Hi Everyone, I Want To Tell My Story

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Hi Everyone, I Want To Tell My Story

Postby Kokeshi » Mon Apr 21, 2014 6:24 am


My name is Tim, and I've been reading a bunch of the success stories for a while now, and I wanted to join. I also am a member of a few other forums and I wanted to tell you about my story, because I'm feeling stuck and in a time of need right now.

I *cannot believe* what's happened to us as a nation. I only discovered something called the UCC only 21 days ago, and since then have been reading non-stop on everything I can get my hands on about it and everything related. I've read so much already and still have much more to go.

I was a graduate student who currently has an alleged $250,000 in Sallie Mae student loan debt, and no possible way of paying it off. I only just found out about the UCC and have been reading about it for most of the past 21 days. I feel even worse because the very first payments of my loan are due to start at the end of this month and I only just found out about all this.

I got this debt actually because my school was defrauding the US government on their loan rules, by getting more students in than they were allowed, taking their money, then manufacturing ways to get kick them out of the program, in order to maintain their accreditation. There's a link to the actual suit itself and then a news story about it:

http://www.gibsondunn.com/publications/Documents/EDMC-Complaint.pdf - the actual suit

http://www.nytimes.com/2011/08/09/education/09forprofit.html?_r=0 - news story about it

I've read all about the history of the UCC and the bankruptcy of America; the logic of the Strawman and why it's so important, already. I don't have any tactical information as to how to actually proceed. I don't want any money from this at all, and I just want relief from this stuff and never to re-enter such a poisonous system ever again.

I actually left the United States to get away from my debt because I didn't see any mathematical way out of it after calculating how much I was likely to earn each year, after taxes and the cost of living. And I'd be drowned and enslaved. I miss my family and I haven't seen or even talked with them for over a year, because I've been too scared to contact home.

I have a few interesting points to my current status, insofar that I:

1) Have never held a "proper" job and therefore have never filed a single IRS form.

2) Have not yet made a single payment on my student loans.

3) Am running out of money so I have to get my very first job soon.

4) I've always wanted to write. And I've got about 17-22 books lined up in my head and dutifully outlined already. But I haven't even put down one word yet, because I've been so uncertain about all these things.

There's always more to tell and I've typed quite a lot already. I just wanted to let you know I existed. And to say hi.

Imagine my surprise to learn just two weeks ago... that I'm a slave. I had no idea.

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Re: Hi Everyone, I Want To Tell My Story

Postby wanabfree » Mon Apr 21, 2014 11:07 am

Hi there, I would advise staying clear of the UCC concepts, much of what your reading, and going to come across in future, now you’re engrossed in this subject, is propaganda and dis-information.

Being that you joined a FMOTL themed forum; goes to show you have likely been exposed to or are going to be eventually introduced to the various other concepts, that have now been doing the rounds on the internet for some years.

I can tell you from bitter experience, and being gullible myself in the past, that much of it is complete bull, and if you start to put any of it into practise such as kicking the dragon by picking such fights in courts, then you’re in for a nasty shock.

My own research took me on a journey which ultimately led to a chap from your neck of the woods in America called; Marc Stevens here is a link to his website: http://marcstevens.net/

He has written two books on these issues now, and I would highly recommend them to you, if you have never been introduced to critical thinking skills or how to detect logical fallacies, then this is the best advice I can give.

You will no doubt come across many people often described as guru’s from this point on such as, Dean Clifford, Rob Menard, John Harris, Karl Lentz etc..., and they will sound very convincing to you, but please don’t get sucked into their ideologies, and dogma’s, their claims often lack any verifiable evidence, and don’t get taken in by the fallacies of definitions of words, being the be all, and end all to these arguments.

The entire movement is riddled with shills, and agents for all we know, some of these guru’s are part of the propaganda machine, and deliberately spreading mis and dis- information ?, so be sceptical, and put to work your six best friends, as Rudyard Kipling put it, I keep six honest serving-men, (They taught me all I knew); Their names are What and Why and When And How and Where and Who.

Before you go any further I would recommend this set of video’s for you to watch first.

Marc Stevens: Delusions

The Trivium - Jan Irvin (introduction to critical thinking skills)
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