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War with the West is not in the Russians' best interests. War with Russia is the West's distraction from problems at home - Islamic Invasion. They don't have to go to war with the West to conquer it. The West has already imported their own destruction with the hundreds of thousands of fit young men of fighting age who are already spread round Europe and showing their contempt of Europe and its laws and its people and all the while we pay their wages to be here. They are now rampaging through the streets of Europe unchecked. So much so that a German minister has today been moved to say that they lost control of their borders last year and now they've lost control of their streets and squares. What did he expect? Islam is a war document, nothing less.
Russia need only sit back and wait for the smashing of Europe under imported Islamic fighters, just as Syria has been smashed, then cruise in and pick up the pieces. The no-go areas, 741 of them in France and 54 in Sweden, means 741 different little wars in France and 54 in Sweden – fighting street to street, building to building, room to room - just like in Syria. Why do you think the German government told the people to store ten days worth of food and water, to be ready to assist the army and prepare to defend their buildings? I think British people would do well to find what arms they can and make ready.
No state can fight 741 Aleppo type wars all over their country and still put a large enough army together to face a unified, organised, well armed, well trained and well supplied external invader when their own country's infrastructure and national cohesion has been broken. If Europe turns into a Syria then Turkey, just Turkey on its own, would be able to conquer Europe with relative ease. That Europe is going to be another Syria appears more and more certain with each passing day.
ISLAM DECLARED WAR ON THE WORLD ON SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 AT 8.45 AM IN THE STREETS OF NEW YORK smack bang on the anniversary of their last great defeat at the Gates of Vienna on September 11, 1653, at the hands of Jan Sobieski and his Hungarians. This latest, soft, invasion may well succeed where the Turks failed. Once again, though, it seems to be the Easterners in Europe who have the right attitude to Islam. But then, south eastern Europe has had centuries of Islamic invasion, rape and slave-taking on their doorsteps and could well be said to have a greater understanding of the problem than we in the west who have had no such tragic history. Also, eastern Europe is not labouring under Political Correctness – thank goodness.
I am pleased to report that my Russian Language studies are progressing well.
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