Questioning the group 'The Reset'.

Questioning the group 'The Reset'.

Postby bustachemtrails » Fri Jun 13, 2014 4:24 pm

For those of you that do CIAbook here's a link to a group.

Going to the parishes for a referendum on the EU maybe a good thing but, those of us in lawful rebellion cannot support 'The Reset'. It is blatantly fraudulent from the start, as those within the creation of the movement are not standing by Magna Carta now even though they appear to promote it.

I have had a personal call from Ray Savage wherein he openly stated in front of a credible witness that " I don't believe in the constitution there is something much bigger than any constitution". That is seditious isn't it?

The point is that we attempted to negtiate a way for the lawful rebellion movement to be able to create some unity but they were not preoared to either:

a). Stand in lawful rebellion themselves as a basic requirement to the law or...

b), Call the referendum in the parishes for the total and immediate withdrawal from the EU. This would stop £50 million pounds per DAY so there is also a great appeal to peoples finances. VAT would no longer exist either.

They would not agree or even discuss the matter with any reason. Other dubious characters are involved behind the scenes it seems also.

it seems incredible to me that some people don't grasp the basic verifiable fact, that the common law tenet that is Article 61 of Magna Carta 1215 was invoked to prevent the ratification of the treaty of Nice, which comes into force on November the 1st 2014. We have a perfectly sound remedy 'a one size fits all remedy' but people fight against using it?!!
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