P.A.C.E - Raid - Theft of video evidence...

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P.A.C.E - Raid - Theft of video evidence...

Postby ZXSpectrum48 » Wed Jul 29, 2015 11:05 am

Hi, my name is Dave and I love you all.

I would like to share my story with you, as an example of the industrial scale corruption within my nation's false / privatized police force.

So -

Around 20:30 I heard a loud knock at my door. I opened the door to be greeted by a uniformed man, who was dripping with weaponry... His manner was immediately aggressive and intimidating (you've all seen this predatory thug-attitude before).

He asked - "Are you Mr J*****n?"
"no mate" I said. "I'm Dave B******y. You've got the wrong address."

"Well I can smell cannabis, so I'm going to arrest you under the mis-use of drugs ACT, and search you home..."

"Sir, are you a constable or a PCSO?" I asked.

"I'm a police officer and you're under arrest for...."

"Sir, you need a signed warrant if you want to search my home"

"No, p.a.c.e. gives my unlimited authority to arrest you and search your home..."

"Pace is a statutory ACT, of which I don't consent to. I am a freeman, and I stand under the queen's common law. I insist that you act lawfully in accordance with your oath...."

"I'm placing you under arrest for...."

"I need to see your warrant card, as I don't believe you are a real constable"

"OK, I can show you my warrant card"

He never showed my his warrant card, and instead attempted to force his way into my home. I attempted to close the door, but the man shoved his foot & leg in the doorway.

What followed was a violent assault, my arms were forced behind my back and my face was shoved into my sofa cushion until I was unable to breath. Metal shackles were placed on my wrists, and by the time I was dragged out of my home, there were around 16 police men, with 3 vehicles, sirens and flashing lights.

I'm sure you all know what happens next. Placed in the back of a van, driven 20 miles away from my home, strip searched (my trousers were confiscated), imprisoned for the whole night (as a punishment for refusing to consent to the bureaucrat), 8 men physically forced me to provide finger-prints by bending my wrists back until the pain was UN-bearable.
I've now learned that non-violent resistance is just a joke to modern police. My eyes were watering from the pain in my wrists, and all 8 of the men were laughing.

All of this, ALL OF THIS for the sake of 50p worth of low-grade medical hemp....

I have been bailed to return to the police station in a month, but it looks like I'm being charged with 'mis-use of drugs ACT', 'resisting arrest' & 'assaulting a police officer'.... Yes, the policy man had a slight red mark on his leg after shoving his foot in my door....

HERE'S THE THING - I wear a gold pen around my neck, which contains a video camera (surveillance device). Which I used to recorded the whole event, for my own safety and as evidence.
During the arrest / assault, the device was knocked from my neck, and landed on my floor. I asked the policy man to place the pen on my desk, which he did.

When I eventually returned home, I expected to see the pen where it was left, but 'someone' has taken it....

I was not given a voucher for this property, and after making some calls to the police, it seems that the department are denying all knowledge of it's existence.
In short - they've stolen it, as it contains evidence that would prove MY innocence and prove the guilt of the arresting policy man (PC 1232 Damion Lowe).

And there we go...

It's been three weeks since this event, and I haven't been able to sleep since. Every time I hear a loud noise, I awake in a blind adrenaline fueled panic, closely followed by nausea and UN-controllable shaking.
These men stole not just my hemp, but also my other medicine which I use to treat an ongoing nervous dis-order "we can't prove that it's legal, so we're going to keep it..."

And that's it - I've refused to sign anything, refused to consent to anything and I won't return for so-called 'bail'.

These are FALSE police, who's task is to bully, oppress & steal on behalf of foreign shareholders, working in collusion with FALSE law courts and a FALSE council (as you already know).

This will probably cause me problems in the future, but I refuse to play this disgusting FALSE game of fascist /bureaucratic oppression.
These thugs make me sick to my stomach - 16 police men dripping with instruments of torture, 3 vehicles with sirens designed in induce panic, bureaucrats who'll literally tear the shirt from your back, and will imprison you under any false charge they want, as a matter of policy, just to feed their pathetic ego's.
All for the sake of 50p worth of bloody hemp!

The privatized police force are TERRORISTS - I don't use this term lightly, but the facts speak for themselves.

Anyway, thank you for reading this. I know it's a long post, but this is basically therapy for me. Sometimes it's good to talk :)

With love..............Dave
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Re: P.A.C.E - Raid - Theft of video evidence...

Postby MikeThomas » Wed Jul 29, 2015 3:21 pm

Sorry to hear of your troubles Dave. An event that is becoming all too common these days. I mean how else are they going to convince the public that we are now in a Police State.
I strongly suspect that there will be more, similar stories to yours coming very soon.

This is the Guberments way of saying "Do you wanna fight?" I'm convinced that they want the majority of us on the streets protesting so they can show us all that they are in charge.

All this grief and cost for a small amount of a harmless plant while those in power can fuck kids to their hearts content while the tax payer & Joe Public pay their wages and all the expenses they accrue.
We are the people our parents told us NOT TO PLAY WITH
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