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PostPosted: Fri Jun 24, 2011 9:18 pm
by pedawson
awt wrote:I am thoroughly pissed of about being told to do my own research. First of all there was John Harris and his "bogus" birth certificate "declaration" AND his broken promises to sort that queery. Then we have R. Hayes coming out with the FACT he knows how the cestui que vie act has been misused. BOTH "claims" are supposidly proof that we are tied into the law society by our birth certificate. Why is it not proven by the people apparently in the know in "black and white" that these claims are true.
Ive done research for the last year and still have not found a way through the armour.....why all the secrets!? ...if i knew the answer, everyone would know because everyone deserves to know. DOES ANYONE HERE HAVE THE PROOF IN BLACK AND WHITE?
if you do please pass it on...........thats what its all about.........if information is held back, you are as bad as "them".
If you don`t report treason, then you too are committing that crime. Are the pigs already giving flying lessons.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

Why be so anti, 'I know, I know' don't get at me it's just a term.
Now take a deep breath and relax. For this will not be a long story however you may be surprised that you may be barking up the wrong tree.

The willow is old and gnarled yet brittle and yielding. (nothing to do with the story but it sounds good.)

However, a little like your frustrations.
John, HAS, my respect and the birth cert thingy 'has' merit. Yet may turn out to be a cul de sac. Whose to know.
I am not sure what you mean by the cestui que act being misused. But all this is by the by.

WE 'ARE' in the dark. FACT and no one can deny this not even the most learned of us. WE are in the dark.
In order for us to conquer this demon we call government, or more precise TPTB or TPB 'The Powers That Be / illuminati, whatever you wish to call it we need to try a few switches. Get to know where we are, 'actually. Because we don't really know where we are, or what we are for that matter. We are in the dark remember.

What we can say for certain, we are being used and are trapped by our own ignorance, how we get out of this is not simple. We have to get to know the game, and we are advancing, in this, at an alarming rate: Light speed, one might say. The PTB have been planning this for centuries and have set many rules, traps and blind alleys. Because of people like john: we are moving in the right direction, he along with others have trod a path that no one up to now has dared tread. Pathfinders, if you were ever in the forces you would know the value of these people - and brave they are.

What you seem to have done is follow a lead that has lead you nowhere, but nowhere exists really, you stated 'if I knew the answer, everyone would ...' and you are correct. If things were that easy we wouldn't be fucking around fumbling in the dark would we?

These courageous freemen, and there are many, have lit a path that continues to the result we search. They haven't got there yet however the path is tried and tested now. we know we are heading in the right direction. If you wish to take the lead, as freeman known as michael has done you are more than welcome to have a go, I venture you will find the terrain hard to pass, it can and is being done yet fraught with obstacles, as I mentioned earlier.

The information you require 'BLACK AND WHITE' is our destination and until we cut through the legalese and deconstruct the statutes we will not be able to see it for ourselves. The proof you should really be looking for is in your faith that the answer 'IS' really there at all.

I know from years of experience and after living on three continents over a period of 30 odd years, that there is something that isn't right, glib statement, I know that those we look to for governance don't know, yet they follow orders form a source they think they know and aren't really sure. Have they ever asked themselves? I don't think they have seriously asked because it's where their livelihood comes from, SOD the rest.
After spending 20 odd years reading this subject I have come to an understanding, that the path I am following could be wrong, yet it feels soooo right. The evidence supporting our journey is just too simple to be wrong, however this is the risk I am willing to take.
Am I right, you bet your bottom dollar I am. Every bone in my body knows that soon we will have all the black and white and it will 'hang' a lot of people.

So you see to ask for the 'Black and White' and to be given it would mean those that give it to you will have surrendered, and we will now have to start again, building our new future the way human beings should live life and not under the control of the few.

Sorry it is a bit long, I thought it might help you to come to terms with what you are looking for. And that when you find it you will be truly free.

Namaste, phil;

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 24, 2011 9:21 pm
by Freeman Stephen
i notice that most people seem to enjoy just following without question rather than being critical ix regards to the information they are consuming. persobally i am happy with disclaimers like do your own research since it is a nod of respect that some of us will reason our own conclusions as opposed to accepting what is being said without question as for example bbc news might expect from its consumers - practically a captive audience when you consider the tvl catch 22 - need a license (no you dont) - have a license (duh!) - may as well watch bbc news (aaargh!!!!!)

perhaps a better approach to the "do your own research" thing would be "trust me on this". maybe this is why our appeal is not reaching those who seem incapable of any reason. they dont want to think for themselves, so perhaps if we were to offer to do their thinking for them they might see us as a more palatable alternative to the bbc (as a classic example)

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 25, 2011 9:20 am
by kevin
awt wrote:kevin. been there, done it, constantly having new messages printed on t shirts. freeman on the land, member of the BCG, subscriber to UK Column, out there at the moment bat and balling with Philips, specialist bailif and debt recovery agents. As well as spreading the word.

As previously explained I do not know about that, how clearer do you want me to put it?, as I do not know what john harris or roger hayes have said I can't comment on it, ask them. perhaps your keeping secrets from me?

