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NOUICOR - NWO Forced Vaccinations

PostPosted: Wed Oct 07, 2009 2:46 pm
by FreeSpirit
Please find below a link of a video interview with Jane Burgermeister regarding the Swine Flu pandemic and detailing how the forced vaccination programme will be implemented - and the dangers associated with it.

In response I am strengthening my NOUICOR as follows:

72. Furthermore I claim the right to be entirely free to determine my own medication needs at all times and never under any circumstances to be forced to ingest or otherwise receive into my body by way of injection, vaccination, or any other method, any substance or alien energies I choose not to accept. In the event of any attempts to force me, my family, friends or fellow human beings to receive or ingest any of the aforementioned, I claim the right to treat this as a direct threat to my/their life and to defend myself/them accordingly, and to treat any individual attempting to force such treatment onto anyone as “armed” as defined under paragraph 18 of this document.

Para 18 says "Whereas it is my understanding that “armed” means to be carrying or in possession of a weapon or weapons, and “weapon” means “a tool used to kill or incapacitate a human being or animal, or destroy a military target. It may be used to attack and defend, or in some instances just to threaten”, and," etc

I would be grateful if you could help spread the word by forwarding the link to friends/family/loved ones - we all need to be aware of this and to stand together against it.

(Can anyone tell me how to make the link "live" please?)