Self Assessment amount overdue AFV

Self Assessment amount overdue AFV

Postby nameless » Tue Sep 08, 2009 9:49 am

I have been AFVing presentments from HMRC since the beginning of this year and have sent many letters. It's obvious they do not want to off set these presentments and although they say interest is accruing, they haven't added any - yet.

The last letter I wrote was in June and today I have received what looks like a computer generated unsigned letter from a different postal area. They have now dishonourably passed the buck, one of their favourite tricks.

This present letter says I have ignored their previous requests to either pay the liability outstanding or to make contact. Both lies. Then there are the threats of taking assets for sale at public auction.

I have been honourable in every aspect of my dealing with them, as a freeman-on-the-land and living soul and agent for the strawman. I have always returned their presentments within 3 days.

It is interesting (as a side line), that the last four of their one line paragraphs start with small letters. There is no signature.

If anyone has received similar letters, I would be interested in hearing what they did next.

All comments appreciated.
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