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Postby onus777 » Sat Jun 13, 2009 3:19 pm

Edit by Veronica: While I understand this situation is very important to you, I'm afraid I cannot allow you to inundate this Forum & make your it personal property. I'm the Founder, and I pay the bills ... not you. I have therefore deleted your two other Posts. What you have done is very rude to me personally, and and (IMHO) an insult to us here. To be perfectly honest, if this is the way you carry on through your life, it's quite hard to see why trouble will not dog your footsteps. You should be very grateful that I have allowed this Post to stand. You have already posted in this matter before, and we have tried to help you as best we can. However there comes a point where further help is impossible to give. You may have to accept that. I'm sorry that you have made mistake after mistake. That goes for all of us throughout our lives. What we do is to try to learn from them. However, by treating the Forum the way you do is not indicative of any attempt on your part to learn from any mistakes, I'm also sorry to say.

Greetings and peace to all...

A few weeks ago, I posted a situation that my partner and I are facing.
I have had a few responses, and I appreciate them all thank you.

I am not certain I have enough knowledge and comprehension regarding the situation, and really have been at a loss
with which avenue to take...

The situation is as follows:

*Argument ensued between partner and I 1 year ago (over foolishness really)
*I placed a 911 call (not knowing what I know now),in hopes that peace could be restored, instead the police acted in thier "enforcing" capacity
*I do not recall now every detail, however being over emotional, upset and frustrated, I may have blown things out of
proprtion and caused more problems that would have otherwise not have manifested as a result
*they proceeded to make an "arrest" on my partner, and took him to the station
*they proceeded to take me to the station
*I was told I have no choice in what happens from that point on
*I was told I "have" to make a statement, I made repeated attempts to avoid making a statement and was forced under visible intimidation
*I repeatedly asked questions, to which no answers were given
*An alleged assult charge was laid on the "PERSON"
*1 year later trial was up, by this time we had some comprehension on the freeman process etc... so both him and I
served manager of the court notice of affidavit of corporate denial prior to the trial
*Proceeded to trial (perhaps not the best move at the time)
*Both him and I stuck to our guns we had our Bibles with us...we went on about flesh-blood-living-man/woman, claiming common law rights, wave the benefits, we challenged jurisdition...
*At some point I crossed over to the witness stand (bad move), however I kept stating there is no witness here, I am not a witness to the alleged case, still sticking with the our story
*crown had no idea what to do, asks judge what application he wishes to make, he calls for recess...
*He turns, looks at me and says I am ordered to return to the court after recess and im not to leave the building
*We left, the building...did not return
*1.5 weeks later...bang, bang, bang on the door, 6-8 enforement officers outside talking from the outside to my partners mother form the inside (she was sitting directly across from window where they were speaking to her), they were asking for my partner
*the lady of the house says they have no authority to be there, that they are tresspassing, she was visibly not well, and they used that as a way to beguile her into opening the door, which she refused to do
*Then police called ambulance as excuse to get in
*They broke in by the side house door, through the garage, caused damages to a classic car, the garage and side doors,
*My partner was on the floor with his back against the door to stop them from continuing to get inside (not the best move)
*They finally broke the window above him, pepper sprayed him completely and repeatedly his eyes, nose, mouth, ears
*3-4 police Grabbed him threw him on the floor, using excessive force, cuffed and took him to the station...they were taunting him in the car on the way there
*His mother and I were choking really bad form the pepper sprey...
*I finally went outside to find the supervising officer, I asked them to produce a physical warrent, and did not, he saying that "we live in a technological era, everything is electronic" ---appearently the warrent was issued for "failire to appear in court" ---very tricky and cunning if I might add.
*then they turn to me asked my name, I identified myself (very bad move, yes I am aware I allowed them jurisdition over me atthat point)
*Police says theres a warrent for my arrest, puts cuffs, takes me to station
*Rights were not read (his or mine)...
* my partner was takern to hospital the follwing day for what he thought was for treating his sustained injuries (eyes, back, etc...) instead they proceeded with a FORM 42...psych test, they did bloodwork, urine testing, sedated him with drugs...all against his will
*He was suppose to have bail hearing the next day, but that didnt happen (court mistake), then he was suppose to get bail hearing 3 days later, and again didnt happen, police saying to the lawyer he wasnt there when he was,
*So they unlawfully proceed to imprison him...they inuculated him under the guise of "TB" against his will
*Charter of rights clearly specifies: a bail hearing is to be given in timely fashion....HE WAS IN FOR 27 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!! in the midst of the strike that was happening
*I was detained for 6 hours...then released on "recognizance" ---signed paper as jane-sally:of the family doe (dont know if good move or not)
*nex day went to court same judge and crown from the trial were there and they ordered that I return at the end of may, then I went to that court hearing, then ordered again to show up end of june

**I would like any opinions/options on this matter... it is obvious they are trying to compel the woman into making an appearence before the court to be used as "material witness"... I refuse to form joinder...and they know this and eveytime I have gone, I stuck to my guns as i did at trial...but they are still trying to gain jursidition...

