Mark of the Keenan Family needs HELP & ADVICE!

Re: Mark of the Keenan Family needs HELP & ADVICE!

Postby knowledgeispower-uk » Tue Jan 24, 2012 10:22 am

Hi Dipsy,

Thanks for the extra advice & support!...I have done a very similar thing. The applicant has also now run out of 'legal aid' and has dropped the case as well.

So all is good! advice, unless you have caused: Injury, Harm or Loss too another is DONT GO TO COURT! Challenge & Rebut everything! Address the Magistrates as 'Public Servants' and if needs be yourself as the 'Administrator & Beneficiary' of the Account "Mr, Mrs, Ms, etc' - LEGAL FICTION.

And you should have no problems!

Peace & Love

All of us @ Knowledge is Power - UK. :peace: :yes:
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