Questions about common law jurisdiction in court

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Re: Questions about common law jurisdiction in court

Postby nimblereaper » Wed Nov 02, 2016 9:22 am

cassandra wrote:
nimblereaper wrote:
cassandra wrote:We are not deceived into a contract. The political system set-up is the accepted system of Britain. There is full public disclosure of it. If people don't look at the fine print or look at the meanings of things it's hardly fraud. It's foolish people deceiving themselves with fanciful notions of reality.
You don't have to vote to be taken in by your local MP. It just happens because you live there and because someone voted for him. It's called democracy at work.
Go to getoutofdebtfree for full info on the debt matter.

There is the argument about the birth certificate that as a baby you're not old enough to prevent it happening so you're signed up to it without a choice. Isn't the point of the freeman idea supposed to be that we are entitled to choose? I have always had a problem with authority, like i was born to make my own decisions. I'm not claiming to be a freeman but the idea is appealing; maybe when my kids have grown up :)

Thanks for the link :)

What makes you think a BC is relevant? An argument still raging on a topic you don't yet understand in a movement in which experienced active members have several times shown is unworkable no matter how right it all sounds or how appealing it is? Why join it when those experienced activists left it?

Isn't the point of the freeman idea supposed to be that we are entitled to choose?
We abandon choice for democracy when we let others speak for us. And all healthy people have a problem with authority.

Thanks for all your input you've been very helpful, given me more to research now :)
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