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RESTLESSNES just a thought

PostPosted: Fri Mar 20, 2009 9:10 pm
by jobsaboba
perhaps it is the restlessnes, that makes us seek more understanding.
perhaps our hearts cannot feel how we wish them to feel,
perhaps we want to love.... just love... really just love....
but we wouldnt fit in.
perhaps what i believe ..this time is really true.
but i doubt it,
one day far away i will be right,
and the doubts will be no more, im not sure though.
and so im here, asking why ?
they do these things.
with no thought for others, no care for them, AT ALL.
i wonder if they have doubts like mine ?
if you dont believe what i believe is that racist ?
i dont understand how you can think that !
whos fault ?
who gives a SHIT ?
I COULD of helped
but now i feel bad.
ile do better next time,
depending on how much it bothered me.........
im doing my best.......
wake up.

so is everyone !