council tax/attatchment of earnings

council tax/attatchment of earnings

Postby mr100 » Wed Oct 10, 2012 12:34 pm

my local council (kirklees) have made an attatchment of earnings on my wage. i work for leeds city council. i was not informed by kirklees or leeds that this was going to happen. the first i knew about it was when i noticed a chunk of my wage missing. kirklees did send me a means form to fill in but i never completed it. questions. are'nt kirklees obliged to inform me that they are taking my money. how did they come to the amount that they are taking. are my employers leeds city council obliged to inform me that they are giving my money away without my permission. how do i know that the correct procedures have been follomed. would i be in my rights to ask leeds cc to show me all the paperwork that refers to my case so i can see what has been happening. looking forward to your replies. ta
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