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Don't bother coming "the big I am" on FMOTL. You won't get anywhere.


Postby Dreadlock » Fri Dec 13, 2013 12:34 am

I'm glad he hasn't been banned permanently. Seriously. I'm actually learning from his mistakes and hopefully others are too.
Most of all I hope HE is learning.

I set him up with the troll comment on purpose. I admit it. But he claimed the title all by himself - I couldn't have done it without him. If he hadn't of reacted, or had reacted differently, things would probably have turned out better for him. There's a lesson there.

Ironically I believe the government is pulling a similar stunt with the whole Birth Registration scam. There's a lesson there too.

Any chance that thread can be unlocked now? Pretty please?
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Postby treeman » Fri Dec 13, 2013 12:47 am

Ask the original poster.
I'll make no subscription to their paradise.

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Postby holy vehm » Fri Dec 13, 2013 8:35 am


Good luck with that.

This is in response to the deleting of posts, and locking of threads, i have already posted part of this already, but begs to be repeated more formally.

Does it, really.

This is just evidence that free speech isn't respected in these freeman forums, despite the claims otherwise and pontificating about acting honourably etc.

These and we are two different things, other 'freeman' forums perhaps, this one, well, your freedoms end where mine begin.
Acting honourably, i didnt see much of that from you and thus, is returned in kind.

Removeing others posts, and Locking off subjects so they can’t be challenged within the thread is quite frankly childish, and also very telling about others real agenda’s running these foums, your trying to promote concepts, as if they are based in fact, when they are not, and should be open to challenge.

All that was deleted was that which served no purpose to the point of the thread, your objections to the concept is still there, uncensored.

Given the posts that have been deleted, whilst leaving in the insults, and accusations against myself, says it all, the purpose of this forum is to promote a concept, a dogma, certanly not truth, those who start their own forums, are the only one’s who can exercise any real freedom, because they can suppress anyone elses views or remove information, that contradicts, and undermines their claims, beliefs and wants.

See above.

This goes for the admins, whatever power they, then get given, and can weald over others to suppress their written opinions, they will do so without good grounds, why ?, because they can ?, and it’s all the more repulsive when their clearly taking sides, and protecting their own sycophantic diciples.

We do not subscribe to that paradise, there are no 'followers' here.

This is why forums such as this are loseing credibility, if they had any to begin with, and what turns people away, along with the trouble and problems caused by the flawed, and often fallacious advise being given out.

Not this forum, well respected it is and will remain that way but perspective isnt it.

The admins have not had any real qualms about others making false accusations about others and myself before on this forum, but soon step’s in when it’s seen as just petty bickering, usually when the accusing party is loseing ground,and failing to back up their unfounded statements, essentially giveing them a free pass ?.

There are no 'free' passes here any pass you may have is earned.

If you can’t deal with critisims or a healthy dose of sceptisism, then you’re in the wrong business? and maybe you should reconsider your positions, because once you start down this road of editing others posts, and trying to hide truthfull comments and information, then your behaving no better than the bureaucrats your claiming to be fighting against.

Again, your alternative views still remain within the threads and lets not forget, it is you who came here, to a place you obviously have little time for. If you had taken the time to do your own research you would have seen how this place works.

My threads are mine, end of and to me they are like my house, you may enter but play nice, treat it with respect, take your shoes of at the door rather than trampling shit in all over the carpet otherwise leave you will be asked to do.
Does that infringe upon your rights, could not give a fuck.
Make your own thread and see what you tolerate, if it goes too far its over to site owner and admins, supported by the mods.
Personally i would have deleted your account rather than the 30 day ban you received, which you have admin to thank rather than complain about.

And now, as this thread has served its purpose, it shall now be locked.

Your complaint has been received, acknowledged and placed on the fire to keep me warm.
"A ruler who violates the law is illegitimate. He has no right to be obeyed. His commands are mere force and coercion. Rulers who act lawlessly, whose laws are unlawful, are mere criminals".
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