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Newbies start here

Postby Veronica » Sat Apr 18, 2009 6:57 am

Just to put New Members in the picture. We have had a number of Policymen ‘visit’ us from their UK Police Forum. We actually invited them, in a sense, because we thought it was about time to talk to them. They treated our Forum as a “free-for-all” in the way they treat their own. I think they became confused between the words “freeman” and “free-for-all”.

Anyhow, that caused us a problem, and we went off the air, re-organised the Forum, and instituted the new rules with regard to ‘plain disruption’. vs. ‘serious comment & debate’. Including the fact that we will impose it.

I honestly do not think that any Freemen will be in any way affected by this rule.

Nevertheless two of these Policymen came, as it were, to stay.

Well, one came in two guises: “geebee” and his alter ego “geebee2”. He was one of those who, in the first instance, was little more than disruptive. However upon our return he seemed to have settled in – to some extent – and was even contributive – which we thank him for. To a large extent still a Devil’s Advocate, but that is quite handy in the circumstances. Anyway, “geebee” (according to him) eventually ‘ran out of steam’, and decided that I am a kook, who lies all over the place. Well, you can be the best judge of that, for yourselves. “Geebee”, by the way, is a Policyman-in-training, and is targeted to go into service in May, 2009.

The other Policyman is called “Hooplescat”, and is a Serving Officer. He has always remained polite, and generally non-disruptive even from the start. He is very firmly a Devil’s Advocate, and it is very hard to get him to admit anything, however blatantly obvious the point being made – where it conflicts with closing ranks and supporting fellow officers. You’ll see all of this from his postings. The G20 Topic being a good place to look.

There are other Policymen who float in and out, often as Guests (i.e. they don’t Log In). One you may encounter has the Username “Drive” who, like “Hooplescat”, also remained reasonably friendly non-disruptive from the start. “Drive” is a PCSO.

Generally what we are finding is that it is possible to talk reasonably politely with the Policymen, but they’ll never accept you have a valid point, whatever solid evidence you present, and however compelling it may be. That is, if it actually rocks any boat.

Just like in real life, really. And I’m sure I don’t have to spell this out. For all the highly commendable good they do as Peace Officers, and for all the respect that engenders, we all know how they will rock anyone’s boat, as long as it is never their own.
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