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(Police) Whats the point

PostPosted: Sat Mar 31, 2012 8:13 am
by holy vehm
It was a sad state of affairs last night for two reasons.

One, my sons new girlfriend was walking home after visiting a friend. She lives in Crewe and has to walk through a 'rough' area in order to reach her home.
While walking along she past 4 lads, hoodies and jeans hanging off their arses. As she past them one of the lads grabbed her arm which spun her around. The lads then started to grab her breats and put their hands between her legs.
She managed to push them off and she ran hell for leather all the way home.
She is 17 going on 18, a pretty girl and not a threat to anyone.

Ive lived in some 'rough' places and crewe isnt a rough place, its got its issues for sure but a run down ghetto it aint, what it does have is plastic gangsters, young youths acting like they own the place while having one brain cell to share amongst themselves.

Sad state of affairs two, she hasnt reported this to the police because 'whats the point' they do not do anything anyway, all they will do is ask me questions and then thats it. She couldnt identify them too well as it was dark and it happened so quick.
Apparently this sort of thing happens often and she isnt the only one to think as she does.

Tis a sad state of affairs when young women just accept it. This is certainly sexual assualt and possibly attempted rape, yet they just feel its a part of the course. Without exception, you did the same to the 'upstanding' members of the community the old bill would be dragging you out of bed and carting you off.

I have spoken to my son and told him that by law (both lawful and legal) the police HAVE to do something, it is not their choice.

I have told him that the police can check the cctv in the area, these lads will have been caught on camera walking about all evening. They will also have mobile phones which will be registered to them. It is not hard to find these people. He was talking about going out with his mates and 'doing them' but as i told him, the way the system works is HE will be prosecuted. He must first get his girlfriend to phone the police (some of which will want to catch these people) but she will have to make sure they do what is reasonable to catch them which includes cctv and phone records. This should also be in the local papers highlighting the dangers of walking around at night.
Then when and if the system fails them then he can deal out social justice.

Personally she shouldnt have been walking around anyway, i would have picked her up if it had been my daughter but alas she is not.

Anyway, like i say, tis a sad state of affairs.

Re: (Police) Whats the point

PostPosted: Sat Mar 31, 2012 8:41 am
by Nemesis
Do your best to get her to report this to the police.

Like you, i really have very little time for the police. The situation you have outlined is one of the rare instances i would contact them. This was a sexual assault on a young woman. There is a chance that the police may bother to investigate this properly and achieve the right outcome - which is a successful prosecution against these vermin.

If that was my daughter, i would quite happily risk going to prison for tracking down every one of those lads and letting them know what fear and pain is, for the consequences of their evil actions. Although i would not advise anyone else to follow such a course of action.

I really hope she reports this crime and the police do their job. Let us know what happens.


Re: (Police) Whats the point

PostPosted: Sat Mar 31, 2012 9:07 pm
by Hoops
Definitely, definitely, definitely report this to the police.

The truth is that the kids may very likely be impossible to identify. That shouldn't stop the police from looking, and you can at least expect a review of cctv and someone talking to local shopkeepers etc that might have seen them or know them. Even if there is no prosecution, at least the kids might see the police turn up and know that it won't go unnoticed if they behave like animals. Mobile phones won't be a route of investigation, but you also don't know that they haven't done this to 10 other girls - as a one off, it is a disgusting indictment of the way this country is going in CERTAIN parts of the community. As a series of assaults, this could be an escalating behaviour that needs urgent attention, and by creating a trail of information, if that is the case you help give the police more power in law to act, in terms of proportionate response. This is a vile intrusion on a young girl, and a clear sexual assault, and it would be disgusting for her to feel entirely unsupported by the police. Please please report it.

Re: (Police) Whats the point

PostPosted: Sat Mar 31, 2012 9:29 pm
by holy vehm
I agree with you both, this should be reported. It will happen again to someone else and like you say it may have already happened to 10 other girls.

I have not spoken to her and i have not seen my son today so i do not have an update but my feelings are that she wont going of what was said last night.

I will know more tomorrow i think.

Re: (Police) Whats the point

PostPosted: Sun Apr 01, 2012 11:08 am
by pedawson
I am not sure how this is going to come across but I will do it as sensibly as I can.
HV you know I am not going to be insensitive and that these are suggestions and not in any way meant to be the 'way to go'.

I am not convinced that the police should be involved, they have no power and they are too involved in other crimes, such as no licence or insurance, riding bicycles on pavements and fining those people who have spent 2 minutes over the regulated parking allotment.
The police are far to involved in revenue collection and not into petty crimes. Not suggesting I think this is, but I believe the resources required to investigate this will be looked on as a waste - by the higher up officials.

Anyway, here is the suggestion and possibly what the police would rather NOT happen.
We are too keen to report this type of offence to the police (AUTHORITIES) for them to do something, Remember it is the AUTHORITIES that have criminalised or at the very least discouraged community involvement. Anyone who disagrees with this - just get a group of residents and patrol the streets at night and the police will be on your case faster than a ferret up a drain pipe.
Start a community campaign and ask for any other attacks to be reported to the organisers, have a group of 'MEN' large type bouncer guys wander around letting the youths know that there has been a number of attacks on young women and that the community is going to 'EVICT' the perpetrators.
Stick posters up in the area and state categorically that those found to be responsible 'WILL' be asked to leave the area and WILL be OUTLAWED.
The rest of the poster notification can be worded as the community wish it to be worded.

