Paying The Bill

Paying The Bill

Postby musashi » Fri Dec 01, 2017 12:41 am

In Gordon Craig's book, Germany; 1866 – 1945, somewhere round about page 785 as I recall, he talks about a German high political meeting in 1936 with the representatives of several European powers. The Italian and French present expressed themselves particularly interested in Germany's idea of a total blockade of Britain on all territorial frontiers. In six weeks Britain would be on its knees suing for peace. This idea came to fruition in the U-boat War when the Nazis controlled the frontier from Norway to Spain and launched the U-boat Wolf Packs and the Atlantic War - the Atlantic being the last open territorial frontier - which Churchill described as more important than The Battle of Britain. He was right, of course, and this is the reason for rationing and the explosion of veg allotments all over Britain in 1940.

Today, thanks to our signature on the LIMA AGREEMENT 1975, the Common Agricultural Policy and one or two other vital matters, we produce very little for ourselves and import almost 85% - eighty five percent – of everything we need to survive both as individuals and as a nation. We have two food importing ports left open, both owned by China, and they both trade almost exclusively with the EU.

When you look into The Port Authorities you find much the same as the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England – little to do with authority and much to do with Private, Corporate, and up to no damn good as usual. The Peel Group is a major distributor and comes up as a significant AGENDA 21 player and are contracted to build the 38,000 apartment pack 'em and stack 'em fifty story high towers in Liverpool and Wirral Waters as noted before. It's also a close associate of SERCO (distribution), and Archer Daniels Midland (food distribution) not to mention the others of the usual suspects. Between them they pretty much control our national food supply as well as other resources and materials. Distribution is king - ask the film industry.

We have no great merchant fleet left, have we? All the western ports are closed and converted; the London Port is gone and we no longer trade with the world; warehouses and bonding houses are now studio flats or people's museums; the cranes and lorries and longshore men are all gone as well. We have nothing left. We are just about helpless. Chinese owned ports; ADM, (the with Duke of Edinburgh as a heavy investor) Peel Group; SERCO and the EU elite's demand for a multi billion pound payment before a “Trade Deal” with the EU can be had. Perhaps the unspoken threat is to stop sending the ships if we leave without paying the bill demand. Maybe that's what “The Trade Deal” really means. We have the EU as the blockade. There are no U-boats this time around, but we have no ships and no ports to serve them anyway.
So we will, I think, pay the bill.
It's still fucked, isn't it?
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