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Re: Crown Dependency v Secession

PostPosted: Tue Dec 15, 2009 11:19 pm
by huntingross
Thanks Farmer, Kenny.

Both ideas make sense.....the PO Box has appeal comes at a cost but takes 10 days to set up.....using my old address does make sense today where it didn't last night because (for example).....If I was the 23rd house down a particular road, that hasn't's just the parcel of land is now a STATE.

And the clue in "implied permission" is the clincher, for without knowing it kenny, I have a box on a post (not on my land).....the postie refused to come down the track in case he got stuck in the winter.

So I keep the same address and add STATE at the bottom and I'm in business.

If I use the "NEAR [post code]" get out of jail card, which means I can drop the District address.....the postie knows where to go....


Re: Crown Dependency v Secession

PostPosted: Wed Dec 16, 2009 12:31 pm
by Stonedwraith
I'm glad to see your moving ahead with this idea, personally it seems to me the best idea so far to remove ourselves from this insanity known as "Society". Unfortunately I do not own any land at the present so am unable to join you in your venture, but i wish you the best!

Both ideas seem sensible to me, I.E Grid reference- latitude and longitude, alternatively:

[Name of Mircostate], formerly: [Postcode] I prefer formerly to near as you're still giving the postcode but at the same time implying that is is no longer relevant. Just a thought.

Re: Crown Dependency v Secession

PostPosted: Wed Dec 16, 2009 1:12 pm
by addy5
I had read some time ago a few US states were considering or even sounding opinions on suceeding from the Federal government therefore returning back to their original state wide constitution. Looks like your considering a similar concept but I'm not sure where the laws applicable to this derive from or are you simply record it as a statement of truth and make no reference to any UN style document?

Re: Crown Dependency v Secession

PostPosted: Wed Dec 16, 2009 5:35 pm
by huntingross
Hi stonedwraith

Formerly is a nice touch, I shall use that exactly for the reason you suggest.

Also, it was this quote from Lincoln (page 1 of this thread that convinced me

Any portion of such people that can, may revolutionize, and make their own, of so much of the territory as they inhabit.

He specifically said "inhabit".....not "own"

And another point to consider is belonging to my state is free.......

Hi addy

I have heard that the Federal side has put extreme pressure on every state that has considered doing it......seemingly they are all heavily tied into Federal funding.

Re: Crown Dependency v Secession

PostPosted: Wed Dec 16, 2009 8:16 pm
by huntingross
The final version......goes tomorrow to Gordon and Alex....Prime Minister and First Minister respectively.

Long live the Sovereign State of Fidach

Redacted Prime Minister Declaration of Independence.jpg

Re: Crown Dependency v Secession

PostPosted: Wed Dec 16, 2009 10:12 pm
by Farmer
Thinking about this again, if you are a British citizen, does the crown not control every land that you inhabit. In the past, when a British subject visited new unknown land they represented the crown even as a private person and the British flag was raised. I think you will need to raise your own state flag. I also think you will need to mint your own silver or gold coin because you cannot be on the land unless there is value in the form of a coin which they cannot see. This is the same with the old original states in the US where there is no standing because their treasury has no money, so the new corporate state rules.

Re: Crown Dependency v Secession

PostPosted: Wed Dec 16, 2009 10:27 pm
by huntingross
I want to get a flag or something for the official state vehicle so the cops know its me ( they don't already)....and minting a coin sounds like fun.

I spoke to the printer and he'll knock me up a diplomatic passport....need to export my car.....busy christmas ahead.

Re: Crown Dependency v Secession

PostPosted: Fri Jan 29, 2010 10:18 am
by the_common_law_reverend_kenny
A good read. The Law of Nations.

§ 1. What is meant by a nation or state.

NATIONS or states are bodies politic, societies of men united together for the purpose of promoting their mutual safely and advantage by the joint efforts of their combined strength.

§ 2. It is a moral person.

Such a society has her affairs and her interests; she deliberates and takes resolutions in common; thus becoming a moral person, who possesses an understanding and a will peculiar to herself, and is susceptible of obligations and rights.

To establish on a solid foundation the obligations and rights of nations, is the design of this work.

§ 3. Definition of the law of nations.

The Law of Nations is the science which teaches the rights subsisting between nations or states, and the obligations correspondent to those rights. (1)



Re: Crown Dependency v Secession

PostPosted: Fri Jan 29, 2010 6:03 pm
by huntingross
Thanks Rev, a good read.

It occurred to me last night reading posts on the forum.....there isn't one thing that I have read since declaring independence that rightly involves anyone that has exercised their right to secede from that society that has become intolerable by its own hand.

I commend it to everyone.

Re: Crown Dependency v Secession

PostPosted: Sun Feb 07, 2010 11:14 pm
by huntingross
Itinerary between now and the end of February for car:

Order new plates - done 07.02.10
Order CD stickers for bumpers -
Sign and post V5C/4 to DVLA -
Diplomatic passport -

Photo to follow.