The message here is to take back the streets from this type of moron - let them know that you know, and inform them they WILL be OUSTED toot suite.
If the community are behind it 'Common LAW' outlaw will be in effect and the perpetrators can be physically moved on without any retribution. Those wishing to stick up for these perverts will get the same treatment - however I do not think anyone will stand up for them.

Such problems as these, unfortunately, have come to the point where it is up to the community to do something - don't even ask the police they are a waste of time - they WILL get involved eventually but there involvement WILL and SHOULD be under the COMMUNITY guidelines - NO MORE OF THIS WE ARE THE POLICE AND WE KNOW THE LAW - That is utter BULLSHIT. WE PAY THEM to do the job WE want them to do and it starts here.

NOW when I say 'OUTLAWED' I mean they are NOT allowed in the area EVER AGAIN until redress is made and a price is paid - What that would be is up to the community.
OUSTED and OUTLAWED means if they live in the area they HAVE to 'move OUT' until redress is paid. If all are concerned about this development with gropers roaming the streets, drastic action is required.

NB. 'I am having a problem with my English, when I say move out I do not mean 'MOVE ON' they have to leave their homes and live somewhere else as outlaws'

Namaste, rev;
The alternative is to do nothing and await the next RAPE. Sorry HV but action HAS to be taken and it isn't because of an isolated incident. The community HAS to take back the community and it has to be managed by responsible people.

Re: (Police) Whats the point

PostPosted: Sun Apr 01, 2012 11:21 am
by pedawson
The very LEAST this does is send a message - and the kids today may seem stupid but they aren't, not the 99% of them anyway.
And YES this is a type of police force. The one we have has been infiltrated at high levels and is no longer effective.
Sorry Hoops, I do not mean constables like yourself but your orders come from a criminal/paedophile ring at high levels and they, which means you, are ineffective in the main. And as many constables are unable to effectively report indiscretions the OFFICERS RULE.
I point this out because I believe a barrage of support for the OFFICERS will be forth coming from certain quarters. I distinguish a police constable from a police officer and policy officer. We need more whistle blowers in the police constabulary and it aint coming fast enough. The NEWS PAPERS SHOULD BE THE FIRST TO KNOW AND REPORT BEFORE IT GETS REPORTED TO HE POLICE.

WHY? Then WE all know and WE all will expect something to be done, gone are the days when the police investigate under the DARKNESS of internal investigations.

Namaste, rev;
Sorry if this comes across as harsh but times are a changing and we need to PUBLICLY support those constables that are brave enough to step into the light.

Re: (Police) Whats the point

PostPosted: Wed Apr 04, 2012 6:13 pm
by woodman
Sorry to hear about this incident HV, it's simply not on and I agree with what you say about areas not being run down ghettos, but having plastic gangsters, young youths acting like they own the place while having one brain cell to share amongst themselves, this describes many a youth in my area.

Last week at 3am, someone entered my back garden and tried to steal my bike, but they got a shock when the rape alarm I had fitted to it went off and they dropped the bike and ran for their lives, such brave people they must have been. Therefore, I'd recommend that females carry one of these with them, not that they should have to, but they can be quite effective.

I've had no desire to report this trespass and attempted theft to the Police, as I don't think it would do any good. But I do agree with what you, nemesis and Hoops say, in that she should report it to the Police and the Police should make it their priority to at least attempt apprehend the scum, even the presence of the Police visually and asking questions in the area may prevent it happening to someone else, and as Hoops says it could be the start of escalating behaviour, someone else could come off worse if nothing is done.

Additionally, I'd also have a go at what pedawson suggests too, building a community spirit is always worthwhile.


Re: (Police) Whats the point

PostPosted: Sat Apr 07, 2012 9:17 am
by holy vehm
Alas it is with regret that i have to announce that the young lady in question does not wish to take this any further, nor talk about it, nor consider any options.

So like i say in the opening post, tis a sad state of affairs.

Not all women would leave this be but a lot of women do, why? i do not know.

Perhaps it is a society thing in general, perhaps ignorance is bliss, this young lady will put her head in the sand and pretend it never happened.

She has informed her parents and they support her decision, they are the more foolish, they should know better.

So thanks for your comments and support guys, shame it ended like this.

Re: (Police) Whats the point

PostPosted: Sat Apr 07, 2012 5:03 pm
by woodman
Myself, I'd ask her how she would feel if she heard in the future, that the same perverts had gone on to put another innocent girl through an even worse ordeal, simply because they believe they can get away it.


Re: (Police) Whats the point

PostPosted: Sat Apr 07, 2012 8:04 pm
by holy vehm
woodman wrote:Myself, I'd ask her how she would feel if she heard in the future, that the same perverts had gone on to put another innocent girl through an even worse ordeal, simply because they believe they can get away it.


Already been said mate, the consequences of her actions have been spelt out either way.