email sent to hm treasury about life burth bond

Re: email sent to hm treasury about life burth bond

Postby winston-smith » Sat Dec 12, 2009 12:37 pm

The question asking what secruities are based on was a great idea and in the pdf he paul morran completely refuses to answer the question choosing instead i think to purposely misunderstand your question. Then in response to your re-asking the question he completely side steps it. unless that he's saying they're based on faith?

i'm not sure that i believe these bonds don't have security. they have to be based on something unless they're planning to issue them indefinately.

i might get twenty loans out and negotiate paying them 1 pound a month each !
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Re: email sent to hm treasury about life burth bond

Postby Chewby » Sat Dec 26, 2009 8:26 am

Many have come to believe here in Canada that there is on one Bond/Stock/Trust that belongs to any one individual. Bonds and stocks are bought when low sold when high , traded for specific purposes. It is the fund of the country that is important. Here all revenue of CANADA is placed into the Consolidated Revenue Fund. There are Trust Accounts such as Family Maintenance for specific purposes. All actual revenues for CANADA are deposited into the CRF and all purchases comes out of the CRF. So I am 46 and I do not believe that any bond/stock that was purchased after the registration of my birth would still be in CANADAS' possession. It is the dividends that are paid into the CRF that are ours and we need to learn to access, I know you people are not in Canada but a Commonwealth is a Commonwealth. I have tried my second attempt at accessing these funds to pay necessity of life expences. Two days ago between my son and I we sent remittances and Accepted bills of over 15 000,00 dollars to the Receiver General for CANADA. We think it will be 3 - 4 weeks before we know. I will let you know.

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Re: email sent to hm treasury about life burth bond

Postby musashi » Mon Jan 11, 2010 11:55 pm

I tried sending a claim of right - birth bond, holder in due course etc - to Sir Nocholas McPherson at the treasury and I got a letter back from a Mr. Nick Dippie saying, and I quote
"Dear Mr.........,thank you for your recent correspondence to H M Treasury. However, the matter you referred to did not originate in this office. I am returning the documents to you with confirmation that HM Treasury will not be taking action on them. Please note that we will not be entering into any further correspondence on this issue and therefore ask that you do not send any further documentation to Hm Treasury."
A second "document" brought the exact same reply - word for word from the same guy.
A friend tried an AFV and recieved the exact same letter - word for word. We live four hundred miles apart - he's in Scotland.
It occurs that in the U.S. the birth details are sent to the Department of Commerce. They create the bond, so treasury may genuinely know nothuing of any given bond until the Redemption process is complete and a bond is lodged by the redeemed freeman based on the set-off account created by AFV-ing the birth certificate. All enquiries here, to the treasury, may be wrongly directed. Maybe it's the Department of Commerce we need to address. Or some other that might deal in such matters of Securities.
Anyone out there tried it?
It's still fucked, isn't it?
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Re: email sent to hm treasury about life burth bond

Postby jakbop » Thu Apr 29, 2010 10:32 pm

The bond is based on your N.I. number. In other words, it doesn't, and cannot depend on under age people.

It doesn't matter what they call it on the scrolls....I had that information..but not at hand now.

£ sterling is printed money. There are rules. The rules change. In general the currency in circulation is a measure of wealth in exchange. The amount of goods being produced and sold. That is what gives the Currency denomination (£, $) it's value.
Print more , and it deflates the value...overall it remains the same wealth.
Conversely, gold as a means of currency exchange has intrinsic value.

My word is my bond: I offer to repay you in tea what you give me in coffee; that's a contract, upon my word. But you don't TRUST me.

We're crossing the mountains....I jokingly promise to repay you 1,000 000 and 10 times the amount of gold next week for loan of a cup of tea now, cos I'm freezing. You're greedy and accept, after all it's just a cup of tea, you stand to lose. You're having a secret affair with the Mother of my Children, and she hates me because I'm a real Father and she owes me duties in law; that's because we have the same children, and birth have duties toward them, the same children, who cannot be divided. She wants to destroy me and rob me. She tells you I do have some gold coming from my Grandad, in his will next week. You whip out your iphone go to court and get my bond, according to the promissory voicenote, bonded to my coming wealth. The Judge makes it a rule, because he hates me too, because he wanted to marry my wife once upon a time, and got jilted because he had a shrill voice, and now thinks he's in with a chance of a good cut.

With usury and debt, people decided to invest in the currency itself; invest in the debt. Debt is Loans. A bank , by giving you a loan is buying a debt.

The government controlled money is based not on the wealth but on it's income through taxes.
If it wants more it can take out a loan based on what's going to come... and that is future earnings. The bond is Each person's birth certificate or whatever... it doesn't matter so long as you're in the system of average earnings...i.e. have an N.I. number.
So more money is printed upon the future wealth. The government says hey 'you never had things so good, as it spends to 'solve social problems'. All of it is wasted because the do-gooders work for a company that reaps profits, and the more money in circulation means inflation..things cost more, which itself produces social problems, in a transfer of wealth. All that happens is that more people become dependent upon the government, and own nothing themselves.

Who invests in the £ and dollar? International financial network because they know they get the money back from 'wealthy' countries - it's a transfer of wealth... which they spend to get more control over judges, whole streets of buildings, and manufacturing and land. More and more pours through them. So the controlled government and financial usurer's are creaming our wealth and ownership in tandem.

THe Birth BOND is the N.I.
It depends upon the N.I. number - the taxpayer. Get out of that and they can't trade on yours. Or use it to trade if you like, by taking control of your own bond. Because it is the base unit currency of value now, there is none better in the fiat currency world.

Get out, but who will accept your promissory note, your hand-scrawled i.o.u.
and, if you trade in £'s then you assent to paying tax, by statute law, I understand.
That is why the PTB oppose gold based currency, and things are getting rapidly worse. They can't own the currency and it has intrinsic value.
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