Freeman post on Wiki

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Freeman post on Wiki

Postby jadedhills » Sat May 18, 2013 11:30 am

The Freeman Post on Wiki, anyone want to read and comment, at the moment using getoutofdebtfree letters to challenge debt also sent nouicor thingy issued copyright on name, I think its about time things were challenged, I sent a letter to the times,observer,and guardian about the stupidity of Capitalism and how it wont work as its designed wrong, and it needs to be restructured into a system of profit sharing with the workers, 25% set aside, which would incentivize workers stop the apathy of the workforce and over time make society healthier as profits are spread around, thereby increasing the health and wealth of all for only a 25% share, if you saw the documentary on private postal services, you will understand, I mean if at work your behaviour affected your Bonus, think about it.

love to all my fellow humans and fuck the corporations
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Re: Freeman post on Wiki

Postby Prajna » Sat May 18, 2013 4:02 pm

You say 'fuck the corporations' yet you're already planning on giving them a 75% share in your newly restructured 'Capitalism'. You have a little more thinking to do before you sell me on the idea.

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Re: Freeman post on Wiki

Postby jadedhills » Sat May 18, 2013 4:04 pm

Prajna wrote:You say 'fuck the corporations' yet you're already planning on giving them a 75% share in your newly restructured 'Capitalism'. You have a little more thinking to do before you sell me on the idea.


Not giving them 75% removing 25% they already take it all just want some back
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Re: Freeman post on Wiki

Postby pitano1 » Sat May 18, 2013 7:36 pm

still sounds like slavery.

The Roman Empire perfected the slave-owning model, but inevitably ended up creating too many dependent
slaves, which triggered the slow economic collapse of the entire system. (For more on this, see the section on
current conditions below.)
After the Dark Ages, when the ruling classes had to suffer the indignity of retreating into the dank attics of the
Church, the feudal model emerged.
The feudal approach improved on the direct slave-owning model by granting the human livestock (“serfs”)
nominal ownership over land, while taking a portion of their productivity through taxes, military conscription,
user fees for grinding grain and so on. So instead of owning folks directly, we just let them sweat
themselves into puddles on their little ancestral plots, then took whatever we wanted from the proceeds -- all
the while telling them, of course, that God Himself appointed us as masters over them, and that their highest
virtue was meek subservience to their anointed masters, blah blah. Again, you might be thinking that, historically,
God seems to have had a very soft spot for the most violent, entitled and warlike of His flock – and if
meek submission was a virtue, why was it not practiced by the rulers, and so on, but don’t worry; you need to
just put these entirely natural thoughts right out of your head, because once the people become enslaved, basic
reasoning just short-circuits in their tiny minds, so that they do not see the cramped horrors of their little
Anyway, the evolution of medieval serfdom split society into four basic groups:
1. The ruling class (aristocracy);
2. The church (propaganda);
3. The army (enforcement) – and;
4. The serfs (livestock).

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Re: Freeman post on Wiki

Postby Freeman Stephen » Sat May 18, 2013 8:15 pm

I kind of look at the citizen/nation state of the recent centuries as serfdom 2.0. While on paper you have all the rights and priveleges befitting to the citizen of a "modern democracy", in practice, the plantation has only grown to the size of the territory of the nation state.

You still need the overlords (planning) permission to change the use of the land you work (and own in name only). While you are in theory free to leave the plantation at any time, without an illegal underground railroad in contrast to the commercial passport requiring transport services, in practice you need the overlords permission to leave ... if you had anywhere truly free to go.

The nation state form of serfdom is transforming yet again, as it has over the past century now with women forced to work sometimes in preference to bringing up their children.

It has become increasingly impossible for anyone to earn a crust without somehow having permission from the overlord which by now leaves such truly free employment limited to crime - not only policy breach type crimes like selling banned plants but also real crimes like burglary or mugging when the stock in trade of the honest trader is confiscated by the overlord, leaving victims with no alternative but to resort to real crimes or starve.

You might say there is always a welfare check available but strictly its not the case and even if it were, compared to your initial natural right to earn a crust without permission, to take such a check id to sell yourself and your dependents into slavery by the overlord.

Whether its good or bad news is highly dependent on your point of view but with facial recognition, automated movement tracking and the mass,scale monitoring of internet and,phone conversations, the potential to live by way of crime (both real and policy breach crime) is closing down.

There may soon be absolutely no possibility to escape the serfdom of the nation state and if Im honest about it, serfdom is not do much an alternative to slavery, its just a specific type of slavery : I dont own you, I own everything you need to survive.
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