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Trusts for Dummies

PostPosted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 11:19 pm
by huntingross
Yes, I have ordered the book, it should be with me next week.

I shall try and answer my own questions on this subject in the open forum for everyone to see.....See what the terms mean, who you are, how you set it up in general terms and for what benefit.

If this book does what it says on the cover, we might all get some practical insight into questions I'm sure a lot of us have on this topic.

Re: Trusts for Dummies

PostPosted: Fri Feb 26, 2010 8:25 am
by Farmerboy
What, exactly, do you want to know?

And if you knew it, what would you do?


Re: Trusts for Dummies

PostPosted: Fri Feb 26, 2010 11:13 am
by nameless
If you don't mind, I would like to interject here and say that the CR route has led us into another rabbit hole where we have found Trusts. It appears that many things are formulated under the banner of trusts secretly, especially when mortgages are foreclosed upon by judges in court who construe the trust in order to take possession of our homes and all without our knowing what they are actually doing, until now of course.

In answer to Farmerboy's second question, now we know what is going on, we now have to learn how to move the titles of the trust that they are construing, to our advantage, which we have every right to do, being the Grantor and Beneficiary of the Trust. This is my understanding of trusts thus far and will gladly welcome any more knowledge or corrections.

Well done, huntingross, for finding a book which appears to reach those of us without IQs of 1,000. I look forward to reading your posts with new understanding. Maybe if you can recommend this book, we could all get a copy.

Re: Trusts for Dummies

PostPosted: Wed Mar 03, 2010 2:09 pm
by Highspirit
Nameless is essentially correct. Im afraid you will not find many answers in Trusts For Dummies when it comes to working out remedies for the hidden Trusts they have trapped us in.

I want to say something that may be taken however you take this but I am not a Disinfo or Misinfo agent as others on here will vouch.

I have studied Winston Shrout in particular and other 'respected' guru's in the field of 'Debtor/Creditor' for over 14months and in that time I have amassed books and books of notes from audios and DVD's which eat up a lot of my comps memory. Now this is my choice and my decision from what I have learn't about Trusts, but 95% of the D/C I have learn't is going directly in the bin where it belongs. I enjoyed the journey of it but thats all it was, it was a journey that led me to Trusts.

I am suggesting you look very very seriously at Trusts and the education behind it which is entirely FREE at whilst you can. Trusts for Dummies is NOT te book you should be reading. You can download a good version of Gilberts Trust Law manual for FREE which gives an excellent basic break down of Trusts.

Now, just so that you know, I do not have any qualifications in my life at-all, no degree's, was totally useless at school, no certificates of education that I could even light to keep me warm for a second on a freezing night. Nothing, Nada, zero, but what I do have is this, MOTIVATION TO LEARN......

Why? Because I want to achieve ultimate freedom in my life so I kick myself up the fat arse and tell myself to start learning the best way I can. Trust education from the above site is bloody easy if you are prepared to listen and read and have the motivation to do so. Otherwise you might as well copy and paste d/c templates and get the same results as many others.

Have I got results from Trusts yet? NO NO NO!!! But only because I am learning and about to start some remedy processess. Only been doing Trusts for 4 months now and the technology is less than a year old. I expect good bloody results though because I can see where everything in d/c is just wrong.

You were never the Creditor in the Bankruptcy, you thought you were because you thought you were in a contract, they fooled you, accept it. Yes some d/c have been getting results, overall, it is said about 10%. 10% in over 20yrs in existence of d/c, errrrrr. The Trust that d/c is pulling from (NI Trust) is thought to be a 'Discretionary Trust'. What does that mean? It means that the Trustee has the discretion of paying some things out, which they do, to keep you down that blind alley they have you trapped in.

You thought you had become the Creditor, the lenders etc always send you paperwork and presentments in d/c, yes, to keep the illusion going and keep you down the blind alley.

You went from being the Creditor in Admiralty to the 'Trustee' (Debtor) in Equity and they never told ya.

Look guys, they even use Trust terminology in everything. There is no 'Con-tracts', it's all Trust. You have 'Agreements' like 'Loan Agreements' and not Loan Con-tracts. It's all there under you nose. What does a con-tract need to be lawful? Lets see;

1. Meeting of Minds
2. BI-Lateral signed agreement between the parties
3. Consideration of value by all parties to the table
4. Disclosure

OK, look at any loan 'Agreement' and how many of them can you tick off as a yes? I hope your answer is NONE!!

Why? Because it's a feckin Trust that's why.

If it looks like a con-tract, walks like a con-tract, talks like a con-tract, then it's a feckin Trust.

