application for regestration of ficticious name

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application for regestration of ficticious name

Postby allanfreemanontheland » Mon Nov 14, 2016 10:28 pm

hi guys hope alls good .

im very new to the sight and having spent many hours of study thus far and i seem to find many ways to deal with an issue following many lines of search being fun very consuming and ive noticed i feel a bit alone now ,a period of unprograming i assume lol .
ive come across a thread that talks of a form of application for registration of ficticious name and then trade mark the name ,the name is identicle in every way as the strawman name this is then a company and a court must accept it as so then the law of contract applies , obviously this appears to be a very easy way to deal with almost everything however this thread seems to only be in america and cant seem to find this option in uk , this concept obviuosley needs carefull study but seems like a possible runner , has anyone here ventured along this path and found impass or has anyone any ideas .
peace and good will to all .ps this is all consuming eh ,ive been at this a week and cant seem to stop ,partners chuffed im not at golf tho :sun:
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Re: application for regestration of ficticious name

Postby cassandra » Tue Nov 15, 2016 4:32 pm

What do you hope to achieve with the freeman philosophy?
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