The difference between verbal and written

The nature, history and formation of Trusts.

The difference between verbal and written

Postby consumerpada » Wed Nov 17, 2010 6:56 pm

Verbal (local,private)

The old very old, the oldest (tribal) trust (could even say covenant) is between (actual real,non-fiction) people there is no 'res' so to speak of, at least NOT in a written down type of sense. Knowledge is passed down, handed beween people verbally, (offline ...not recorded) TPTB (governemental/colonial/imperial/corporate) have always hated the fact that something 'can exist' that they have no knowledge of or power (jurisictional or otherwise).....maybe a good way to say that 'T' word is 'private agreement' we all know what that means? A private agreement is binding when understood by any/all parties. A private agreement is not of the court (judge) but can be recognised (by courts).

& Written (non-local,public)

This is the TPTB (governemental/colonial/imperial/corporate) version of the above, they like this because in a facebook kind of way everything is above the sight line and duly recorded and registered. Reduces the chance of 'fraud' (fraud here defined as keeping property/assets/family from the tptb's sticky fingers) This type of trust has almost it's own (written) legal language and framework so what does that tell you.?...yes.... you got it ....the law society has a specialised compartment called trust lawyer who can make sense of it all so y/our pretty little head can get back to cooking dinner.

Is that clear? Real trust is hated and feared ......
(the original private agreement between non-fictions, tribal,common)

fake trust is legalised and promoted.....
(registered,recorded by third parties,public)

Knowledge makes a (wo)man unfit to be a slave." — Frederick Douglass
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Re: The difference between verbal and written

Postby sosii » Thu Nov 18, 2010 6:47 pm

Very well put.

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