Help wanted - General advice/tips please.

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Help wanted - General advice/tips please.

Postby JOEBLOW » Sat May 14, 2011 5:57 am

Hello everyone,

I am looking for some general tips. Here is a basic snapshot of my situation.

My brother managed to get a kids show on TV. Like an idiot he pushed his payment to the ass end of the deal. The company he dealt with mysteriously took his portion. He did nothing to counter them. I no longer have any respect for him because of this we barely talk. While HE (legally) was waiting for his payment I was working like a dog to support his over priced burden ... his mortgage. I waited and suffered for a long long time and at the end of the rainbow he did nothing to demand his $ and this ended up forcing me into a bankruptcy. I am finished my bankruptcy - they keep telling me the documentation is to be mailed out to me ... but it never seems to come. I'll believe it when I see it. Regardless - I'm supposed to be back to 0 now and my credit rating destroyed. I am living with a friend ... where else could I go? I had to move far away from my job - so far that i ended up quiting it ... I found a job local to where I am, Japan went to shit and now I'm on unemployment. I'm using this time to read all of this information because I'm fed up. I don't want to play the game and I don't want to give up my life because of this shit hole system.

So...I see it like this.

I could copyright my name - but for me personally I think that it would only help foster the idea that this is all some kind of trick or sham that these ideas of the free man are based on fighting the system and looking for loop holes. NO. I believe this to be something more. This is a fight against Tyranny of a seemingly invisible task master.

Now - Being in Canada what would you suggest is the first thing I should do? I'm thinking copyrighting my name won't do much ... I don't think anyone or anything would actually pay in fact I think all it would do is make the confused people of this world wish to attack me and claim - I'm trying to dodge the system I'm not playing fair ... the poor blind fools.

What are some suggestions to the first 10 steps?

1. deregister your name with the " "?
2. ....
3 ....

I would love some feed back on this. Should I detest the bankruptcy that I don't have full disclosure on yet? If i take these steps prior to returning to work or landing a new job how does one handle working around the SIN number that I'm sure they will tell me I MUST have. What if they just turn me down for work because i don't have a SIN number?

You get the idea.

One could say, become your own boss. Great idea - and easier said then done. Does that mean you just do work and take $ for it (what people call working under the table) or can you register something and give yourself full title to it?

Also if registering is giving up ... when you register a screenplay with the writers guild of America are you giving up your work to the WGA? Or to the copyright office?

Thanks to anyone that's listened.
Joe Blow.
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