Adventures in Legal Land Workshop

Adventures in Legal Land Workshop

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Adventures in Legal Land Workshop
The First Workshop will be at:
The Bell Inn Pub (Toby carvery)
Princess Avenue
552 6RL
On the 23rd June 2012

From 10am - 7pm

We are setting up seminars and workshops for this year regarding how to deal with legal attacks.
Seminars & workshops are to be held on weekends mostly on Saturdays and if demand is positive Sundays as well, usually from 10am to 7pm, sometimes till we get asked to leave.

The Subjects & topics will remain open and flexible throughout the day/s. we will cover the most commonly encountered issues to do with bureaucratic attacks, these will include: Council Tax, Parking Tickets, Speeding & other traffic, Inland Revenue, on the spot fines, Dept Collection Agencies & Bailiffs …etc.

If you’re interested in having a workshop in your area, and already have a venue in mind or could help us arrange one, we will be more than happy to organise an event. We generally need about twenty people pre-booked as willing to attend, for a date to be confirmed.

For further details, a copy of our newsletter & for booking seat reservations below…

For more details go to ... d-workshop
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