Questions about the sticky threads

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Questions about the sticky threads

Postby Name Change » Fri Sep 07, 2018 10:23 pm

It is a shame to see the sticky threads in this forum locked, otherwise I would post my questions there instead of starting a new thread

First off is the
Quickstart Guide for Everyone

The OP states the following-

"I am here making a Special Appearance to establish jurisdiction. I claim Common Law jurisdiction. I do not consent to contract for any services, and I waive all corresponding benefits".
1. what dose establish jurisdiction mean and claim Common Law jurisdiction?
2. Why would being presented with say a court order or some other legal jargon be seen as contract for any service. And why would common law override this?
3. Is there any where I can see the description of common law?

The reason is that a Court of Commerce has no jurisdiction over me as a sovereign Human being, remaining solely under Common Law jurisdiction
1. What is a court of Commerce? is it a Magistrates and not crown? and why dose it have no jurisdiction over me as a sovereign Human being?

By any act other than refusal, including silence, confers consent)
1. Dose this mean if I sit silent in a court room through out, then all charges will be dropped?

Notes about "Contempt of Court"
If the answer is "Civil", then ask "Where is the contract? What is the FULL DISCLOSURE, the CONSIDERATION, where are the LAWFUL TERMS & CONDITIONS? And please show the WET SIGNATURES of both parties"
1. I did Google the term but do not understand it, what dose Contempt of Court mean?
2. I though crown and magistrates where criminal and county court was civil

I think that is it for now and thank you for reviewing
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