The Fabian Society

The Fabian Society

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The Fabian Society is named after the Roman general, Quintus Fabius Maximus. The tactics of Fabius derive from his strategic review of both sides:
He knows the size of Hannibal's forces, his food resources, he has no naval power, the geography, he is far from home, is unable to resupply or reinforce, his army is composed of many peoples, many languages, many motives and are, in the main, mercenaries. Hannibal's only strength is in his ability to do battle, and Fabius concludes correctly that Hannibal can't win. He has no need to engage in large battles with Hannibal.
This created the Fabian Strategy: do not engage the enemy face to face in battle. Harass them.
When Hannibal sent out foraging parties the Romans killed them. If anyone gave aid they were slaughtered and the town burned down. All attempts by small groups sent to find water, food, shelter and so on were met with superior forces and annihilated. Any attempt by Hannibal to force battle were avoided. Hannibal's forces were soon exhausted, hungry, constantly being hunted and never able to resupply or reinforce. By denying battle to Hannibal he denied him the fight that he wanted to fight and the only way he could defeat Rome. All strategy, of course, depends on political will.
In the sufferings of those people who have tried to set some things right in Britain today we can see the Fabian Strategy at work. Our truthful views are not permitted to be heard and they discredit us in the media; we report paedophiles and we are sectioned; we apply law and are condemned for it; we can never draw them into fair battle where they know they will lose if the truth were told but they will harass us with cops and bailiffs and TV agents and litter police and we find ourselves subject to sudden social service interest, police stops, tax demands, council demands and so on.
Like Hannibal you may fight only small, meaningless skirmishes which drain you and such a war of attrition destroys you.
The only thing that saved Hannibal's army was the change in political will in Rome. They removed Fabius and his successful strategy and reverted to type. They took the legions and went to battle, fighting the war in the old head-to-head way. The result was to lead to the six hour battle of Cannae and the slaughter of 70,000 legionaires.
You may be certain that the Fabian Society of today has not abandoned the strategy.
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