re: Report on Irene Maus Gravenhorst fraud and theft Capilano

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Re: Report on Irene Maus Gravenhorst fraud and theft Capilano

Postby markie b » Sun Jul 26, 2009 10:21 am

well you been screwed my son harder then a hooker in happy hour.
seriously research anything that looks like a scam before you enter into anything fishy that involves money on either side.
its like this entire freeman on the land stuff research every last little bit you can before jumping in because doing it blindly can land you in jail through lack of information and lack of defense when you represent yourself.

ive heard of stories like these which sound fishy yours sounds in great detail others have just asked how the person manages to live without working and the answer is usually hand outs from other people which makes me wonder how exactly have they taken any responsability for themselves if they are relying on other people to pay their way for them :puzz:

i feel sorry for you guys the woman especially as she has lost so much money and maybe belinda for more then likely being sucked into a money scam.this hole accepted for value and birth certificate thing smells like 2 week old rotting fish and i personally dont want to shove my face in that big bag of stink.
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