BBC Bullshit !!!There is NO ORGANISATION called "TV Licensin

BBC related crime in here.

BBC Bullshit !!!There is NO ORGANISATION called "TV Licensin

Postby pedawson » Fri May 17, 2013 2:48 pm

Reported from a Face Book buddy

Nath Taw
BBC Bullshit !!!
Note one of the Judges Comments below: This is a great heads up !!!

There is NO ORGANISATION called "TV Licensing". "TV Licensing" is a BBC trademark like "Dr Who" or "Mr Blobby". The TV Licensing Authority (there is a distinction), established by statute, is none other than the BBC itself. It allows outsourcing companies like Capita and various PR agencies to use its registered trademark "TV Licensing" and carry out its dirty work under that cover. The "visiting officers" are no more than commission-earning salesmen working, usually on a self-employed basis, for Capita Business Services. See the "TV Licensing" Website ... sing-AB15/
where, under "What is TV Licensing and the role of the BBC" you will find:
"‘TV Licensing’ is a trade mark of the BBC and is used under licence by companies contracted by the BBC to administer the collection of television licence fees and enforcement of the television licensing system. The majority of administration is contracted to Capita Business Services Ltd. (‘Capita’) ..."

If a "visiting officer" presents identification to a householder purporting that he is from "TV Licensing" then he is committing a fraud. "TV Licensing" does not exist, he is working for Capita Business Services and he is no more an "officer" than a Marks and Spencer salesman. He has all the powers of investigation, search and entry as the said Marks and Spencer salesman - none whatsoever.
The BBC have created a culture that is convenient for them, Magistrates are led to a conclusion.

It is not against the law to own a TV, It is not against the law to watch a TV. It is against the law to watch live TV as it is being broadcast without a TV license.

It is not enough to show that a "crime" could have been committed, TVL must show, in a court that not only could the "crime" of watching TV without a license have been committed, but that it irrefutably was, with evidence. The mere presence of a TV is not sufficient grounds for prosecution.

There is no such thing as TV Licensing, it is a trading name of the BBC, it cannot be represented in court (it has no legal identity)".

"Please be aware that these salespeople (for that is what they are despite the names that the BBC/Capita may give them) have a financial incentive to find people guilty and they're not above using highly dubious methods to do it.

Next time you're hearing television licence evasion cases you might like to ask Capita's solicitor/barrister to explain fully what a code eight is."

From one JP on Licensing:

"In all my years on the bench I have never had before me a warrant from TV Licensing."

Thanks Nath
Namaste, rev phil;
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Re: BBC Bullshit !!!There is NO ORGANISATION called "TV Licensin

Postby Tattooer » Sun Jun 30, 2013 8:53 am

Great post! Puts into perspective, however has fortified what we always knew... parasites

Many thanks... :peace:
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Re: BBC Bullshit !!!There is NO ORGANISATION called "TV Licensin

Postby rebelwithoutaclue » Mon Jul 01, 2013 8:22 am

Hope u don't mind but I just stole this and put it back on Facebook
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Re: BBC Bullshit !!!There is NO ORGANISATION called "TV Licensin

Postby Freeman Stephen » Sat Jul 06, 2013 8:46 pm

I wonder if the BBC actually makes money direct from its (ahem) customers or whether its licencing revenue comes directly from capita who pay the bbc a lump sum for the "right" to collect the rewards?

You know kindof like when banks sell the collection rights to dca's for a lump sum?

If thats the case, could an end game strategy to kill tvl once and for all be to make,sure anyone paying the lump sum to bbc is not going to profit from it? To make sure shareholders in companies like capita are well aware their ceo's are pouring money down the drain.

Maybe this is not the deal that capita has with the bbc, maybe its too big a,strategy to pull off, maybe capita is an establishment crony and im being naive to think shareholders would have a say, but its just an idea for those who want to watch all that bollocks.
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