**I am at a loss as to what steps to take form this point... I have been working on my NOUCOR, Rescission & Termination of contracts, Cease & Desist, and Affidavit of Truth ...not yet complete...trying to get this all done before june 24.

**Once the documents are served, it doesnt exactly stop the police from going after the PERSON for failure to appear if I decide not to go in June 24...


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Postby MikeThomas » Sat Jun 13, 2009 3:32 pm


Don't know what your partner is charged with, but if you are the 'injured party' then surely the court can only proceed with your verified complaint. Withdraw it!
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Postby Veronica » Sat Jun 13, 2009 3:48 pm

One of the most essential aspects is RESPONSIBILITY FOR ONE'S OWN ACTIONS. You need to look back at your actions, as you have explained, and accept some responsibility for them.

We have already been through a lot of this.

MikeThomas wrote:Don't know what your partner is charged with, ...

Yes, and we don't know old she is. Or how old her Partner is ... for example whether or not he has been charged with "statutory rape" ... etc.
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Postby onus777 » Sun Jun 14, 2009 4:58 am

Well, Veronica...maybe I simply am misunderstanding the whole "forum" gathering? I don't know... I only have been on one other forum regarding this issue... I didn't know there were certain rules, as to posting etc... and perhaps that is my fault for not checking, and I apologise for having caused an upset. It seems like the more help I seek out here and also at the other site, im being bashed in a sense just because I am not a veteran in this whole "freeman" business? Anyhow... Like you said, you pay the bills, not me...so I accept that, but at the very least maybe try asking me questions and/or let me know if I am contreveaning the "rules" of this forum before making assumptions. I value your concern, and hope you can value mine, and I am simply seeking remedy for my situation...I am NOT here to upset anyone and/or take advantage of you or the site etc...
Im really confused more than anything else...is there a limit as to how many times I can seek help on a specified issue? I didnt have that knowlegde if that is the case. I really do not comprehend. Can you please tell me what I have done that was so as you put it "rude"? ...I was having a difficult time trying to figure out where to post...there was no intention to disrespect and/or abuse. Please accept that. Thank-you.
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Postby onus777 » Mon Jun 15, 2009 2:52 am

I did mention 10 lines down from the "situation is as follows" ...that the PERSON was charged for alleged assault.
I hope that clarified things for those who asked :)
Does anyone wish to share what could possibly be done?
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Postby IamallthatIam » Mon Jun 15, 2009 8:12 am

See the thing is Onus, most of us here are "freemen", that is to say being a freemen is us ,it is what we are , it is what we live, it is a way of life. We have all come into this by educating ourselves , reading , researching and undertsanding , comprehending etc and upon this information we have made decisions baised on what he have learnt and they are decisions we live by.

WE do not and can not give legal advise, I think almost all of us do not have a full and complete understaing of statutes - which is precisely our point, no one can understand them becuase they are "foreign", written in legalise - an alien language ! Plus as freemen with have taken oath stating that we are in lawful rebeillion, That we do not consent to be governed , never have done and that any implied consent has been revoked. Statutes are not laws , they are only given the force of law by consent of the governed , consent that we do not give , therefore these statutes do not apply to us. We are bound by common law though and that is we agree to cause no other harm, injury or loss,we do not breach the peace , nor do we use mischief in our contracts or promises and if we do we expect to face the full penalty of our actions.

Taking responsiblilty for ones own actions is what the freeman thing is all about it is not a quick fix of rules you can put in place just to get you out of the shit once it has all hit the fan.

I may be wrong but to me it looks like common laws were broken and one party was harmed or injured, but now you are faced with a penalty and actually forced to take responsibility for previous action you are seeking an easy way out to get you off the hook.That is not what the "freeman thing" is here for. we are not a quick fix.

If you want remedy, you need to eduacte yourself , you need to read everything on this site, there is stuff here that can help you but you need to comprehend the whole concept and make a commitment, rather than just expecting us to role out answers that you hope will solve your dilema in court

Whilst we cannot advise we have stated what we would do in your situaion, you need to go back and read the replies that were given and actually take those answers on board , learn from them and make decision based on what was said.

We do not have remedy in the form of a "walk free card" if what you or your partner done to each other was wrong. The system may suck , but you are not going to beat it without educating yourself properly

love and light

Angie x x
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