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Re: Baby Free Born

PostPosted: Wed Feb 10, 2010 3:27 pm
by Free
Right to Roam is Common Law. The unwritten Law of Common Sense.

Unless you're a Baron or a Minister of course, which MG was written to protect.

MG was cut up and re-written in 1297 as STATUTE

We can determine the 'Passport' as a 'Port-Pass'. Hence we have Air-'ports' and Sea-'Ports', Trans-'Port'.. No accident there.

We, the vessel, carry THEIR cargo from Port to Port.

In reality, it is our Natural Born Right to Roam. During this transition from THEIR laws to OUR LAWS it isnt going to be easy to Roam Freely as we would like to. However time will deal with the matter.

Those of us caught in the interim may need to accept that part of the process is the short term loss of free movement.

So long as we continue to educate others in the crimes of registration we will inevitably take back our Right to Roam.


Re: Baby Free Born

PostPosted: Fri Feb 12, 2010 10:34 pm
by faddiuschaddius
Hi Free,

So lovely to hear of a child being born free in this land! It makes my heart sing. I think I will be having kids soon and definitely be following the same path...

By the way, have you heard of the 'Ringing Cedars' books (Anastasia)? A story about a woman called Anastasia in Russia who is descended from a line of free humans, growing up in Nature. Nature (the Divine creation) is the best teacher any child can have, according to her.

I highly recommend you check it out ( is my website that sells them)

The best way (acording to her) for a child to learn is to ASK QUESTIONS! Of course. Children are naturally inquisitive. Then you can try to answer their questions as best you can, or even beter, encourage them to answer their own questions. Children, (and all humans) intuitively know the answers to almost everything, but the 'education' system sucks it out and feeds their own answers in..

Also, this way, they (children) will teach themselves what they think is relevant and interesting, instead of us teaching them what we think they need.

Anyway, if you want to read the series, get in touch and I can send them to you.

Love and Light,

Re: Baby Free Born

PostPosted: Sun Feb 14, 2010 4:21 pm
by Free
I agree with you Faddius.

The little one's are born with their own blue print. All the answers to all the questions built in. Perhaps it is we, who need to learn from them

I'll check out your link, thank you.


Re: Baby Free Born

PostPosted: Wed Feb 17, 2010 2:02 am
by humanmagnet
their destinys mapped out the moment appearance is made, with the blueprint ready like you say ..

children are such intelligent beings , more should spend the time listening to them and hearing what is said from them.
if i ever come into contact with a family and their children , i'm of the believe as well as being polite to the parents and saying hello, acknowledging the child is there to by saying hello to them to .
Its amazing how by saying hello , that it changes beings day , with that smile on the face.

By ackowledgin a child is there (when i've worked in the shop) i believe that by interaction of communcation with them, its helps in their confidence and personal development for when they become older dealing with day to day life.

Re: Baby Free Born

PostPosted: Wed Apr 14, 2010 4:02 pm
by Bonnie
hi guys (not free)
does any1 kow if u can register a birth overseas? and if yes, how?
and/or if there's any news on getting a passport for unregisterd babies?
please email me
thank u
love, light and faith
bonnie & tobias (baby free born)

Re: Baby Free Born

PostPosted: Sat Jan 29, 2011 11:53 am
by DebbieHoward
I'm new to this. I found this really interesting. If you don't register your baby, does that necessarily mean they can't go to school? Or is it that you will choose not to send them? I've got two kids (twins 14) and wish I knew more about things when I had them than I do now. I heard a bit about the registration, is there a link to get more info about this? Good luck with everything.

Re: Baby Free Born

PostPosted: Sat Jan 29, 2011 1:34 pm
by Free
It certainly means the kids cannot be 'forced' into attending 'state' school. The 'act' of 'regis-tration' hands over legal title to the 'name' which is subsequently entered into all state contracts including 'school'. Non registration keeps the responsibility of education in your hands. You choose how and where that education is delivered. There are multiple so called 'benefits' which baby will not get and they must be considered. Such as 'pass-port'. However you can at any time choose to register if you feel it's not working for you.


Re: Baby Free Born

PostPosted: Mon Apr 16, 2012 1:56 pm
by Zaniwhoop
Hi there Free, just checking in for an update on Baby Free Born. Still happily unregistered?


Re: Baby Free Born

PostPosted: Wed Mar 06, 2019 9:13 pm
by Zaniwhoop
Crickey! Was it really 7 years ago since I checked for an update on Baby Free Born. Are they still free and unregistered?