The four elements mentioned above for a con-tract are not and never will be required to put you in a Trust. Stop fighting con-tracts when you have a Trust. If you have been thinking the lender committed fraud by not disclosing anything to you, or not bringing anything of value to the table, or made you the only signatory on their paperwork, then you were plainly WRONG.

Trust needs none of those elements whatsoever to put you firmly in a Trust without you even knowing.

Guys, dismiss me if you like, laugh if you want to, report to me V for being a serious Disinfo agent if you like but believe me, there are NO CONTRACTS, only Trusts.

You need to start learning and make-up your own mind because no-one will be coming here and posting templates and Notices for you to use at this moment in time. You will need to learn the details and remedies for yourself. I for one will not be posting any templates at-all and I seriously don't think the others doing this will either. Your easiest answer is to start learning and start learning ahead of the crowd that will wake up quite soon and get there long before you.

Up to you but I am seeing some serious d/c players now turning their back on d/c (I will not mention names as they will become obvious soon enough) and they are seeing Trusts as the way forward.

You should too.

Always in Peace

HS :)

Re: Trusts for Dummies

PostPosted: Wed Mar 03, 2010 2:36 pm
by BaldBeardyDude
Mod hat off for a moment (first time, too)

I can only agree with Highspirits on his post, having put in around 9 weeks of fifteen hours of study every single damned day.... what we see as contracts, are in fact trusts, operating under colour of contract law and are not what they appear to be.

I cannot speak for 'Trusts for Dummies', but I would imagine it would run through STATUTORY trusts and the like, with a view to personal financial and asset protection. This is fine if that is all you want, but to get into REMEDY and actually work within established, mostly hidden and misconstrued trusts and the attendant relationships within said trusts, I would also recommend Gilberts as the bible of trusts. Prof A. Hudson is also very good.

As HS has stated many times, everything we see is trusts, it is a basic as relationships..if you can picture a single man on an island, there are no relationships, so no need of trusts. As soon as another man gets to the island, then we will see at least three trusts formed very quickly. If you cannot see why, then you need Gilberts and a yearning to get remedy - it IS there, but it is not something which can be templated, as this requires a change of mentality, as well as study - it changes your perceptions and your ideas of how the world we see actually works.

It is the way to become the adults we should be, deserve to be...(sounds melodramatic, BBD - well, it is.) I have found a new empowerment, a new paradigm, if you will, through trusts.

The information is there, available for download and ALL of it is COMPLETELY FREE! Does CW charge for anything? yes - he will start to charge for personal workshops only. If you don't mind self, or group study, then it is ALL FREE from his site.... be warned, there are no templates there, only recordings of shows where this knowledge is freely aired.

Ok, I ask only one thing of anyone reading this post. Go there, listen to some of the recordings, make your own mind up....hopefully we will see you on the other side of the mirror.

Thanks for your post Terry, m8 - as usual it was awesome.!


Re: Trusts for Dummies

PostPosted: Wed Mar 03, 2010 7:03 pm
by huntingross
Highspirit, Baldy.

We're all on the same page here, and I appreciate the effort and time in posting on this subject....but I have looked at Gilberts and found it hard going.

I fully expect Trusts for Dummies to be right down the Statutory line....but that is just family trusts described on the HMRC site.....but when you write the same trust with different get a different result.....adhesion to common law......or adhesion to the law of Fidach for example.

As Rev Kenny commented to me in a PM....the Declaration of Independence that I issued to Gordon and Alex is a these things are obviously not difficult to construct.

Keeping the faith


Re: Trusts for Dummies

PostPosted: Wed Mar 03, 2010 8:57 pm
by Farmer
I can't find any links to download Gilberts Trust Law manual. Any offers?

Re: Trusts for Dummies

PostPosted: Wed Mar 03, 2010 11:33 pm
by Jayen4
Who exactly is 'CW' ?? Anyone got any links or pointers ?? I'm getting pretty disillutioned with all this stuff....... Start researching one thing only to be told it's crap and you should be looking at this,that or the other ! If any of this is going to work,I want to know NOW....not in 10 or 20 years time,when it won't matter,because it'll be too late ! :ouch: :yawn: :puzz:

Re: Trusts for Dummies

PostPosted: Wed Mar 03, 2010 11:50 pm
by Highspirit
Hi Jayen4, CW is Christian Walters,

However, sounds like it's not for you anyway to be honest.

Always in Peace

HS :)

Re: Trusts for Dummies

PostPosted: Wed Mar 03, 2010 11:51 pm
by Highspirit
Farmer, pm me, I will e-mail you Gilberts.