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Postby graham74 » Wed Mar 30, 2011 11:06 pm

What gets me is that as soon as a police officer decides that he/she wants to talk to you then everything has to be on their terms. Often not proffesional but personal. If you show them that you are at all put out by the inconvenience of having to stop and talk to them then you get the "nasty treatment". Its been shown that everyones heart races when they see the police, even an off-duty police officer's. No-one particularly likes being stopped and asked questions. You might get carted off down the station for no reason other than resenting the situation. Just because they can and you were too defiant to roll over and show them your belly like a submissive dog. They know they have the power to engineer the situation against you. When they have you in the station they treat you like shit. Wasting your time, lying to you, no drinks (or when it suits them) food that I wouldn't let my dog eat, no phone call, sleep disruption, crappy cell, displaced from whatever business and location you were originally at. Once, I got let out of a station 100miles from home with no money, phone, transport or means to get home. If you dont comply and pretend to like them you get fucked. And after all of that it's hard to be chipper about the whole ordeal. I have had countless interactions with the police from an early age (think what you like!) Very rarely have I acted in a way that's not perfectly civil and polite, and I often crack jokes (I am that way inclined) to alliviate an animosity. I behave like this so as to get the best chance of fair treatment. But why should I have to sell out my principals. I hate certain types of enforcement officers and the people that are inside them and the shitty little statutes they uphold. And I resent having to modify my behaviour because of the certain abuse of the power inbalance that I'm subjected to. Put me on a desert island with the average pig/dude-that-nicked-me and they would struggle to be my equal and be glad of my merciful nature!
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Re: copy of pace to download

Postby Manlikemaroe » Tue Apr 19, 2011 10:34 am

" I, know nothing about law, thats for lawyers, We just nick the bad guys"[/quote]

heard that one before, makes you wonder if the human transition to robot is finally complete.
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