BBC Climate Gate: Bias / Conflict of Interest

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BBC Climate Gate: Bias / Conflict of Interest

Postby FreeMind » Tue Feb 02, 2010 4:57 pm

Carbon markets need urgent changes in order to encourage institutional investment and the development of a low-carbon economy, the Institutional Investor Group on Climate Change says.

The group is calling for strong price signals and caps on carbon emissions that will encourage scarcity and demand.

IIGCC chairman and BBC head of pensions investment Peter Dunscombe said: "The credibility of emissions trading schemes would be greatly improved with a robust price signal as well as clear and frequent communication from the regulator on trading data and improved transparency over direct government participation in schemes."

The group - which represents European institutional investors with some €4trn (£3.5trn) - also said emerging market economies should participate in cap and trade schemes. This will encourage the development of a single, global market.

So the BBC pensions head of pensions is chairman calling for "strong price signals and caps on carbon emissions that will encourage scarcity and demand
" In other words, make as big a profit from the global warming market as possible for the BBC...

Here is where the conflict of interest on the BBC's "science is settled" stance gets even more interesting

Helen Boaden, overall head of BBC's news operations, was appointed to the board of the BBC's pension board in 2008. So the lady responsible for telling journalists to report that "global warming" science is settled, also works towards maximising the BBC pension pot with a firm that directly benefits from the dubious & controversial science of AGW.
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