The Badger (Control Area) (Wales) Order 2011

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The Badger (Control Area) (Wales) Order 2011

Postby CormacJones » Fri Apr 15, 2011 12:18 pm

Hiya to all

It has been a long time since I posted on the forum and its good to be back again. I would really like to bring this subject to everybodys attention. Im not sure if this is the best catagory to post in and if anybody feels it could be better placed please feel free to move it.

The below is a piece that still needs a bit of tweaking but is written as a brief intro for a developing website concerning what is going on.

The Badger Holocaust: It isn't so black and white

Hiya to you all

Please take a close look at the following “legislation” made on the 31st March 2011 by the Welsh Assembly. It pertains to an area that is known “as the designated cull area” which consists of parts of Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion, and Carmarthenshire, a map of which can found at the link below. The “legislation” is contained within the following “order”:
The Badger (Control Area) (Wales) Order 2011
This can be viewed in full here:

The background to the ongoing opposition to the cull can be found here:

To balance here is the propaganda:

This site of course does not mention that some farmers have deliberately lied about numbers of cattle infected by bovine TB as a TB cow/bull is worth much more than a healthy animal. How can any set of figures be considered accurate relating to bovine TB if this is the case? I must add that I am in no way implying that this minority is all farmers and do have respect and empathy for the concerns and hardships that many farmers are facing in the moment. I do feel thought that this proposed cull will do nothing to alleviate these hardships. It also fails to mention that rats amongst many other animals carry bovine TB and of course share the same “environment” as badgers and cattle. But of course to eradicate rats and all other small furry things would not be possible so how can the cull possibly eradicate/control bovine TB? There have also been all sorts of tinkering with statistics relating to the decision to allow the cull to proceed. There is more to this “cull” than meets the eye, especially concerning the area chosen as the designated cull area for reasons we will leave for now.

For the moment I just want to focus on section 4 of the “order” and separate it from the issues of the badger cull as its implications have a far wider ranging impact on all of our fundamental and unalienable human rights. I would like to add that these fundamental and unalienable rights I talk about are not the ones that have been “given” to us by the UN or any other political, religious or nationalistic organisation/corporation. We do not need anybody’s permission to have these rights. All indigenous sovereign beings (us) on this planet have them and always will have them. They can NEVER be removed but we can be deceived in to believing that we do not have them.

Please read the below section of the “order” carefully.

4. No person may—

(a) take into captivity, harbour, conceal or otherwise protect badgers with intent to prevent their destruction;

(b) in any other way obstruct or interfere with anything which has been, is being or is to be done or used in connection with that destruction; or

(c) aid, abet, counsel or procure another person to commit such an act.

This “order” as I stated before refers to the designated cull area.

Question: What is going on here? What is this actually saying?
Answer: That it is now a crime, as human beings together, to peaceably protest, lawfully challenge or say no to any “legislation” that challenges our indigenous sovereign unalienable and fundamental rights to peacefully protest. It is also the introduction of “thought crime.” It is now forbidden to “think” and share thoughts about how to protect badgers or to challenge the cull within the designated cull area.

Now whether we are pro cull or anti cull or living within the cull area or anywhere in the “U.K.” this unlawful “order” should be setting of huge clanging alarm bells in our heads.

This unlawful “order” is trying to set a very dangerous “legal” precedent. Once a “legal” precedent is set it becomes very hard to remove and the timing of this “order” becomes very interesting. The “order” was signed by a very pro cull minister of the Welsh Assembly by the name of Elin Jones and then very conveniently rushed through into “legislation” just before the dissolution of the Welsh Assembly. This means that its “grand architects” can not be lawfully challenged before the re-election of the new company directors of the Assembly on May 5th. This is without doubt deliberate and takes away the fundamental and unalienable rights of the human beings in the “designated cull area” to challenge its unlawfulness or the misinformation being presented as justification for the cull before the commencement of the cull on May 1st. This is totally unacceptable and of course, I reiterate, UNLAWFUL.

We all need to peacefully and lawfully challenge this “order” whole heartedly otherwise what next? No human being within the area designated as the “U.K.” can disagree/challenge/protest any unlawful attempt of any supposed government (legislature) to remove our fundamental and unalienable human rights? We visualise a mass peaceful gathering at the Welsh Assembly at its post election opening day in front of all the assorted media and cameras with huge big banners serving NOTICE that this unlawful deceit will not be tolerated. We will be working our hardest to ensure this will happen and we are in the process of setting up various networks to organise this and I will post links and details as soon as they are up and running for anybody wanting to be involved.

This “order” is without doubt the language of a totalitarian and fascist dictatorship written in plain English and Welsh for all to see and naturally leads onto a bigger question. Where does this alleged authority that attempts to convince us that our indigenous sovereign rights have to be granted come from in the first place?? The answer to that question exposes one of the biggest deceptions to have ever been sold and bought by the human beings of this planet and merits serious study for all who peacefully oppose the everyday attempted erosion of our unalienable and fundamental right of freedom.
More to follow soon, Vince.

There is also a link to a podcast from a radio discussion on North East Truth myself and my good mate Karl had on the whole subject relating to the cull on many different levels on Tuesday night which goes into much more background detail. The first hour discusses the involvement myself and Karl had within the cull area last year using Notices and local efforts which resulted in the welsh assembly abandoning the cull. They are now back with a vengance!!!

Iwould also like to add a link to this short film made by PAC which in 20mins completely destroys any of the bollox put forward by the Welsh Assembly as justification to the cull.

We are at the moment creating a Free Badgers On The Land website to bring in as much support as possible and I will post more details as they emerge. As I stated in the article there is much more to this cull and order than meets the eye and I am at the moment writing up a piece examining the other "motives."

Many thanks for your time and if anybody would like more details or background I am more than happy to oblidge.
Peace and Plenty, Vince :sun:
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Re: The Badger (Control Area) (Wales) Order 2011

Postby kevin » Fri Apr 15, 2011 3:57 pm

This is a classic example of how they make any rule they like to suit themselves. Badgers are a protected species...then, no they're not we're going to kill them.

Re: The Badger (Control Area) (Wales) Order 2011

Postby pitano1 » Fri Apr 15, 2011 6:02 pm

tomorrow..undesireables. ?
i agree this is the thin end of the wedge
and if not contested,or ideally stopped it will lead onto
even worse `ideas` from these neo natzi`s.
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Re: The Badger (Control Area) (Wales) Order 2011

Postby huntingross » Sat Apr 16, 2011 9:52 am

When climate protestors have succesfully used 'lawful excuse' as a defence on something which is hard to quantify as to the effect of emissions.....It seems to me that 'lawful excuse' is perfect for something like this.....the defence of duress.
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