Unlawful Demands

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Unlawful Demands

Postby treeman » Mon Feb 06, 2012 11:14 am

[10:25:45] Ray Moore: I was sent this latest from Guy and Linda Taylor last night, they now have the black balaclavas prowling around their property last night, feel frre to blog it, post it pass it round, I have full permission:
[10:25:51] Ray Moore: Linda: of the family Taylor
Pear Tree Farm
Sue Macleod
Official Receivers Office
Northgate Court
21-23 London Road

1st February 2012.

Ref: 109 0f 2011 – in the matter of:
The Bankruptcy of the Legal Fiction ‘MRS L TAYLOR AKA MRS LINDA TAYLOR

This Notice is sent in response to your Unlawful and Threatening letter addressed to MRS LINDA TAYLOR (The Legal Fiction).

The Intent of this Notice is to focus your mind on the Unlawful situation that you are at present complicit in.

I hereby State:-

I am Linda: of the family Taylor – A Sovereign, flesh and blood human being.

I AM NOT the Legal Fiction person MRS LINDA TAYLOR therefore ANY alleged liabilities that fall to the Legal fiction are absolutely NOTHING to do with me the flesh and blood living soul.

I am neither the property nor chattel of ANY government agency.

I am a keen student of both Jurisprudence and Common Law – ‘The Law of The Land’-which, the last time I looked was the law that this Country operates under.

I am well aware that the UNITED KINGDOM CORPORATION (another Legal Fiction) deals with administrative law (Statute Law). Except they are not LAWS they are LEGALS and require the CONSENT of the other party at all times. If NO CONSENT is given then they are UNLAWFUL.

I have NEVER and WILL NEVER give my consent to ANY corporation or Government Agency in ANY matter that concerns my affairs.

I DO NOT CONSENT to your Unlawful position as ‘Trustee’ in any matters to do with me the Human being nor the Legal Fiction.



Let me start by saying I have absolutely no intention of giving you every single detail of the history that led to this Unlawful act against me. I would expect you to do your due diligence and get the vast history of documentation from your co conspirators in this matter. In fact one would have assumed that you should already have been in receipt of them seeing as this is not a cut and dried case. Or maybe that makes no difference to the rubber stamping process, which you people seem to thrive on without even questioning whether what your rubber stamping is lawful or not.

Either way, I suggest you do your due diligence and go and locate them all from Hereford Council, Harrison Clark, DJ Khan and HMCS.

In respect of the Unlawful Administrative Hearing that took place in the venue of the Shirehall in Hereford on 29th September 2011;-

FACT - District Judge Nadeem Khan, was not operating under his Lawful Oath of office that day, therefore any so-called judgements he made that day are NULL and VOID and UNLAWFUL (unless of course he can prove me wrong via a sworn statement of Truth signed under Full Commercial Liability and penalty of Perjury) Until such a time as this happens, it is my solemn belief that he was impersonating a Public Official. It is also my belief that he was perverting the course of Justice and Guilty of Contempt of Court, not to mention Misconduct in Public Office)

The alleged liabilities against the Legal Fiction ‘MRS L TAYLOR’ were the result of duplicitous costs implemented by Harrison Clark and were disputed from the start.

The Legal Fiction ‘MRS L TAYLOR’ had ample funds on that date to clear any liabilities, and far from being insolvent, was extremely solvent.

The alleged liabilities were fraudulent and as such WERE NOT AND WILL NOT EVER BE PAID.

Therefore the insolvency act was improperly used in this matter as an unlawful debt collection tool. (More Fraud!)

The alleged liabilities that resulted in the Unlawful Administrative Hearing, and the persistent rubber stamping by DJ Khan that led to the bankruptcy of the Legal Fiction are Unlawful and not worth the paper they are printed on.

Sue Macleod, if it is your intention to be personally complicit in the attempted theft of my property then, understand this. It will be my intention as well as my remedy to put a Lien against your personal Property.


I the Sovereign flesh and blood human being have ABSOLUTELY NO INTENTION of attending the Unlawful Administrative Hearing scheduled for the 7th of February 2012.

I give NO CONSENT for any such hearing to take place against the Legal Fiction ‘MRS LINDA TAYLOR’

I also put you on Notice that should you continue to act against the Legal Fiction at such an Unlawful Administrative Hearing on the 7th February 2012, then you will not only be acting Unlawfully, but, also operating outside the boundaries of legislation, leaving you personally liable to my Common Law remedy of the Commercial Lien, which will be in the sum of no less than £500,000.00 (FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND POUNS STERLING), dependent on the level of Tort created against me. It will also leave you open for prosecution at a future date. (Fraud Act 2006 – Section 2 and Misconduct in Public Office)

In respect of your repulsive threat to ‘ENFORCE’ my attendance, you are hereby put upon Notice that should I the human being be forced to attend any Unlawful Administrative Hearing against my will or suffer ANY LOSS of liberty due to your ‘presumed’ power to enforce my attendance, this will be considered Kidnap and as such would be an extremely serious Tort and you Sue Macleod and All Other Individuals/agents/representatives/officers will be issued with a Commercial LIEN IN THE SUM £10,000,000.00 (TEN MILLION POUNDS STERLING) each on an individual basis.

I will however consider attending if ALL PARTIES involved in this matter send assurances to me that this matter is to be heard in a properly constitutionally convened Court of Common Law, with the appropriate Judge, operating under his Lawful Oath of Office and send this via an Affidavit of Truth, Sworn and signed under Penalty of Perjury and Under Full Commercial Liability.

Also upon Notification via this document, I expect you to inform ALL Agents/representatives as to the content of this Notice under the Maxim;


You should also inform ALL agents/representatives/individuals that should they choose to continue in this matter after receipt of this Notice, then they are obligated to inform ALL bonding agents/Insurers as to the content of this Notice and also forward such details of Bonding Agents/Insurers to me.

Due to the fact that you chose not to notify me until 31st January 2012, I expect any Rebuttals or responses (with sworn Affidavits as stated above) prior to the 7th February 2012.

I also expect any replies to be addressed correctly to me Linda: of the family Taylor and NOT the Legal Fiction ‘MRS LINDA TAYLOR’ Any response with incorrect name will be returned to sender unopened.

Should no response be received then it will be deemed your acquiescence to my position and also deemed that you will cease and desist in your Unlawful actions.

Without ill will, frivolity or Vexation.

Linda: of the family Taylor.
I'll make no subscription to their paradise.

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