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 25, 2011 3:28 pm
by awt
lets call this a day, i`m getting nowhere and neither is this post.
Sum things up: birth certificate "declaration" ..never was one according to the GRO.....if that is true, that makes John Harris a fraudster for falsifying a government document with intent.
Roger Hayes declares he has proof that the cestui que vie act was misused against us.............lets hope hes got it right.

I am not anti as someone has suggested. I am acting 100% freeman on the land. I have supported others and will continue to support those who i think are right in what they say and do--that includes Roger.

shall go now, but shall return soon because i`ve got a bone to pick with Veronica.

Re: the link.

PostPosted: Sat Jun 25, 2011 4:46 pm
by kevin
awt wrote:
shall go now, but shall return soon because i`ve got a bone to pick with Veronica.

I don't think Veronica picks bones so I feel you'll be disappointed yet again

Re: the link.

PostPosted: Sat Jun 25, 2011 5:19 pm
by awt
kevin, you may well be right. just like John Harris and Roger Hayes, Veronica has made a declaration - re Public Noteries - that i cannot find out to be true.................and that is after spending time researching her words after her Liverpool and Corwen presentations.
If you know about the subject please release info .

Where is there a Public Notery who will put his name to what will affect this country?

Re: the link.

PostPosted: Sat Jun 25, 2011 5:43 pm
by Freeman Stephen
there are alot of notaries who dont want to notarise stuff thats controversial but there are some who are "just doing their jobs". i think your out looking to shoot someone down be it rsc jh or v so its a bit beyond the scope of things telling you which notaries are doing their jobs in the face of the globalist agenda.

why not just spit out what v is supposed to have said and tell us the kind of thing you will accept as proof for the statement to be true. its all very well going round in circles but its a waste of time if you will use less than reasonable doubt as proof that such and such is true or false. some people would not believe nixon raided dp hq until he admitted it despite the watergate tape being evidence a reasonable person would say put the case beyond doubt. so are you here looking for proof of anything or simply wanting to go round in circles?

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 26, 2011 11:51 am
by newmannewy
The fact is AWT nobody knows anything.. there is no-one in this "movement" who knows 100% without question what is going on. And as far as im aware there is no-one who 100% has gotten out of the system..

There are people like JH and V who understand a certain amount of the system who have told us about what they know. But they do not know 100% without question that it is correct. So they may give seminars and advice to people that it "works like this" or "works like that".. But each and every one of us has to individually comprehend what we are doing in order to either a) get them to give up pursuing us as its costing them too much time and money or b) get them to go find another victim because it is too much hard work to fight someone not willing to yield to them.

The fact is no matter what we do, what we say or what pieces of paper we file.. If the government want to crack down on all of us. They will use FORCE! - And in that moment each of us has to decide to either use force back against them or accept there use of force against us.. Kill or be Killed is the question.

I do however understand your frustration.. I too feel it.. Several things I want to know but cant find the answer too. And it feels as though JH & V and others know what they are doing. But they never seem to give the details about how to actually do it.. They say "do ur own homework".. But it's like well were do I look.. What am i supposed to read in under to comprehend..

I want to know how to defend myself from having to go to court.. I want to know how to tell the police to back off using pieces of paper...I want to buy another motorbike and ride it free of restraint.. I tried it once got court, fined and prosecuted. I attempted to write letters, but all were dismissed.. Attempted to pay via bill of exchange.. It was rejected.. How to defend ? how to avoid the bullshit I do not knowl.. Does anybody know ? If they do they are not giving detailed accounts of it. Which is causing people like you and me frustrations because we can not yet defend ourselves..

There are so many conflicting stories about how to do it. Yet I have not seen any evidence that anyone has actually managed it sucessfully.. Does anybody ahve any evidence ? ?.. Does anybody travel in their car with no insurance, tax, mot or license 7 then defend against it ? etc etc

This is what I shall attempt to find out & breakdown into its parts when I get the time.. How to defend ourselves from the Gov..

Re: the link.

PostPosted: Sun Jun 26, 2011 11:51 am
by newmannewy
oops double post

Re: the link.

PostPosted: Sun Jun 26, 2011 1:37 pm
by awt
i only posted here because i wanted some help. The section called Help Wanted drew me in.
Newmannewy states that none knows 100%.... Thats for sure!
My gripe is when some people "know what they know" and they are even prepared to make presentations,videos, dvds etc to get the word out to people, when questions are asked , for enquiries to be made, and proof asked for so that research can be redirected towards the target. proof in black and white is essential, so that people don`t end up in Court for "trying out a theory"

As i have said before i am bat and balling a bailif company again. I thought i had "won" some months ago when i billed them for admin and harrasment and they immediately sent the warrant back to the Court.
It may be an error on their behalf that they are back on my case. I reckon the may have bought a load of debts without first checking the names.
Although i am confident i shall pull through on this one and come out smelling of roses. But all i wanted is more ammo, just in case they have taken the case against me back on, after doing their home work by reading up on statutes etc.

shame no one could help out. all the best, alan: of the Turk family