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During the NAZI era in Germany the secret police – GESTAPO – GEHEIMESTADTSPOLIZEI, pursued a practice which was called NACHT UND NEBEL. The literal translation of this is NIGHT AND CLOUD, although it was informally known by its creators as NIGHT AND FOG.
The GESTAPO arrested people they thought dangerous and, rather than simply execute or imprison them, they made them disappear into night and fog and their family and friends would never know what their fate was. Are they alive and being tortured? Are they Dead? Will they ever come home? Will we ever find them again? They lived in constant hope and fear, never knowing, never able to come to terms with their loss. It was a consciously wicked act of unremitting terror.

This was a well thought out, implacably executed conscious act of terror against those who remained and those others who might consider resisting. If you know what your fate might be if you resist then you can come to terms with it, even take courage and determination from it, and learn to live with it. If your fate is unknown then your own mind will create a terror greater than any the GESTAPO could inflict. You populate your thoughts with what is most frightening to you, that which is most fearful in your mind – and only you know your worst fears. Similarly, those left behind would do the same and their unrelenting mental anguish was assured.

If the German people had a name for this practice it is unknown to me.

A similar practice was carried out in Argentine, Chile and several other unhappy lands and, as my recent research has revealed, is this very day ongoing in Mexico. The victims of this practice in south America are known to the people as LOS DESAPARIDOS – THE DISAPPEARED ONES. They were activists, resisters, protesters, arrested by military police and disappeared into NOCHE Y NUBE, the Castilian version of NACHT UND NEBEL. The practice there is indistinguishable from the German one. It is done to the same people for the same reasons and has the exactly same terrifying and traumatising effects on the south American peoples as it had on the German. Forty years after the fall of the Argentine junta the mothers of los desaparidos parade the streets, display placards with the photos of their disappeared loved ones and pleading for news of their fate. Their fate remains unknown to this day although several of the torture houses and graves of unidentified victims have been discovered and the perpetrators are known.

NACHT UND NEBEL is alive and well and has made its debut appearance in Britain. Welcome to your very own NIGHT AND FOG, Tommy Robinson.

ps. did you know that while Mexico condemns Trump's border wall Mexico has long ago built its own anti-migrant border fence between itself and Guatamala to keep out illegal Guatamalan migrants, has an active Guatamalan migrant-hunting programme and regularly deports thousands of them.

Has extreme rendition and Guantanamo Bay been a nacht und nebel programme? I think it started as one but then became pulicly known, officials suddenly felt accountable to a degree so it was watered down.
It's still fucked, isn't it?
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